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Ghosts in the night....or what??

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posted on Mar, 13 2008 @ 10:17 PM
ok well looks like my first thread is dead..some lookers but no posters don't relay care cus i used to be of that persuasion.... must have been a reader here at ats for about half a year before i signed up...on to the point

in my first thread i spoke of 2 experiences that awoke me to the paranormal the first is my first thread.... this is the second.

not quite as interesting but here we go.

about 4 months ago i was going out with a girl. and her house was somewhat haunted. she had regaled may story's to me about stuff moving banging etc... i never belied her till i spent the night.

now id slept there many a time before but always with others in the house ...(parents brother etc)

well her parents and bro went on a holiday for a week...(fun times for me i thought)

well i spent every night for the whole week round there. at first i remember hearing noises in the kitchen witch is almost directly below her bedroom. this would always happen as we where going to sleep stopped having ...hmmm sex,, talking etc basically when all was silent and we where drifting off.

for Monday night and Tuesday i completely dismissed this as random noise in a big house. even though on Tuesday it was very rithmick and gave me the creeps.

by wensday i was dreading going to sleep and i rember bringing up the topic of her house being haunted as we walked back from the pub after a night with our freinds. she allso said she heard the banging the previous night.

that night was the same as the first 2 but is happened much faster like the Minuit we got ready for bed and got into bed we heard banging from the kitchen. so i went down to see if i could see anything.

nothing everything as i left t from making toast n heading to bed. though i got a sence that something was there ... not dissimullar to the feeling i got at my past experence with some form of paranormal thing..(see previous topic)

thursday we spent the night at a mates after a house party so nothing to tell you there but lots of fun

then the main thing that i can realy belive happened.

friday night aboout 12:30 we got bk from the pub and came in i was the last one up my ex went straight to bed... i went out bk and smoked a cig while my toast was toasting.... came in locked the bk door and the front door then had my toast and went to bed. when i got up me and my ex had an argument about something trivial..then it happened..

i was taking my trousers off...well my socks actually (got the toruses half down them went for the socks in a drunken state)

then we both heard a load bang followed by anoutehr... then in the proceeding silence the downstairs light came on!!!

just before the light i was scared in a diffent way after the light i thought it was someone breking in becuse my ex parents where on holiday and the car was not there... i grabbed the best thing for hitting someone that was close to hand trusty skateboard and started to move down the strairs.

as i got to the mid section i got majoir goosebumops my hairs all stood on end and it felt like i was been watched.... i stupidly called out who's there,,, and waited...

then i plucked up the courage to check out the downstaris roomsall the doors where locked still and no trace of a person... i switched the light off and hurryed bk to bed all was silent till i started drifting off and the banging started again but much much loader ....i eventualy went to sleep .

thats it ... broken up with the girl now she says she still has weird experiences from time to time but none as strange as when i was there.

anyone like to comment??

and sorry if the post is bad im dyslexic and have had a few beers before writing this up...hic

posted on Mar, 13 2008 @ 10:31 PM
You know what? It seems like it could be poltergeist activity that is brought on by the girl. Activity positive or negative between you and her could bring on this poltergiest like activity.

thats my 2 cents


posted on Mar, 13 2008 @ 10:42 PM
i was thinking something like that... we did used to argue a lot and most of her past experience where when she was somewhat younger. and i have read about them actively going after girls in puberty.. they draw off the stress and emotions or something to that effect.

we eventually broke up because of our clashing.. though we remane good friends.. probably shud of stayed that way from the start

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