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Isolationism 2008 and on

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posted on Mar, 13 2008 @ 06:15 PM
Yeah they have been preaching that this is a global economy and so on. Remember much stuff outside of maybe cigarettes have we sold to Mexico? I ask the question what would happen to the US if we refused to buy any oil..........I say that again any oil... from the mideast.
Why stop there..I am for stopping all trade to the middle east. No allies there as far as I am concerned. Oh yeah visitors period from the middle east...that is why we have the internet.
We bite the bullet and pursue oil reserves in Canada, Alaska, off our coastline. People would have to move closer to work..well tons of foreclosed houses out there. People would have to bike more..thus making the country healthier. New business would spring bicycles. Middle east sells their oil to what. Oh yeah speaking of buying any of their inferior, no quality control products so as to stuff pockets of CEOS in the US.
Yeah it may be tough at first..I say in 10 years the US is back. We are the biggest market. We rebuild industries here organically.. People get back to work. At the end of 10 years if we are not better off then we go back to the old "global economy".

I may be all alone with this idea..everyone I know thinks it is insane..maybe so. Imagine the revitalized electric vehicle industry replacing the dying auto industry. I just wonder if there is anyone who thinks this idea has any merit.

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