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Dollars & Sense - A Money Discussion

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posted on Feb, 20 2004 @ 03:09 PM
Well, there are plenty of people on this board with different opinions on money, and how it plays in todays politics, economies, etc. Petro-dollars, Gold standards, Central Banks, and Countries' currencies.

I myself have expressed my opinions on this matter.

Some suggest hype, some suggest ignorance, some suggest misleading data or conjecture, some suggest truth.


It occurs to me that opinions are just that. Facts are another. But how to cover the whole gamut of the world, and mix it in to come to a logical informed conclusion of how things really are.

Well, (staff permitting) I would like to start this thread as a 'Cover Sheet' for all the different specific-topic threads.

Going like this, an impromtu research project, ongoing and without deadlines, no requirements or structure, except for the following.

1 - Anyone with interest, leave a post below, and select a currency, investment medium (metal, stocks, bonds, whatever), or whatever you wish to contribute by subject.. Dont bite off too much, just bite where your interest lies.(dont duplicate)

2 - Start a seperate thread on your particular choice. (please put it in the category for proper placement as Other Current Events.)

3 - U2U me to let me know your thread url, and I will post it here as an ongoing table of contents of all participating members and their selection.

After that it is up to you. Do a little research, without posting requirements or deadlines. Let's keep this informal.

Find information and links, facts and facts checked. Currencies and their particular countries strategies. Etc.
Post at your time line, and research at your discretion.
No pressure, no worries.

Most importantly, leave out the opinions. Leave out the Hype, Leave out the Conjecture. This way as the topics develop, we will be able to begin to see over time the realities and facts, and how everything begins to influence each other.

This may help to dis-prove any current prevailing hype or suggestions, and would only firm-up and make apparent, how things really work.

Looking forward to your reply.....smirk

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