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HEMP are we not allowed to talk about it here??

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posted on Mar, 13 2008 @ 10:24 PM
I made a thread about 2 days ago titled ")HEMP( Why cant the world wake up?" It was promptly moved to the RATS forum where it has remained. Oddly enough no one seems to want to help me out or answer my questions/complaints as to why it has been moved and why no one is willing to reinstate it back into the regular forums. I have since noticed other ats'ers have made thread about hemp and they have also been removed.

may i be so bold as to say this is some kind of conspiracy??? Or is it some kind of glitch?? anyone know??????????

posted on Mar, 13 2008 @ 10:28 PM
reply to post by Retikx

I dunno but I'm sitting here in my hemp pants as I type this.

Really comfortable, green hemp yoga pants.

posted on Mar, 13 2008 @ 10:31 PM
Weird i am wearing hemp pants as well..... I changed my wardrobe gradually over the past 2 years and now id say about 70% of the clothing i own is 100% hemp!


posted on Mar, 13 2008 @ 10:33 PM
Typically these conversations turn to use and experiences. I know you were talking about hemp and a different use but experience tells us what will happen to the focus of the thread. These drug terms are also flagged on many servers which then get ATS blocked from public and private places of business. This may have been the reason for the move of your original thread as it's been quazi policy to move them to the unlisted RATS forum.

Your best bet would be to u2u SkepticOverlord the owner of this board as he was the one who originally moved the thread.

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posted on Mar, 13 2008 @ 10:35 PM
Don't feel bad! I've had whole threads trashed due to the leafy green content. You only had yours moved. Post some more to get the points to get a RATS pass or just make some awesome threads and get the posts and applause. There's no Conspiracy here. You're just the latest to learn what can and can't be talked about in the non-RATS boards.

Orrrrr.... they are out to get ya!


posted on Mar, 13 2008 @ 10:41 PM
^ did that, twice. (mr super mod)

And anyone who was to read my original thread that was moved would notice immediately that it in no way violated any of the t&c.

The thread highlighted the many positive aspects of industrial hemp and discussed how it could stop deforestation and our dependence on foreign oil.

And to say that such a thread should not be allowed its place on the boards due to the possibility that it could turn into a discussion about usage holds no water for me. If it was to sway in the direction of that kind of discussion i would hope that the mods would edit said posts from my legitimate thread, as they do with most other threads.

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posted on Mar, 13 2008 @ 10:43 PM
Im wearing my hemp flops.

I dont see the problem as long as no one talks about smoking it.

Hemp has plenty other uses we could discuss and not break rules.

posted on Mar, 13 2008 @ 10:46 PM
You are dealing with one of the greatest lies purportrated on the american public.William Randolf Hearst and The founder of Du Pont paints caused the death nell for hemp,because it's usage made their respective holdings nearly worthless.The government has been behind the plot to demonize hemp for over fifty years.I don't doubt that your post has been hidden away.Sometimes even the best intentioned "go along just to get along"

posted on Mar, 13 2008 @ 10:48 PM
And its rather ironic that this site treats the HEMP issue like the mainstream media treats it. LIKE A DRUG. And its not.

That was a also a major part of my thread that was moved, how stupid it is to demonise such a wonderful plant all the while splashing commercials for prescription drugs that kill thousands of people a year.

This site obviously has the same ridiculous bias against it that the mainstream media has, and its ALL based on IGNORANCE AND MISCONCEPTION.

posted on Mar, 13 2008 @ 10:49 PM
By the way,hemp has absolutly no THC in it.That is just part of the big lie.
The government said it was a drug and the sheepeople STILL believe them.

posted on Mar, 13 2008 @ 10:53 PM
I just really want my original thread to be brought back to this forum. As i think it can add some great conversation and opinion to this forum and the topic itself.

And if it is brought back i dont see why mods couldn't do what they always do and simply remove the offenders and not remove the entire thread.

I guess it also burns my ass that i cant even see a thread that i created.

posted on Mar, 13 2008 @ 11:26 PM

Originally posted by Retikx

I guess it also burns my ass that i cant even see a thread that i created.

Maybe this will help cool your but down a little bit......VIVA HEMP!!!

posted on Mar, 13 2008 @ 11:38 PM
I think if they move someone's thread to RATS, they should at least give them access to the forum it is in.

Hemp was used by the founders of the U.S., the U.S. military asked farmers to grow it to show their patriotism and support this nation in WWII. If Hemp is banned, then discussion of Ethanol should be banned as well. Also discussion of Opium production in Afghanistan. The discussion of prescription drugs. Basically any chemical combination including tylenol, caffeine, nicotine, and chocolate that isn't directly related to nutrition.

That means city water is banned too, since the report that it is contaminated.

I fully understand the policy. I am just saying, it must be equal and fair. So all of those topic must be moved and created only in RATS for the rule to be spread evenly across all related subjects.

It would be a shame to have the site banned from IPs or even countries, so, that is fine that they must do what they do to keep a worldly audience. Since there is a lot of news that needs to spread world-wide, and opinions that need to come from the people who experience it who live where it happens.

I understand that trying to moderate a thread can be hard work. But if we work together (mods reviewing threads, members reporting violations), then any bad content can be dealt with swiftly and therefore not affect this situation.

There are already lots of snips with neat pictures they replace with ... maybe a new one with Tommy Chong and Willie Nelson on it, that says we cannot discuss things of this nature here, we respect your views and experiences, but please take the discussion to a forum dealing directly with that form of entertainment.

Put it this way, U.S. National Hemp crop would do tons to increasing national security by ... helping create energy independence from its oils, better national health from it omega acids, and a great money crop since it is a great textile product we could export and build industry around.

Lots of America's greats were for this being a staple crop of the U.S. Greedy corporates and fascists are who are strongly against it. Blame corrupt politicians, lobbyists, and corrupt leaders in the other forms of agencies (DEA, CIA, etc.) who profit or at least catch a cut of money from keeping the public misinformed.

posted on Mar, 14 2008 @ 12:02 AM
Hemp hemp hurray! Got my hemp pants, skirt, wallet, shoes, paper, soap and shampoo. Hemp cheese is good, too. My dad had hemp rope when I was a kid; that was tough stuff.
Hey, maybe I'll take Bush's check and spend it on more hemp products! I know Canada produces a lot of hemp products. Does the US?

posted on Mar, 14 2008 @ 12:04 AM

Originally posted by daddyroo45
By the way,hemp has absolutly no THC in it.That is just part of the big lie.

Actually, it's not a lie. Hemp does contain some THC.
Right from the Industrial Hemp Council :

Industrial hemp has a THC content of between 0.05 and 1%.

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posted on Mar, 14 2008 @ 12:45 AM
"LEGALIZE IT.... Dont Criticize It!" -bob marley

posted on Mar, 14 2008 @ 12:59 AM
Someone told me you can make plywood out of hemp, and since you can harvest it about 20 times quicker then a tree it’s a lot more time efficient.

I remember years ago the actor Woody Harrelson was arrested for planting hemp seeds. He was trying bring more attention to the benefits of industrial hemp and knew if he got arrested for planting the seeds it would get a little media spotlight, which it did. I can’t see how hemp is illegal since it’s pretty much impossible to get high off the stuff. It’s kind of like making poppy seed muffins illegal.

I have a dozen pairs of hemp socks, and they are so very cozy.

posted on Mar, 14 2008 @ 01:53 AM
well all I can say is as long a billions of $$ of profit are being made for oil companies, Hemp will remain "persona non Grata" in the USA, to much money is being made for the PTB to EVER give it up.

This is the same reason the war in Iraq was started, not so much to obtain more oil, but to INCREASE the profits from oil. Make it scarce and the price goes up, funny thing that oil is at record levels, yet profits are still rolling in.

Hemp is one of the herbs of the earth that God (allegedly) Gave man domain over, funny how so many Fundy Christians hate it so much, Just shows how some Folks pick and choose which parts they want to believe in, I wonder how many of them support ID yet still want Hemp outlawed, go figure.

All those that support ID or creationism, also should support legalized Hemp, it's a shame logic and faith don't go hand in hand...........

posted on Mar, 14 2008 @ 02:35 AM

Originally posted by Retikx

That was a also a major part of my thread that was moved, how stupid it is to demonise such a wonderful plant all the while splashing commercials for prescription drugs that kill thousands of people a year.

This site obviously has the same ridiculous bias against it that the mainstream media has, and its ALL based on IGNORANCE AND MISCONCEPTION.

You are SO correct that is HURTS! star and flagged. Why is this product .. which has historically been the rope that saved humanity's arse by allowing sea-faring on a level and distance unbeforeseen, which is not a drug, but a fiber like material made from a wood like material which in its natural form resembles branches, stalks, and twigs. so darn taboo? Castor bean shells can make Ricin, are Castor beans taboo? Well why not?! Notice I mention absolutely nothing of the once a year flower tops that grow on it that are psychoactive and used as such.. because thats not what hemp is.

That is a main part of the misconception. people think that hemp is the same as the other stuff, the flower tops, and it isn't whatsoever. Governments across the world sanction the growth of this stuff in acres simply for the hemp content to use on their navy, among other things. In ancient times, almost everything you can think of was made of this! Bags, clothes, hats, ropes..

The public, simply put, is stupid. Yes, that is a generalized blindside attack on the entire citizenry of the United States of America, among other nations as well. It is more socially acceptable to talk about: "my doctor just gave me some _insert name of highly addictive, dangerous, deadly narcotic here_ for my recent injury and man that stuff has me zooted!", than it is to say "cloth materials made from hemp really are great". Lets not mind the fact that narc the example shows is likely something hopelessly addicting, chemically similar to street illegal compounds like diacetyl-morphine, the fancy chemical name just for you ATS mods, so your site wont get put on any no-no lits in internet places of business by spider bots.

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posted on Mar, 14 2008 @ 02:44 AM
reply to post by earth2

Meh, the RATS forum is so elitist, just looking at it irks me, and not because i want in. Here we see people like the site owner creating threads of significance, and other threads about topics like .. drugs, are in there, free to speak on, while all the people who have access like mods and certain special people in the community go speak on the matters.

But us, the average ATS member, we are crap. The elitists who own this site and have access to RATS and so forth probably think 90% of the rest of us are annoying, stupid, and they'd wish we'd go away, or outright ban us, if we werent generating them so much publicity by being numerous, and money via donations, memberships, and advertisement. We are the same capitalist sheep that we are in regular society when we come here, they are still the small, elitist 10% with all the power, just like in regular society. The good stuff is kept from us, by them, just like regular society. But they'd never go so far as to say we arent welcome on the site, collectively we help pay the bills .. just like in real life. Sad..

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