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Meet John Smith (*Fictional person)

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posted on Mar, 14 2008 @ 07:41 AM
Meet John Smith. (Fictional person)

John Smith is a 46 year old white man from Dallas, Texas. He is a Republican and a graduate of Yale Law School. For a few years after graduation he was a lawyer and then for four years he was in the Texas State Senate. John Smith is the author of two books and he is now a junior senator (6 years) in the US Senate.

His father, who abandoned him in his youth, is a German citizen and lived in Germany. This father of his belonged to a group in Germany that had many members calling for the destruction of America and Christianity. His mother, who raised him in his teen years, is now deceased, and was from Idaho.

From the ages of 6-10, John Smith lived in Germany and attended school with teachers who called for the destruction of America and Christianity. After returning to America, John became a user of the illegal drugs of marijuana and coc aine. He has strongly hinted to having a coc aine addiction during this time.

Republican John Smith is rather wealthy. Recently he had a land deal outside of Dallas with a corrupt land-dealer and now he owns a 1.6 million dollar home from this deal. This land-dealer is now on his way to prison.

Judical Watch, the independent political watch group that exposes corrupt politicians from all political parties in America, has listed Republican John Smith as one of the top ten most corrupt politicians in America.

John Smith belongs to a white-supremacy ‘church’. He has chosen to belong to this ‘church’ for 20 years. He supports it financially and regularly attends ‘services’ there – obviously agreeing with the preacher and the mission of the church (otherwise he would have left) The people in the pews leap for joy and clap wildly whenever the preacher makes an anti-black statement. These are the friends John Smith has chose to be with. The church openly calls for its members to support white-only owned business’ and to practice ‘white values’. The church also calls for its members to be faithful to their ‘true homeland’ Germany. This church regularly gives awards – ‘recognizing their wisdom’ - to outspoken people who call for the destruction of blacks in America. John has been so enamored by the ‘minister’ that he had his children baptized by the man. John Smith also was so impressed with the anti-black preacher that John Smith used the words of the preacher’s sermons as titles for his two books that he wrote.

John Smith publically calls for 'unity' .. unity of races and of Americans. Yet he attends the white-supremist 'church' that blames black Americans for all the woes of the world.

Sometimes John Smith claims to be a friend of Israel and Jews in general. Other times he gives speeches to (and generally supports) groups that support enemies of Israel and who have called for it's destruction. John Smith's 'church', which he gives financial support to, praises anti-Jewish and anti-Israel people for their 'wisdom'.

John Smith’s Republican wife, Mary, is a wealthy white woman from Dallas, Texas. Her position with a pharmaceutical company gives her a $300,000 a year salary. She recently said that she has never been proud of America until she saw her husband running for POTUS. She has also said that she doesn’t see him the way that his followers do and that she’d like to actually meet the John Smith that they see, because she has never met him. She also counts among her chosen friends those anti-blacks who attend the white-supremacy ‘church’.

Republican John Smith is now running for president. He says that he is a man who can ‘change’ things and bring ‘hope’ but he has repeatedly refuses to vote on important issues during his few years in the senate. Instead of voting ‘yes’ or ‘no’, John Smith just says ‘present’. When people ask him how he will bring about ‘change’ and what exactly ‘hope’ means, he never answers directly. When pressed for an answer as to how he will be able to fund his utopia, Republican John Smith either provides financial numbers that are impossible to obtain or whines that he is being ‘personally attacked’. One thing he IS on record for having stated is that if a baby is born alive after an abortion, then that child has NO RIGHT to live or to receive any medical care.

Republican John Smith has said that he wants to punish the productive (wealthy) by hitting them with a heavy tax. However yesterday he added to the tax burden of those who make $31,000 a year or more. According to John Smith, $31,000 is now 'wealthy'.

The press are too afraid to push the issues and to ask the serious questions of John Smith. They are afraid to expose the errors of his campaign promises or the lack of credentials in his resume. They are afraid to be labeled ‘anti-white’. Instead of reporting the news and facts to the American people, MSNBC leads the press in openly promoting John Smith, the Republican white man, for POTUS.

Would you vote for Republican John Smith to be POTUS of America?

[edit on 3/14/2008 by FlyersFan]

posted on Mar, 14 2008 @ 10:11 AM
He certainly wouldn't be my choice. Some things might be out of his control, but other things, such as his associations with supremacists, are unforgivable, imo.


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