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Blueberry/Renegade - 2004 Psychedelic Western?

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posted on Mar, 13 2008 @ 12:52 AM
Playing on Encore as Renegade this movie has an interesting visual style in addition to being an odd mix of genres.

IMdB user quote sums it up nicely (page 1) (link above): this loose adaptation of Jean 'Moebius' Giraud's comic strip [Blueberry]...the 1870s, wild-child Mike Blueberry (Cassel) is adopted by (sic)Chiracahua Indians and, Carlos Castaneda-style, initiated into their shamanic rituals. Later, as a small-town sheriff, he encounters an old nemesis, the mysterious Wally Blount ([Michael] Madsen), on the hunt for hidden Indian 'gold', climaxing in an all-out, psychedelic showdown.

While Juliette Lewis fits in with the quirky nature, why they ever had her sing escapes me. I hear she had a band - maybe they play really loud. (

I'm a big Michael Madsen fan, so that was enough for me.

The visual style and the closeups of the faces, bathed in an orange glow reminiscent of the Arizona and New Mexico desert where the Chiricahua Indians lived was simply gorgeous.

It's not a movie you can watch casually. There's a lot of subtitling when the natives speak, and the plot jumps back and forth. Lots of flash backs and bizarre images during the 'experiences' in the cave, too.

Interestingly, Val Kilmer was offered the role of Mike Blueberry, but Cassel is perfect. Milla Jovovich (UltraViolet; Resident Evil; Fifth Element) was offered the role of Maria, but had a conflict. I daresay she's have been my choice over Lewis.

If you like Carlos Castaneda, Westerns and the desert, give it a try. (check local listings).

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