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The Greatest and oldest Mind Control Trick

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posted on Mar, 6 2008 @ 11:48 AM
Let me start by explaining some of my own beliefs. I believe our world was seeded with life forms from elsewhere, I believe that the Universe is teeming with life, the good the bad and the downright ulgly. I believe that in real time other lifeforms share this Planet with us but they are beyond the range of our perceptions.

I think the Pagans had it right, worshiping and respecting our home World is important, being aware of the Cosmos around us like so. I also believe that the Jesus myth is at best a story of a highly evolved life form that visited this planet with the sole purpose of changing human evolution.

So where did it all go wrong, why after 2k years have we had nothing but murder and mayhem carried out in the name of religion. As I write people are dying for their personal religeous beliefs. Why, how has it come to pass that something that may have been a source o knowledge and enlightenment has degraded in to nothing more than a mind control experiment that is perpetuated to this day.

Long before a human child can read, write or do math its pure and untouched mind is being corrupted by lies, deceipt, ignorance hatred and bigotry. Long before that individual even develops a personality it is already in a mind controlled state by those who seek to control us all. That the individuals life and every waking moment should be controlled by this insipid belief in what others think is should be. Whilst proclaiming peace and harmony it incites murder torture and death to all none believers.

I we want to worship anything it should be the World we live on but what have we done, we have turned our backs on it and we are trashing the place. We have sold ourselves to the devil a devil that has the names of Judaism, Catholicism, Islam and all the other words that this devil wears. Its as if we are letting out homes fall apart and are hoping for a spiritual builder to come along and fix them.

Our Faith should be in our World and each other not in some mind control trick devised by those who know the real truth and keep it from us. That it has happened for so long is truly astounding, it would be like people in 2k years time believing that the 9/11 terrorists were the real culprits of that event even though we know they are not. How have the controllers managed to keep this up you may ask well its simple. What you do is to feed the minds of those you control that their beliefs are superior and stronger than all others. You then use it to wage war as then as now.

Those who do not adhere to the mind control are murdered either as an individual or as a whole community. You have your controllers and spies in every place in every race on the Earth. History is replete with such events, more people have died over religion than any other cause and its not the will of some supreme being no its the will of those who seek to control knowledge for knowledge is power. Those who have the knowledge can control all others, keep them in the dark as to the true meaning of the event 2k years ago.

The mind lock will never end unless people wake up, wake up to the real world and the knowledge that is kept from us. Right now the servants of the controllers are at work on ATS convincing us that 2012 spells our doom and we must repent our sins. They seek to use any trick they can to continue to hoodwink and control the masses. They live in fear of us finding out the truth but we will soon and when this religeous dung passes through our bowels we will become enlightened and we will become free. Free to see the World with open minds, no more religeous hate, ignorance or intollerance to others. We will become one World and one people.

That was the true message that was being attempted to be spread all those years ago but it was the wrong time, man was too savage to understand the message but we are slowly learning and evolving at a faster rate and soon we will understand what the original message was.
We do not need to be the servants or slaves to such ideas we just need to set our minds free.


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