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Obama's Pastor Blames America for 9-11

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posted on Mar, 17 2008 @ 03:57 PM
reply to post by IAmTetsuo

What historical jesus are you referrring to?

The one who copied the story of Horus, Isis and Osiris?

Or the one referred to in your bible with the nappy hair?

I hadn't heard about his nordic ancestry...

posted on Mar, 17 2008 @ 03:59 PM
reply to post by TrueBrit

Not a war at all - a war is when someone fights back!

posted on Mar, 17 2008 @ 04:02 PM

Originally posted by undo
'm gonna say this because I think it needs to be said and I hope you don't take offense but:

I only take offense when it's intended.

NOTHING, AS IN ZILCH, ZERO, ZIP, NADA, happens in the upper eschelons of ANY government on this planet, that the citizens of those governments have EVER been able to do a blasted thing about. NOTHING. It's all orchestrated. Our opinions mean NOTHING. Our votes mean NOTHING. It's all fueled by money and fifteen billion prejudices,

So the fact that we no longer live to be 40 ( if were lucky) and actually get payed half decent wages have NOTHING to do with our struggle to better our own lives? If you do not think the current rulers of the world are listening to what we are saying you don't in my opinion know much about history. They are absolutely paranoid as they well understand that they live on our shoulders and that if we start moving around their going to hit the ground very fast.

on the ide you have the atheists who just want the religious people to die.

They do?

On another side you have different religions who just want each other to die.

Nope! Religions very much need each other and the only thing the various religious leaders of the world has in common is their hatred of those who dare not to pick one of the state religions of the world.

It's a stupid SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST scenario that has been over used, till the point of lunacy.

But since the fittest are sent off to war first that's just nonsense.

Divide and conquer, order out of chaos, and so forth. These are tools used to remove unwanted elements from the planet.

Sure and they are far more successful than i would like to admit at creating chaos out of order and dividing us against each other. That does not however mean that they have always been successful or that it's not getting harder by the year.

If you're honest with yourself, you will know the answer to that.



posted on Mar, 17 2008 @ 04:08 PM
reply to post by dgtempe

The preacher has a right to say what the heck he wants!
9/11 was done to frighten you all and allow the gov to send your kids, friends, family to be crash test dummies.
Read up on what technologies they tested over there.
Read up on the faulty equipment that was sent over there.
Read up on the refusals to send money over there.
How many have returned physically and emotionally sick?
It's funny that they can't find osama... but I dare you to not pay your taxes! What a joke...
america was born with an agenda that we are seeing played out right in front of us. all that glitters is not gold. You can earn $100 here, but you have to give $30 - $40 back to ol' unc. so how free is it?
and the sad thing is, the way the used to do the slave, the do the migrant worker. just flipped the script. if they didn't want the border open, guess what? it would be closed! They spend BILLIONS/TRILLIONS to try and send crap out to space and can't build a simple wall to keep people out? You don't really believe the crap you just wrote do you?
the joke is on us all! while holding up an image of freedom and liberty, you don't see the jar of vasoline behind it! everybody just comes here and bends over.
it has to do with color, class, money - all the above.
europe, catholic church, the queen and the elite families all give a care about your skin color. It's very important to them to establish lines to keep the dummies fighting while they kick back and hog the worlds resources. and they just keep charging away and we just keep bending further and further allowing them to ram us deeper and deeper!
I know you directed your response to someone else, but it was so laughable, I couldn't resist.

posted on Mar, 17 2008 @ 04:10 PM
What sickens me most here is those who are trying to make Obama's candidacy about race or about religion.

Obama is none of that. Mr Obama is about building bridges of understanding between vastly different people and clearly from this thread he has his work cut out.

What I like about Obama is that he dares to be different and think outside the square. Unfortunately he leaves many of his own admirers for dust as they still think it is about them and their personal agendas like his pastor.

Plain and simple; america (the corp) was put together to carry out the initiatives of the catholic church and the queen who own america.

Oh really cmptrwhizz ?

Funny that, because when England settled America England had already rejected the Catholic Church for about 150 years. Elizabeth 1 was in a power struggle with her sister Mary who supported the Catholic Church.

English colonies were rejected in a Revolution under the reign of George III and ever since the English had very little say in the matter.

posted on Mar, 17 2008 @ 04:18 PM
reply to post by cmptrwhiz

I must be suffereing a slight stroke today. I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU.


If you're ticked because i STILL defend this nation, well i do and always will. You cant take away the good things we have done in the past and forget all about them and only look at the present. As isaid, these goons will be gone, willingly or by force- one can only hope for a better tomorrow.

[edit on 17-3-2008 by dgtempe]

posted on Mar, 17 2008 @ 04:22 PM
reply to post by sy.gunson

Oh really mr. sy.
read up on who bought the us out of bankruptcy and still holds the paper to this day!
who was doing the rejecting? that's very laughable. That is their baby so there is no rejection what so every. In fact, those ties have never been severed and it's just as strong, influential and powerful today as it has ever been.
maybe they took on a different form of catholic; pres, lutheran, etc... again, you need the lines to keep things going.
Her sister was more than likely one of those i mention above or a devil worshipper or didn't believe at all.
politics is all about race and religion mr. sy. what rock have you been under?
What bridges is he attempting to build? We have unresolved issues and the bridge shouldn't be constructed until those issues are addressed and resolved! No under the rug sweeping crap here
thinks differently? Like what? he has to play up to the power elite. but you know, i hang with my buds because we have commonalities. most certaily why obama hangs with his. but he will more than likely succum to pressure from the elite classes and try and distance himself from anything African. what a shame!!!
and isn't it so darn funny, conicidental, happenstance that his name is what it is? What a joke!!!
what matter you referring to? american matters? you have got to be kidding me!!! you mean to tell me that george bush is operating on his own? That the FED has nothing to do with america? The elite families don't have anything to do with america? WOW mr. sy - your rock is calling you.

posted on Mar, 17 2008 @ 04:30 PM
reply to post by dgtempe

Don't mean to aruge, but this country doesn't need defending when they show you clearly what they are about. The people need defending from this ill form of gov that is in place. We get their view of what the rest of the world is like; i'm certain this is not the best place on the planet. And i'm certain, where there is a 3rd world situation; our gov and euro/the queen has their hand right in it.
when people are displaced and brought somewhere and given a form of living, language, education, politics, religions and told they are worthless, then I cannot agree that this is a good place or that they (the establishment) have done good things. It's a joke to even begin to rationalize that they didn't have other motives behind leaving the border open or allowing people to leave their countries for america (the corp). when you take all the good out of one place, the place becomes waste and a perfect opportunity for the elite to move in and suck it dry of it's natural resources. it's their game. good people get caught up in it. we all want to work and give our families a better life; but we don't need them riding us and charging $4.00 for a gallon of gas.

posted on Mar, 17 2008 @ 05:33 PM
Jewish Zionism is a political movement that is associated with the religion, ethnicity, and cultural identity of some Jewish people. Not every Jewish person is sympathetic to Jewish Zionism. However, Jewish Zionism was primarily concerned with returning Caucasian Jewish people to their believed land of origin in order for them to establish a national identity. This would relieve them of the ambivalent feelings about their place and purpose, and of the hardship and mistreatment they had suffered at the hands and dictates of other Caucasians throughout Eurasia.

Why is Pastor Wright being declared an anti-Semite?

Is it because he questions the US support of Israel in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?

Is it because he questions the political motives of the Jewish Zionism movement in association with the displacement of the Palestinians from Israel/Palestine subsequent to the end of WWII?

He certainly is not a supporter of Nazi German doctrine. Nor does he espouse hate speech. Why should he be branded an anti-Semite for questioning the political motives of governments (US, Britain, and Israel) and an associated political movement (Jewish Zionism)? Pastor Wright certainly has not made any statements against Jewish people or Jewish religion. He has not even made opposing statements that cover the entire breadth of Jewish politics.

There was and is considerable political, religious, and secular Jewish and non-Jewish opposition to Jewish Zionism.

Maybe Wright is anti-Zionist? At any rate, there is no evidence at all which supports the assertion that he is an anti-Semite since he has not said anything against the whole of Jewish people. Any comments he has made questioning Jewish Zionism were correctly couched in political context.

Ideological terms anti-Semite, anti-American, anti-this and anti-that can be used to confuse and obfuscate central issues and to instill fear into a person, organization, or government of being branded political and religious heretics. In short it can serve rhetoric and propaganda that is designed and used to discredit and destroy opposition.

Anti-Semitism does exist. But when one questions the political component of Jewish Zionism it does not necessarily mean that person is an anti-Semite.


Wright remembers the Tuskegee Experiments that targeted US citizens who were male and Black. He is old enough to remember first hand accounts by Americans who were subject to secret experiments carried out against US citizens regardless of the color of their skin or political affiliations. So when he says that he believes that HIV was manufactured by the US government, reading between the lines as one suggested, one could easily infer that he is referring to the military industrial complex that President Eisenhower courageously warned US citizens about. Maybe Wright is wrong about the true origin of HIV, but he can be forgiven for basing his beliefs on verified and true historical facts of the US government and military testing dangerous, deadly biological and chemical agents on its own citizens and other people throughout the world.


Some folks have taken offense that Pastor Wright has referred to Jesus Christ as being Black. There are at least a few possible reasons why Wright has done so.

First, Jesus is symbolic of struggling and oppressed people. He was not afraid to stand up for who he was, his followers, or his beliefs. Wright could have been referring in a metaphorical sense to Jesus being Black.

Second, Black Madonna. Jesus Christ is not limited to being depicted as Caucasian. Within the US, throughout Europe, and Africa Jesus is also depicted as being Black. Most American Christians are familiar with the Caucasian depictions of Jesus and that probably explains why some deem Pastor Wright a liar for saying otherwise that Jesus was Black. However, many Christians think of Christ as being White only from the images that they are most familiar with.

Third, there is great debate over the true race of Jesus Christ. (Why does it even matter?) And, so, Pastor Wright believes that Jesus was in fact Black or at least part African.

(What difference does it make if Jesus was Black or White or neither? None as far as the Bible is concerned. Especially since, according to the Bible, Jesus was sent to Earth for the salvation of all people.)

In 2004 Jesus was voted "greatest black icon of all time" by the British journal New Nation. The journal commented jokingly that he must have been black because "he called everybody 'brother', liked Gospel, and couldn't get a fair trial".

At any rate, there's nothing wrong with expressing the belief that Jesus was Black if others also express that Jesus was White, or some other race.


Nuclear armament is a form of terrorism. One nation points its nuclear missiles at other nations and dictates foreign policy as those nations tremble. They live in fear even though they may also have nuclear capability and missiles pointing at their enemies.

When I was in elementary school we learned about the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombings. We learned that the Soviet Union had nuclear missiles pointing at our country, the United States. Periodically, we would have drills when we would practice safety and evacuation procedures. We would crawl and crouch beneath our desks and place our hands over our heads. We would file in a single line into the the basement of the school. There were signs placed throughout the school that designated that it could be used as a fallout shelter. Whenever there was a drill some children would cry because they thought we were really being attacked.

Since we were shown pictures of what the atomic bombs Fat Man and Little Boy looked like, and since we were shown pictures of the aftermath of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, we had plenty good reason to be afraid that the same thing could happen to us. At that time during the Cold War it was speculated in the news regularly that we could be the victims of a nuclear attack at any moment. In short we were being terrorized by the Soviets and the US. If the US attacked the USSR first the Soviets would launch a counterattack. We learned it didn't matter who launched first that millions of people in both countries would die.

For many people, including myself, the nuclear attacks on Japan qualify as terrorist attacks. Military personnel and civilians were killed and their places of employment and residence decimated. Hundreds of thousands of civilians were killed and suffered the effects of radiation poisoning. Some call it war but it is considered terrorism by many.

It is easy to understand why Pastor Wright would see the nuclear attacks on Japan in the light of terrorism.


Despite progress, Blacks have been and continue to be oppressed by a system that was developed by Whites that was built for the purpose of exclusively supporting Whites. It should not be surprising that Pastor Wright should continue to have something to say about that. He is near retirement age, which means that he has seen, experienced, and survived some of the worst that the US has dished towards his people and himself.

White arrogance? Would anybody consider the establishment of the US to be anything other than arrogant? There's Bush/Cheney and Wall Street to provide ample evidence. White leaders and businessmen have sold the US off to the highest international bidders. Exported jobs, too. Did it under the noses of most White Americans and many live in denial about it. Preferring the delusion that they are still large and in charge. Need more evidence that Wright is right about this?

posted on Mar, 17 2008 @ 05:58 PM

Originally posted by Areal51
Third, there is over the true race of Jesus Christ. (Why does it even matter?)

Historical accuracy.
Was Cleopatra black, white, or inbetween?
Was Caesar and Marc Antony?

But if you mean that Jesus's performance as the founder and leader (and one part of the trinity) of one of this planet's greatest religions does not depend on his race, then you are right.

And, so, Pastor Wright believes that Jesus was in fact Black or at least part African.

Define "African". There are many different racial divisions of Black Africa; just as Europe has its Alpines, Nordics, Dinarics, and Mediterraneans. BTW, that last category includes not only southern Europe, but also North Africa and the Middle East (first century Palestine, anyone?) - and arguably stretches to Iran and even parts of India.

posted on Mar, 17 2008 @ 05:58 PM
reply to post by Areal51

Very well written. There can be no argument to your post!
I would just like to include that you make very clear what the game plan has been over time - smoke screening. It's a complex game that involves many participants who for the most part don't even understand their role in the game.
Hence the way america (the corp) is setup for the advancement of the euro who take jobs at very high levels of gov, mil, education, finance, sciences, etc... and go on to purport the lies established by their forefathers ONLY to protect their interests.
It's an elaborate scheme that has many levels. The enemy has had some 500 years and trillions of dollars to put this plan in motion. Mind conditioning works as we see here in this post how patriotism has many by it's clutches. so tightly that they can't see beyond their own bigotry to understand that it's happening to them too.
I don't know a single euro who enjoys spending $4.00 for a gallon of gas, or so many dollars for diamonds that aren't worth a penny. Feeding our kids food that was worse than what was given to the slave!
Anyone who opposes this system will be destroyed. Go through the annals of history and you will find it has repeated itself more times than anyone would wish to count. We know of the outright blatant ones; mlk, malcolm, jfk, etc... but we are only now getting a clear view of the many others. You know, like the recent missing video tape trick! hehehe - they are good or most of us are just plain dumb.
get the 2 sides to fight; black/white, blood/crip, illegal/citizen, religion/atheist, conspiracy/patriotism, yada yada yada - they love for you to pick a side because they can then produce media and stories to keep the arguing going. Again, while in the background they are moving their pieces into place for their next move. (new orleans, 9/11, ok, koresch)
When are we going to put a stop to it?

posted on Mar, 17 2008 @ 06:00 PM
cmptrwizz you can't even get your historical facts correct, you post no links to sources for the rubbish you claim.

It's all just a rant to display your bigotry. It isn't about race or religion, but people who think it is are the very same people who are holding USA back.

When England severed ties with the Catholic Church Henry VIII was on the throne and there was no British colony. So you're telling us all that this is a giant conspiracy by the English and Catholic Church to destroy America.

I don't know what medication you're on my friend, but it clearly is not strong enough.

posted on Mar, 17 2008 @ 06:04 PM

Originally posted by Chaoticar
Hey, who makes a fuss when a noose, or anything resembling a noose, is seen in public?

I suppose the people that got strung up in public for being born black?

Originally posted by StellarX
No, I will not accept that any white today is responsible for the "sins" of centuries-old whites that are probably not even related to them.

As if i care for your ( if your part of the imperialist family normally unidentified as being white ) deluded belief that your parents and their grandparents managed to move so much wealth on you to entirely fairly! If you feel sure that you have not gained ANYTHING by imperialism that's up to you but please don't attempt to burden the rest of us with such a shameless and self interested disregard for modern history.

As I've said, I'm a Fifth-Generation New Zealander, yet apparently:
* My ancestors participated in genocide of the Native Americans. (:@@

* My ancestors owned black slaves (:@@

* My ancestors participated in the "creation of colonial regimes" (:@@

As i said please don't waste your time responding to posts that you do not feel applies to you. If you do not think your ancestors gained anything by imperialism obviously you can just disregard the fact that some whites did in fact engage in all the crimes previously stated. If you can not grasp why large sections of the third world ( and native populations in imperial conglomerations) have very legitimate anger about their treatment that's also something you can deal with in your own good time.

All in the four months journey from 19th Century Europe to New Zealand!

And since new Zealand was not inhabited at the time luckily the new settlers could not step on any native toes! Yeah.

Originally posted by StellarX
So we're responsible for smallpox now? Wait, riddle me this:
* Who discovered the Yellow Fever, Smallpox etc vaccine?

Sure we are as if we never colonized the rest of the world those diseases would not have spread. Who cares who discovered those vaccines given that the native populations were long dead?

* Which nation's navy ended slavery in Africa, against the objections of African and Arab leaders?

Against the objections of leaders almost everywhere. Popular forces forced their European leaders to get rid of the practice and it had everything to do with the liberation struggles in various European countries. Sure some African and Arab leaders did not want to see the practice ended but did they create the market they were supplying with their enemies and local dissidents?

* Who's agricultural techniques saw an increase in the population of sub-Saharan Africa's population by 10?

Lol... Modern agricultural methods came into practice around the world almost simultaneously and if you are talking about the industrial revolution African populations have been devastated in the last century due to imperialism in general and cheap agricultural exports from the west specifically. Why did we need a population increase in Africa and why do populations normally increase rapidly in times of dire distress?

Originally posted by StellarX
I sense another story about how us evil whites use theta rays to make innocent blacks steal, kill, do drugs etc

If they had those they would have used em but since there are alternative methods and a lack of theta rays starvation, assasination and general persecution seems to be getting the 'job' done.

Originally posted by StellarXYes - old rich white men who truly live in a "colour-blind" world:
They don't care about whites anymore than they do about blacks, or "Hispanics" or even Martians for that matter, unless it serves their interests.

Sure. I can even agree that since Europeans have not organized themselves so well in most countries that the next world war or imperial age will result in a serious devastation of the so called west. I also believe that few of the true rulers of the world seem to be all that racist and that they are in fact just employing such notions to divide us against ourselves in their interest. This obviously does not negate the fact that they have for the last few centuries employed Europe to spread their influence around the world. If you don't understand why Europeans/whites should accept their fair share of the blame your just not very interested in fairness.

Originally posted by StellarX
Jesus was as "white" as he would've been "black".

Note: North Africans and Arabs are not "black", just like Russians/Indians/Iraqis etc aren't "yellow" because they are on the Asian continent.

Thanks for telling me what i knew! What i did not know is that you discriminate so precisely otherwise i would have bothered to be precise.

Originally posted by StellarX
Please - what about a little empire called Byzantium? Also, most of the Arab knowledge was derived from the Greeks.

What about Byzantium? If you have a problem with convention that's fine with me as long as you tell me why you have decided to move the center of modern thinking, of the last thousand years , and civilization from the ME to elsewhere.

Originally posted by StellarXLOL! The only reason America is what it is today is because of the post-Civil War, and post-World War 2 economic booms.

The only reason it is what it is is because the American people did not take no for a answer when it come to fighting the capitalist classes that had been running the country from it's inception. The American people ( well most of them and when they were not hanging African Americans and other minorities) brougth about all the good, against great resistance and brutal oppression, that can still be found in the USA today.

Originally posted by StellarX
You would not know what "oppression" was if it hit you in the face - tell me, do conditions faced by "African-Americans" resemble that of:
* The Jews in Nazi Germany?


* The Tibetans under China's thumb?

No better than African Americans but certainly better than they did before the China invaded them and changed the brutal system of serfdom into a system where you may not have many political rights but you do have a right to life and some security while you keep your mouth shut. On the whole Tibetans are better off unlike the Iraqi's and Eastern Europeans who are far worse off after so called Western 'help'.

* The Ukrainians under Stalin?

Sure their better off than the Ukrainians were under Stalin. I fail to see why the oppression that happens against citizens of the land of free ( TM) should be compared to the suffering of those under 'evil' ( or at least so designated by the evil leaders of the land of free) leadership in dictatorial regimes?


posted on Mar, 17 2008 @ 06:14 PM
reply to post by sy.gunson

It would do any good to give you what I have... You believe your historical crap and run with it. It works for you since you don't need the truth, just your constitution! You should know rubbish :0)
Surely its race and religion or else you would do away with the bible and the constitution and give back slave money your parents and ancestors lived off of. You know, make a real level playing field. But that would be too much like right.
i'm on the drugs and medications your gov allow to be pushed in the hoods in america (the corp). crack, weed, meth, acid, yada yada yada. Oh, and alcohol! and even a few guns i swooped up that magically disappeared from the mil. You know, the stuff that keeps them rich! You know and keeps people sick so they can design more meds to keep them sick and carry on the program of the elite (THE QUEEN).
again, did it sever its ties?
please read:
all he did was make a branch for america (the corp) and one for eng. you know, the lines buddy. like the reps and the dems - all the same family doing the same things for the same person: THE QUEEN!
so this separation you speak of, was simply a move to attract the american to this form of oppression. there was never any 'real' breaking of ties, just a creation, a new wing, a new sect. Tell me, are they still separate today or do they operate together?
Now, the conspiracy is not by the 'english' but by the elite families, the queen AND the catholic church. they are the owners of america (the corp) and it's their plan that is being carried out.

posted on Mar, 17 2008 @ 06:16 PM

Originally posted by Chaoticar
"My race"? One could also say that blacks are "the problem", relative to violent crimes, rape and welfare in the U.S.

Why would I say that?
That's not the root of the problem, that's just a symptom.

Originally posted by Chaoticar
Yes, we all know those despotic Rajahs had the best interests in mind for their oppressed masses, in-between fighting neighbouring kingdoms.

haha, so what?
America used to burn "witches" at the stakes, LMAO
Mass Slavery, I used the word mass here
Then War corporatism
and a whole bunch of minority oppression all in between

Then you talk about India and Rajahs?
lol, please allow a country to develop on it's own and only then comment on it, unfortunately at the moment that's not possible for India.

Originally posted by Chaoticar
LOL! If you go back far enough, all inhabitants of America, native American, European, African etc are "immigrants".
Also, Wikipedia states this:

The modern concept of immigration is related to the development of nation-states and nationality law. Citizenship in a nation-state confers an inalienable right of residence in that state, but residency of non-citizens is subject to conditions set by immigration law. The emergence of nation-states made immigration a political issue: by definition it is the homeland of a nation defined by shared ethnicity and/or culture.

Immigration - Wikipedia

Wow, Currently there is mass hate on islam because the media feeds the people that they hate your freedom and want to impose their religious beliefs on you. And here you are imposing your "business" beliefs on an entire ancestry?

Who are you to tell these very simple people that in order to live freely they must adhere to some law of ownership which had nothing to do with their way of living at the time?

Originally posted by Chaoticar
Wait, are you an adherent of that hack "Francis Cress Welsing"? Because if the "War on Terror" is just "genocide by the White Man", can I get my money back - I don't think the white/black/"Hispanic" etc soldiers in Iraq/Afghanisatn are killing enough "browns"!

Please expand on what you mean exacly in this friendly debate
I mean the friendly part btw

Originally posted by ModernAcademia
Don't do the drugs, and you won't be arrested.
Naw, just kidding - when I visited an American ghetto, you could watch swarms of white men forcing innocent blacks, "hispanics" etc to take crack coc aine and every other drug known to man.

You have the righ to do whatever you want to ur body

lol at your ficticious analogy, ya that big of a drug order is done in broad daylight in front of the public.
Tonight might be a good night for u to rent some Al Pacino Movies

Originally posted by Chaoticar
* Stop using "our" technology (don't worry, I'm sure the Indians/black Africans etc were also developing quantum theory, computer science, unlocking the secrets of DNA etc before the arrival of the "White Man" :@@

Oh no don't get me wrong, I never thought that
India and China invented math and science before any other race

So don't worry, I understand that!

[edit on 17-3-2008 by ModernAcademia]

posted on Mar, 17 2008 @ 06:20 PM

Originally posted by StellarX
Why did we need a population increase in Africa and why do populations normally increase rapidly in times of dire distress?

Populations increase in times of dire distress?

If you don't understand why Europeans/whites should accept their fair share of the blame your just not very interested in fairness.

Suicide tip #1:
Go outside and tell the hordes of homeless white people that they should accept their fair share of the blame for the world's problems. Also ask (in a Canadian winter) for the shirts off their backs too in order to clothe all those starving -----ians mentioned in my trailer!

posted on Mar, 17 2008 @ 06:32 PM
reply to post by Areal51

Caucasian Jews? Zionism is about Jewish Identity no matter the color of their skin or their nationality and Jews suffered from more than just Caucasians. Lumping them all together like that with the name Caucasian is blatantly racist. Like there is some race wide conspiracy by White people. Thats just pure nonsense.

No one said Wright was a Nazi, thats completely silly. If he has a problem with Jewish Identity he has a problem with Jews. That doesn't make him a Nazi, that makes him prejudiced.

Anyone who has any sense would know Jesus was not White, but Semite. What Jesus' ethnicity was should not even be an issue.

The Nuclear attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki prevented the need for an invasion of Japan that would of killed more people and caused more destruction than the atomic bombings. They would of lost millions of people had we resorted to an invasion.

The system wasn't developed for whites by whites. That is an extreme oversimplification of the world. No Race of People on Earth conspire together in some kind of grand system. That is pure nonsense.

The system in the US was developed by Protestant Englishmen.
It favored Protestant Englishmen. It did not favor Catholics or Irishmen. As things progressed it favored Industrialist Protestant Englishmen against Agrarian Protestant Englishmen. We had a Civil War that pitted them against each other and the Industrialists Won. Their system was cemented by McKinley and later the creation of the Federal Reserve. Most of their ideology can be traced back to Alexander Hamilton. This Industrial and Financial Aristocracy doesnt favor whites or christendom as a whole. Were talking about people of British Ancestry. There is no Caucasian conspiracy to keep the Black man down. Everyone who is not part of the Upper Elite is taken advantage of. That includes Whites too. How do you think the first American Aristocracy of Elites became wealthy, by taking advantage of White Farmers during and after the Revolution.

This isn't about a stuggle between the "White Man" and the "Black Man". This is a struggle between the Rich and the non Rich. Thats the real problem. The Masses are kept divided over propaganda spouted by Whites and Blacks obsessed with Identity, while the wealthy elite keep on taking advantage of everyone.

The Rights and Liberties of all people of all colors, creeds, and faiths are at stake. Thats why we dont need Dividers like Wright. We need people like Dr. King who was a Martyr for the struggle for equality. We need people who will bring people together. Blaming entire races and nations for the actions of a few is crazy. We need to stop oversimplifying our problems. We need to struggle for Unity not Division. I believe that Wright and Obama are not the ones who will bring us Unity.

posted on Mar, 17 2008 @ 06:50 PM
Proving me what wrong the Reverend said?

Originally posted by BRITWARRIOR
sure why not,

1 black jesus?

that's wrong?
Okay, then gimme proof that Jesus was white
in fact while ur at it, gimme proof of Jesus himself!

Originally posted by BRITWARRIOR
2 whitemen infected blackmen with hiv........HIV came from monkeys, MONKEYS! CDC indicates it was transmitted to humans from eating inffected meat.

do your homework, firstly HIV has nothing to do with aids

Originally posted by BRITWARRIOR
3 hiroshima & nagasaki was nuked to END the world war, where millions & millions more people would have die if thay didnt, and lets not forget hitler sent a secret cargo of plans & urainium for the japs to build a nuke for themselfs to nuke the us, so it had nothing to do with with america being terroists or evil lol

What are you crazy?
What are you talking about?

Originally posted by BRITWARRIOR
god i cant be assed to name them all, there is so many lie's this man is deluded hate filled and insane, take you head out of the sand please..

was that a racist remark?
I'm not arabic

posted on Mar, 17 2008 @ 06:57 PM
You know people shouldn't talk bad about Obama that hes not 100% black, so what......he still has support from black ppl. So..mixed man cant be our president? Damn Gerogia busch & Iraq lover. And how disgusting to even say "dont vote for him or he will be assassinated..sounds like you want him to die with your belief.

posted on Mar, 17 2008 @ 07:00 PM

Originally posted by IAmTetsuo
The historical Jesus was white; he just wasn't Nordic. He could have easily passed for an Italian (or Roman as they were called back then) or Greek.

When and where was historical Jesus born according to you?

Let's settle this here and now so people stop bringing up his 'historical' skin color and getting off topic.

If you're gonna dodge my question again, then just stop bringing Jesus into this thread.

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