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Psychology field, a work of the devil?

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posted on Mar, 13 2008 @ 07:32 PM
I was admitted to a mental hospital sometime ago, and what I believe was the Holy Spirit warned me not to take the medicine they prescribed me, I had only taken something like aspirin before so I kindof shook off the warning and took it anyway, the warning didn't make sense. Plus I figured they would just strap me down and administer it anyway against my will. Anyway it was just a few days later when I started hearing voices in my head, evil voices, telling me to do bad things, like really bad things. Even though I kept saying no these voices kept on and on and on about doing this or that. So I offered to pacify the voices by doing something small like stealing a stop sign off the street and that offer did seem to pacify the voices though I never did steal anything. Anyway, I decided to get off that medicine immediately, at one point I lay in fear all night unable to sleep which I found out my mom had the same experience. I felt utterly depressed for several months. Anyway I heard a sermon sometime later that sorcery is actually mind altering drugs and I think the whole physchology field using mind altering drugs is a work of the devil. Any more experiences good or bad would be appreciated. I really wonder if I would have started to give in to these voices that I could at some point become demon possessed, any thoughts?

posted on Mar, 13 2008 @ 07:50 PM
Interesting, very interesting. Let me first say to disregard skepticism. Of COURSE people aren't going to believe you heard voices. Of COURSE they aren't going to believe you saw any holy spirit.

But to speak to you as a fellow ATS'er, I do believe. I know people who have had similar experiences, but not as intense as hearing voices. They just knew that the drugs they were taking were bad. They felt like another kind of consciousness (spirit) was controlling them.

This could be just a 'reaction' to the drug of course. Psychological even.

Never the less, I do believe that certain anti-depressants are evil. They are chemically designed to trick your mind and replace natural seratonin - which is VERY dangerous. Once you start tricking your mind to be 'happy' it will no longer respond to natural chemicals - and now you are miserable for life.

'They' know that this happens... 'they' want people to be miserable and dependant on drugs to numb them. 'They' are making billions of dollars at it.

So could the drugs themself be evil and open you up to evil entities? I don't see why not. Even if it were a psychological 'illusion' it still denotes that prescription drugs are NOT GOOD. Not for the soul, not for the mind... good for nothing but the machine.

posted on Mar, 13 2008 @ 07:53 PM
I think it's psychiatry you want.

Psychologists tend to not be able to prescribe, that's for the dudes and dudettes with medical degrees.

Psychlogists tend to use talking cures and behavioural interventions. Or just study psychology students, and whoever else they can get their mucky hands on.

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