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Can we list bible predictions that have come true?

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posted on May, 29 2008 @ 02:17 PM
reply to post by Alxandro

Christ's sacrifice ridded us of clean and unclean meats, as well as circumcision. Man sacrificed foreskin to God and because of Jesus' sacrifice, it's not required. This is why animal sacrifices are not done by christians also.

posted on Jul, 6 2008 @ 03:28 PM
reply to post by Nohup

Is this a statement of ignorance?
What do Jews have to do with the book of Revelations or making prophecy's come true for christians?

Yes, the influential Jews that could not stop the mass murdering that took place in WWII are the reasoning behind the state of Israel being recognized.

Have you ever stopped to think what Jews do have control and why?
Jews were not able to live or work in many communities throughout the US just 50 years ago. The Jews survived by working for themselves - becomming business owners to survive.

Jews do not believe Jesus is the son of God -- the book of revelations is based on the end of time and the returning of Christ.


posted on Jan, 8 2009 @ 05:34 PM
reply to post by AshleyD

I appreciate your comment but could you note the verses which prophecy A-H?

posted on Aug, 10 2009 @ 12:17 AM
The Euphrates river is drying up. That was predicted in the Bible.

"Revelation 16:12: The sixth angel poured his bowl on the great Euphrates River. The water in the river dried up to make a road for the kings from the east."

posted on Dec, 30 2012 @ 12:55 PM
I agree with you that God is not keen on false prophets, you could not be more right. There are many things God is not keen on and one important one is "do not worship another God, for our God is a jealous God and no one will stand before him" those are not the exact words so I will not quote from the bible. However I think you have read it.

I did research and spoke with many people on these bible quotes. There is a site called "faithsmessanger" written by Greg, forget his last name. His blogs are through God and written from Gods point of view. I do believe that many of us (some do not admit it) get messages through God and Angels if we allow ourselves to be. God has chosen few that he will speak through as these people are the ones that serve him just like his disciples that deciphered the words of God into a writing tablet at that time.

His disciples were with God and as God does today, he used certain people to carry his word and keep it going through others he knew would preach it.

I have asked that question (along with many others) how was the word of God kept to the exact word the way God intended it. Well I believe once again that God knew how and who would preach the word today and made sure it was send out exactly how he intended it, otherwise there would be no bible and all would be lost.God needs to get his message through to his planet and in all honestly the planet is sick right now.

I also suggested the same old story to folks, put 10 people in a circle, the first one whispers something, and by the end of the 10th person well my oh my its different. This is gossip but the word of God is not gossip. That circle is always different however God chose the people that would keep to his word and not mock it.This is my understanding I come up with. That and I am very close to the angelic realm and do receive messages. God and the Angels send/lead me to bible quotes for answers. So through his path I know they are right.

Things are going on in my life now that God is dealing with and I think not only me but the world may know soon enough.

However I also believe if you put yourself out there for whatever the cause, then you are picked. By this I mean if you like attention and put your pics all over the place then of course you will be talked about. If you are musically inclined than God will choose you to spread love through music Good example is Chris Rene, who came from a dark place and credits God for where he is now. He is an inspiration to those that have been where he was and even those that have not.

Signs is another thing, God/Angels may give you a sign you are familiar with and me a different one yet they mean the same to some extend, just it is given in a way we understand it through God or whatever your higher source is.

I have interesting stories how Angels have saved my life and wanted to make their way to me, when my son was a baby things happened to me that scared me, not knowing or understanding the Angelic world I was frightened,so it stopped. They do not force themselves on you unless they have to intervene which is what happened to me in desperate times.

Now that God and Angels know I am open to this world I get all kinds of visions and dreams (dreams I have had for ever, I can remember dreams from years ago,never having to write them down. I had a dream of the Haiti quake) and I am almost sure that I am meant to be a light worker.

Anyway you hit it right on the money when you said God does not like false prophets.

I also believe that a lot of those bible quotes are now coming true, look what is happening in Israel. I do believe God has thrown some wrath out there already, to give us a warning/message however no one gets it. Look just at the end of Dec of this year all the happenings, it may be a message, I also believe that soon, very soon, the world will be brand new to some extend. (in a good way), sinners will be down first.

God also said and no one gets its...throw a boomerang for fun to hurt someone and it comes back twice as hard to you. One may suffer in a lifetime somewhere along the line however not realize that this may be a punishment. Why do things happen I heard people say , well that is another subject I have an opinion on. However if you look back (and we all have sinned)could what happened in your life be a punishment, in this world even.

The sandy storm was a message send out to us, but most scientists have this scientific explanation. We fear the unknown, however the unknown is what is coming to surface, the unknown is where the message lies. We fear what God can do as our creator but no one wants to discuss it, so we cast it off as just a storm. He created the world he cant take it down. I believe sinners are about to see a bit of his wrath.I believe in my opinion that God has plans for this earth, and I also believe that the war over in Israel is like the one God wiped out in the beginning. This is where I think he is trying to send us a message of the past coming back, the new world. Just my opinion.

Anyway that is just my opinion, and yes the bible may have been worded for better understanding to some however the word of God does and will never change. He made sure of that.

Have a good day
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