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Media covering up for Spitzer, even calling him a Republican!

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posted on Mar, 14 2008 @ 09:42 AM
If you have been paying attention to the media coverage of (D) Governor Spizter, you probably noticed the lack of party affiliation. Most all of the print media ignored it completely, while TV media avoided mentioning it at all.

I've compiled some evidence to back this claim up.

When Republican governors get in trouble, they make sure to let you know what party they are:

CHICAGO, Illinois (AP) -- Former Gov. George Ryan was indicted Wednesday on federal charges of taking payoffs, gifts and vacations in return for government contracts and leases while he was Illinois secretary of state.

Ryan, 69, a Republican known worldwide as a leading critic of the death penalty, gradually became the focus of a corruption investigation that began even before his 1998 election as governor. The scandal was a factor in his 2001 decision not to seek a second term.

and this one also, mentioning his party right off the bat:

(CNN) -- Kentucky Gov. Ernie Fletcher was indicted Thursday on misdemeanor charges that he directed a scheme to illegally award state jobs to political supporters, the latest twist in a year-long probe into hiring practices in his administration.
After the indictment, the Republican governor released a statement saying the charges were the result of a "politically motivated, media-driven investigation" by Democratic Attorney General Greg Stumbo

Take this AP Article that mentions Republicans several time, but never once mentions the governor is a democrat.

This CNN article doesn't mention hes a democrat until the second to last sentence and mentions the "republican Governors Association" near the beginning.

But wait, there's more!

The BBC initially noted Gov. Eliot Spitzer is a Democrat, in an early draft of an online news article. The mention was in the 6th paragraph. But that stuck for all of 37 minutes as NewsBusters reader DB informs us (screengrabs shown below page break):

The BBC's first draft mentioned that Spitzer was a Democrat in the 6th

The second draft removed all mention:

DB also noted that the BBC has placed Republican Party affiliation in the lede paragraph in political scandal stories where the offenders (Sens. Vitter and Craig) are members of the GOP.:

Compare with BBC coverage of Republican scandals - first paragraph each

Compare these 2 smoking Gun articles. One about Republican Lary Craig and the other about Democrat Spitzer.

U.S. Senator Gets Flushed
Cops: Republican Larry Craig sought Minnesota airport toilet tryst

AUGUST 28--Here's the Minnesota police report memorializing the June 11 arrest of U.S. Senator Larry Craig in an airport bathroom. The Idaho Republican (pictured in the mug shot at right) was nabbed in a men's restroom at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport after he apparently sought some same-stall action from a plainclothes cop.

The article on Spizter doesn't even mention his party affiliation!

And last but not Least, Todays Yahoo article:

Eliot Spitzer (R) holds a news conference in New York City with his wife Silda by his side
Eliot Spitzer (R) holds a news conference ...
AFP - Wednesday, March 12 12:48 pm

New York Governor Eliot Spitzer (R) holds a news conference in New York City with his wife Silda by his side, on March 10. Spitzer came under mounting pressure to resign Tuesday, a day after the Democrat crusader once known as the "Sheriff of Wall Street" was linked to a prostitution ring.

At this point I'm really amazed that people still deny that the media is in the tank for the democrats and always has been.

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