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human hybrids...whats to become of them?

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posted on Oct, 8 2011 @ 10:41 AM
This thread has been dusted off it seems! 2008, wow!

I used to think there was the possibility that aliens from "outer space" had visited us, the evidence is quite clear and somewhat startling. The fact remains that these "visitors" do not leave us and go to "outer space" and then come back again, they simply slip into this space as they are "hyperdimensionals"; they live just beyond this dimension, not out there in Space.

The physical construct that we rarely intermingle with is just that, a construct, chances are the physical form the "grey" takes is likely a mixture of cow DNA and other such fascinating things. They do not eat and they cannot keep the physical form alive. They do not fear death because they do not die. They wish to join us here in this world as they appreciate the physical nature of our domain and the abundance; especially the abundance of us.

They are Demons!

Alien craft is likely human with "other worldly" engineering, probably NAZI, what World would be the question as I believe these demons have dealt with other physical worlds including ours throughout history.

Human hybrids are not beyond the direction of intent, clones for hosts would be more likely than not; I call this "Abomination of Desolation" as the body is the Temple and without a Soul it is Desolate, mixed with something unholy and it is an Abomination!

Maybe the AntiChrist will be that first true Hybrid as he will likely stand in the Temple and declare himself GOD!

However, it is accepted by many that we ourselves are the product of the mixing of one Alien with another (another World's and our own Homo erectus) That in Scripture it says that the "seed of the woman mixed with the seed of the serpent" but that GOD put "enmity" between them (GEN 3:15) It is said that we are those offspring of the Elohim, or the offspring of the Gods (GEN 6:2).

We are both of our parentage and so ultimately we as Hybrids will either fail to ascend because within us there is something missing, or we become one whole complete being, unlike one or the other parent but something entirely new and with much more far-reaching capabilities within Spirit!

If there is Goodness it is within us. If there is Darkness it resides within us. Two parts to two dimensions, this one and that one!

posted on Oct, 10 2011 @ 08:19 PM
reply to post by Mr Green

What I have notice is that most of these Hybrid threads are being ignored by many people here, the number one threat to all this, is exactly the Hybrid ( THE HYBRD AGENDA ) most humans fallow those who think it looks cool denying anything of this topic and humans as always following others not to the truth but to damaging conspiracies and death threatening lies from others.

Why is it thats this is being ignored, people should start talking about this, don't you see? is a WORLD TAKE OVER!!! "A WORLD DOMINATION" and they are doing it right under our noses, just because they know your weak minded.

I don't know what to say anymore to wake you up!

I was to open a new post explaining this hybrid agenda detail by detail, but I'm about to give up, not! on humans, but on this site and probably take it somewere els were people actually whant to listen, there are so many brain wash with politics and other bogus stuff here that is incredible.

My question is were are the humans in the site? Why are you not listening, do question, make a research, prove any of this wrong. So far no one has proven anything wrong. Most of you are here to know the truth, so why, why aren't you doing nothing?

Thanks OP for trying your best, it will be to late when finaly most wake up.

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