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Disappearing and Reappearing House Items, anyone else have this porblem?

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posted on Sep, 1 2010 @ 08:38 AM
yeah, it is called losing stuff and then finding it. pretty common from what i hear.

posted on Sep, 3 2010 @ 03:09 AM

Originally posted by 2weird2live2rare2die
yeah, it is called losing stuff and then finding it. pretty common from what i hear.

it's not just a matter of losing stuff if you'd read the posts I've posted. Yea.. and it's not just me either..

posted on Sep, 3 2010 @ 04:43 PM
you are right. it is far more likely that a person lingered on the earth after death in order to hide your car keys. the thought that they may have just been misplaced is outrageous.

posted on Sep, 17 2010 @ 02:17 AM
reply to post by Komodo

Very interesting read to say the least.

I have to admit, I am not sure what to think. Some of the claims you have made through out this thread do seem a bit far fetched... Such as the bed being pushed up from underneath.

Now do not get me wrong, I am not saying that you are making it up or anything. It is just that when you have doubts after reading stories such as this, it is wise to approach with a healthy bit of skepticism.

Lot's of people have things go missing, only to find them right where they should be days or even weeks later, including myself. Now, honestly I think, that the majority of these types of cases can be explained away as pure coincidence. People simply not seeing the object that they are looking for. Or perhaps setting it somewhere and simply not realizing that you moved it. ( I used to do that all the time with my shoes growing up)

Of course there are also the alternative explanations as well. Some of which have been introduced into this thread. Poltergeist activity, aliens, gnomes ( thought that was introduced jokingly). Hell in similar discussions I have even heard people bring up the possibility of some rip/tear between demensions and the object falling into it... There are some pretty out there ideas.

I guess what I am wondering here, is, can you provide any kind of evidence, other than your word, that what you claim is occurring, really is happening to you? You mentioned a picture of your grandson's nose that had a cut on it, or more specifically, an incision.

Would you please go ahead and post that? At the very least it would be a bit of supporting evidence. What else can you provide as evidence or even proof that this is happening to you? Especially the more out-landish/hard to believe claims.

posted on Sep, 17 2010 @ 02:18 PM
Here's something that happened last month...on Friday the 13th. My brother and sister in law were getting married. My sister in law needed her wallet because it had her id in it and her money. She couldn't find it anywhere. All three of us looked but couldn't locate it. She called my sister downstairs to help look. After a couple minutes of looking, she went to an end table that all of us had already searched. She picked up a piece of paper and the wallet was right there. We'd already looked there several times and it wasn't there before. Talk about strange.

posted on Mar, 25 2011 @ 03:48 AM
Still tracking this wierd phenomon in the house, 'it' might have moved with us, but the house we're in now has ALOT of history; just 2 days ago, my step-daughter's bf came over to our house via the bus system, a 2hr ride. After hopping on the last bus here, he struck up a converstaion with a middle aged man; the middle-aged man asked him where he was getting off at, my SD's bf said.. on 19th, the house right across the street from the fire dept.

The guy dropped his jaw and said.. 'seriously?? !!!" My SD's bf nodded his head yes and the guy chuckled and said.. "wow.. I use to rent that house 5 years ago.. small world I guess"

This used to be the college frat house, major party place, dunno what all happened in it, but, with such a history i'm not going to push any thing aside.

I'll be posting from what I can remember a few weeks back till now in futher posts.

We do have a 12mp camera, and if i can capture anthing on camera, I will certainly post it. It's gotten to the place where I'm seriously thinking about purchasing a video camera on a network with full audio, budget willing.

thx for all the reply's and see you on the thread..

posted on Mar, 25 2011 @ 04:19 AM
Weekly happenings..

~footsteps being heard upstairs, as if some one is running or walking heavily when no one is upstairs.
~Grandson hears footsteps coming up the stairs practically every night, he'll open the door but no one will be there, his door is directly in front of the stairs.

Random happenings...

~3 weeks ago, my wife, my daughter and I pull up into the drive way, walk through the frontdoor and are faced with my grandson & his friend looking at us with startlement, as if they were going out the frontdoor, & like they might have just saw a ghost. I said.."what's the matter?".. As they both stood there, a second and then looked at each other, they looked back and us and said..
GS~"you ....just got home.. right.. "
ME "yes... why?"
GS & Friend at the same time.."seriously..?! "
ME "yes.. why?!" now looking at him str8 in the eye woundering what's up
GS "hmmmmm... cuz we both were standing right behind my door while it was closed listening to what kinda sounded like you guys at the bottom of the stairs, we probably listened a couple of minutes because it was definately a conversation going on. I opened the door, and to our one was there!! So when you saw us at the front door it was because we thought you might have came home and were talking at the bottom of the stairs and then left to get something out of the car!!"
ME: we just got home.

my GS friend said.."hmmm.. i'm going home, to wierd for me"

2 nights ago...
~Laying in my bed, i think i was watching t.v. when I hear a distinct 'tap, tap, tap, tap, tap' ...5 taps as if someone was tapping on our bathroom door or a wall or something. 10mins later, i hear our GS walk down the stairs!!

~Couldn't sleep, laid totally awake in bed for 5hours, insominac. Finally get to sleep after tossing and turning, I awake up and my wifes says, "I couldn't get to sleep last night, I was awake on and off all night, tossing and turning" I looked at her and said.. "no, you weren't, you were snoring and I was awake for 5 hours, and you hardly moved at all" My daugther wakes up, late.. 2pm. "that sucked" she said, "what..." I answered.

I couldn't get to sleep last night.. tossed and turned all night....."

Last night...

Woke up with the sound of our cats walking across our bedroom floor, after listening to it, it wasn't even close to our cats; our cat's need their claws clipped and make a ticking sound across the floor, faintly. This was more of a ticking with a thumping sound with it, as if it was,,, I have no idea what.

posted on Jun, 25 2011 @ 06:46 PM
Need to bump this thread since I've just noticed other members are having the same strange disappearance and reappearaces happening as well ..

posted on Jun, 25 2011 @ 07:11 PM
reply to post by Komodo

I'm always loseing things.

And you know what sucks, asoon as you buy a replacement for the item, IT POPS UP.

Like asoon as we get home from the shops, give it like 5 minutes, and we find it.

posted on Jun, 26 2011 @ 03:14 AM

Originally posted by Mentalistbee
reply to post by Komodo

I'm always loseing things.

And you know what sucks, asoon as you buy a replacement for the item, IT POPS UP.

Like asoon as we get home from the shops, give it like 5 minutes, and we find it.

yea.. I've had it happen MULTIPLE times with groceries......seriously .. I saw them go in the bag at the check out.. get home and NADA .. I go back to the car .. NADA.. I go back to the store.. talk to the very person who bagged them not 10 mins before.. to see if they fell out .. NADA..

never seen again .. seriously.. infruiates me..

posted on Jan, 10 2012 @ 01:07 AM
reply to post by Komodo

Need to bump this thread since I've just noticed other members are having the same strange disappearance and reappearances happening as well ..

again.. another member having an issue with this .. Dispearing Plectrums

posted on Apr, 3 2012 @ 09:57 PM

Ok, just last night right after I went to bed, I heard our grandson close his upstairs door and walk down the stairs and past our bedroom: he's fairly tall and heavy set so when he comes down the stairs it's noticble and no question it's him and sometimes wakes me up when going to the bathroom.

As I lay there still awake after 20mins, I didn't hear him go back up the stairs. I asked my wife if she heard him go back up the stairs and she said.. " I never heard him come down"

posted on Jul, 9 2012 @ 01:20 PM
reply to post by Komodo

I know you posted a little bit about the history of the house. Have you looked more thoroughly into the history? It sounds like so many things going on there:

1. Poltergeist activity - the disappearance and reappearance of objects is classic poltergeist activity. Let me tell you this - objects do not disappear; they dematerialize and then rematerialize elsewhere or back in the same spot as before. This is what happens when poltergeist stack chairs/forks and the like. The chairs do not 'move' from their original spot and get stacked - they de-materialize and then re-materialize stacked (molecules are broken down and then reassembled). Even the moving/poking of the bed can fall into this category.

2. Residual haunting - the footsteps, random noises and conversations of people not there are all evidence of residual hauntings. They do not interact with you. Think of it as a looped recording of energy.

3. Intelligent haunting - You mentioned something confirmed you needed to get out of bed. That 'something' was interacting with you directly. Reacting to your action (or inaction as it were). The moving/poking of the bed also fall into this category. The fact that it seems that whatever this is makes mischief for you at work tells me it follows you at least sometimes.

There are several pieces of good news here. First, all of it is energy and as such, it can be dispelled. Some people think poltergeist activity is actually telekinesis unconsciously flowing from an adolescent. Perhaps, but it is still energy and can be dispelled. Has your grandson suffered from any traumatic events (and I'm not talking just a little tragic, but major tragedy)? Is he depressed or does he have any psychological disturbances? I'm not saying he's crazy, I'm looking for a source of the energy to give you a possible 'why'. Focusing a bit on you, did you know that men go through male 'menopause'? Its true. So then do you have any psychological disturbances? Depression? That energy can trigger poltergeist like activity.

Second, thus far - sounds like you don't have any inhuman activity going on. Inhumans are just what they sound like - these beings were never human yet can influence our world. This type of 'haunt' includes demons, fairies (not the cute ones from disney), trolls, etc. All of them I consider demons - just some are of higher order than others. Sometimes, poltergeist activity can act like a beacon for inhumans to show up, so be careful. Here are a couple of things to look out for:

1. Horrible smells (like 3 day old ass and rotting flesh) that seem to move throughout the house
2. Cold spots or blast of severely, bone-chilling air.
3. Rooms becoming unseemingly dark visually as if all light is being sucked out of them.
4. Unfounded bouts of rage, anger and an increase in arguments/conflict in your household.
5. Feelings of unease, the hair on your body standing up, your animals getting sick, or feeling like you're being watched.

If any of these occur, an inhuman may be on its way to trying to oppress someone in your household. It will try to divide and conquer. Stand strong with each other.

Finally, what do you want to see happen with this situation? Would you like to allow it to continue, document it better, get some photos, evps, etc? Would you like things to settle down and stop disappearing and tapping? Either way, you need to make a decision as a family on your next course of action and then implement that decision as a family. Keep yourself bound to your wife and grandson through your love/blood bond and keep it strengthened daily.

Okay, I've talked your eyes off. I wish you the best!

posted on Jul, 9 2012 @ 05:00 PM
reply to post by DryBonz

WOW Db~Thx you SO much~!!!! That nearly brought a tear to my eye~!!!

Interesting that you should mention my G-son, yes..he's had a MAJOR turmoil 6 yrs ago; he got shot by a 'drive-by' shooting, but the 9mm slug literately (sp) went thru his his upper shoulder, and went out his back: no bone (including his scapula~!), organ (major or minor) or nerve was ever hit.. it went straight through his muscle; in our minds, that's a miracle~!

Since then, he's been going to counseling but, not sure if it helped much and hasn't been going to counseling for a year or so now.

I have to go but, I do so appreciate your input~! I will copy and paste what you suggested. We need to cleanse his room, it's long over due. There's is so much that has gone on, and I kinda suspected it might be coming from him, but, didn't want to believe it I guess.

A scripture just came to mind.. !

(Luk 11:24) "When the unclean spirit has gone out of a person, it passes through waterless places seeking rest, and finding none it says, 'I will return to my house from which I came.'

(Luk 11:25) And when it comes, it finds the house swept and put in order.

(Luk 11:26) Then it goes and brings seven other spirits more evil than itself, and they enter and dwell there. And the last state of that person is worse than the first."

I will check back and add more.. but have to go .. THX Db !

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posted on Aug, 19 2012 @ 06:56 PM
reply to post by davespanners

That is almost identical to my experience. Car keys again but in a drawer. No one in the house could find them, or had touched them about 1 week later they reappeared back in the drawer, at the front, just where I had originally left them.

Items vanishing and reappearing seems quite common but some of the other stuff the OP is talking about sounds more like poltergeist activity. Quite often occurs when there are teenagers in the house. Manifestation of the strong forces as they go through puberty, and nothing to do with the dimension shifts of objects IMO.

posted on Oct, 22 2012 @ 04:27 AM
my grandson had his ID card go missing within 10mins of him leaving his room and returning....he laid it on top of his desk where his xbox and tv's are located.. right in front of them; he laid it down specifically there to remember and went to the bathroom and returned and the ID is gone...

we tore the area upside down & inside out.. nada.. and he was freaking out about it..

no one else was upstairs.. another $70 down the drain..

and my Cell phone is now missing..

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posted on Oct, 31 2012 @ 07:06 AM
Do you live in Cherokee country? We have the Little People. They are quasi-interdimensional elementals. Basically fairies without wings, about 125cm tall, and they love electric blue waistcoats. They can grab stuff in our world, take it into theirs, and return it without making any noise. It used to happen continually in my father's garage with tools. He and his friend would search for a while, give up, go in the house to get some coffee, and when they got back, the tool would be right where they left it, in plain sight.

They also liked to open car doors in the night, so the dome lights would come on. Unfortunately for my father, the car he was to work on the next day would then have a dead battery.

Eventually he got fed up with it and banished them with a simple improvised ritual. He addressed them directly and firmly, and told them they couldn't pass the driveway to come onto the garage part of the property. That was the end of the disappearing tools. But he could tell it made them sad to be banished, so he eventually let them back onto the property with the provision that they leave cars alone and cool it with the tool vanishing.

Now, it only happens occasionally. Those little people are pretty cool when you give them a chance.

Maybe you've got fairies following you around? Ours also mark the nose of every animal we have gotten. Usually just a little dark spot. Maybe something like that happened to your grandson's nose (wish you had remembered to post that picture).

ETA: My ex gf has fairies that move with her from house to house and need to be appeased every once in a while (more like acknowledged). My opinion is that fairies are 3rd-density world constructs that have some insecurity issues. As is normal for any egoic entity.
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posted on Nov, 12 2012 @ 02:02 AM
reply to post by seamus

sorry seamus.. odd that I never got your reply if I did I somehow missed it..

i'll reply in a bit..

posted on Nov, 12 2012 @ 02:07 AM
more odd paranormal activity happening.. as of late..

3 weeks ago.. wife & I are sitting at our computer desks.. I happen to turn around in my chair and hear a 'knock, knock, knock' at the botton of the bookcase as if someone was knocking on the back of it.. it's loaded with some of her stuff on it.. both the cats were by me next to the desk ..

last night..

2 family members talking about the ghost(s) in the house when my wifes music box key turns slightly and plays for 5 seconds.. it was in a closed drawer..

posted on Nov, 12 2012 @ 04:23 AM

Originally posted by Komodo
more odd paranormal activity happening.. as of late..

3 weeks ago.. wife & I are sitting at our computer desks.. I happen to turn around in my chair and hear a 'knock, knock, knock' at the botton of the bookcase as if someone was knocking on the back of it.. it's loaded with some of her stuff on it.. both the cats were by me next to the desk ..

last night..

2 family members talking about the ghost(s) in the house when my wifes music box key turns slightly and plays for 5 seconds.. it was in a closed drawer..

mods ..

tell me why I'm seeing this message after 2hrs .. ?!

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