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Sing Me A Conversation

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posted on Mar, 11 2008 @ 07:50 PM
"Hey, why are you awake so early?", She asks.
"I'm up at this time now, back in daily season", He replies.
"Oh nice. It'd be a shame to waste the sunshine by sleeping", She states.
He says, "I say the same about the moon and the stars my dear. Afterall, they're only sunshines at a distance and one only a reflection of persistent solstice reminiscence."
"Yep." She complies.
"You say, 'why waste the sunshine'? I say, 'why waste the moonlight?'"
"Both are true." She says.
"I think we talk in songs and poetic stanzas and you don't realize it. Let me open your eyes to what demands us; the music that's always flowing, the rhymes that are always ongoing, ok I'm done bestowing." He says.
Silence overtakes them both.


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