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African Gold coast tribes who cannot see pictures or movies, even when presented right in front of t

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posted on Mar, 13 2008 @ 05:57 PM
i apologize, for i have not found any reference to this just yet, but im listening to michael talbots synchronicity and the holographic universe, and at about a little over an hour and 3 minutes into it, he was talking about ufo's, and how they might not be purely objective objects or beings, and their physical manifestations being based on our perceptions, and our minds trying to make a physical form out of their frequency, etc.. blah blah. excellent stuff. then he says something, and i quote,

"we certainly know that their are tribes in the gold coast of africa that cant see photographs, that cant see movies. that sometimes their seems to be that our cultural upbringing imprints in us what we can percieve. that sometimes we literally cant percieve something because we dont have the vocabulary, the cultural and perceptual vocabulary to see it, and that ufo's fall under that category etc..............."

im trying to find any references to tribes in the gold coast of africa that have been scientifically tested, and this is found to be true. in my search for a new spell for life, so to speak, i find this interesting, and would like to research further into it. it seems that the ashanti people are the main tribe there, in what use to be called the gold coast.

thanks for any help

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