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ATS.MIX: SE11 - XMFan.Com Dave Rabbit Interview

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posted on Mar, 13 2008 @ 05:51 PM

XMFan.Com Dave Rabbit Interview SE11

After the original airing of the Opie and Anthony Show from New York with ATS MIX’s own Dave Rabbit, there was quite a media stir. As Opie and Anthony’s show is also on XM Radio, the official XMFan.Com’s Anthony Nunez contacted Dave about doing a really in depth interview of those 21 days in the Saigon, Vietnam underground. Although it was originally suppose to be in print, XMFan.Com did something that they have never done before in their history, and are putting it up as an audio interview instead. FCC COMPLIANT

VISIT The XMFan.Com Home Page

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length: 80:22
file: atsmix_2863.mp3
size: 28254k
feed: atsmix

[edit on 9/19/2008 by Dave Rabbit]


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