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ATS: Recent earthquakes manmade?

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posted on Feb, 20 2004 @ 05:17 PM
Were the 4.4 earthquakes Thursday in Sonoma Valley, California natural or manmade? Some seismologists believe that it was a creation of ours, not mother natures. news link

“Some seismologists believe a rash of recent earthquakes in the area are the result of a project to inject thousands of gallons of water into the ground to replenish steamfields. The steam drives turbines at a geothermal powerplant located at the Geysers, just three miles from the epicenter of quake.”

Santa Rosa, CA has a project to pump half of its wastewater into the ground for the next 20 years. Previously, the waste water was divided up among local farmers for irrigation, and during the winter months when the demand was low, they pumped the extra waste water into the Russian River. Now that water quality regulations are getting tougher, Santa Rosa pumps the extra water into the ground so they don’t have to worry about the river water quality.
This isn’t just any spot of ground; this is an active geyser field with dormant volcanoes. Currently they use the steam coming from the geyser field to produce power, and now that the pressure is dropping, they believe that they can take care of two problems at once by putting the water into the geyser field to prop up the pressure.
The question is does the city know the full result of increasing the geyser pressure? Or does anyone for that matter.

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