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My Amateur Princess Diana Memorial documentary at Hyde Park . Royal family included at the opening.

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posted on Mar, 9 2008 @ 01:42 PM
I made a video of the Momorial of princess Diana when it first openned.
I recently got into knowing how to use Youtube and edited and made a video from my old tape from 2004. Now that my computer is able to edit with low end editing programmes I decided to load it up. The video shows members of the Royal family, not the best footage since I was not close enough and amoungst pushy croud of people. But I managed to tell a bit of story, as I then filmed and interviewed a few people to make the event worth the trip and for future use.

This is not my best ever video skills I am much better than this, I was amoungst a moving and croud and could hardly see anything, also the sun was in my face it did not help. But dodgy camera work becomes a bit better 2 mins in.

My main angle was if it was worth £6.5 million to make? Was a statue better in the end at least it could stand the weather, if not then maybe include a statue of her too somewhere.

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