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War on Aliens, how to win!

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posted on Mar, 6 2008 @ 06:13 AM
Speculative fiction.

Little green men and planet killing plasma lightning.

Obviously this is fiction, it relies on the assumption that aliens are real and are conducting "medical research" on us, and that we have recovered some level of alien technology, and I have no idea what so ever if we have or not, and am really quite sceptical at the idea, none the less, in that scenario I think the following holds true.
See, I don't just strategise about real world scenarios

If aliens truly exist and are potentially aggressors, then this is worth reading and flagging, if we care about the long term future of humanity, and even if they might and we haven't encountered them yet, it's still worth reading.

Obviously priority #1 is to dodge the planet killing plasma lightning if it exists, or whatever weaponry they use, other than that...

If aliens exist why haven't they wiped us all out.

Either a).
They gain something from us.
what is this resource?
stop the supply and they may die out.

Or b).
They have ethics and don't believe in the destruction of sentient life forms.

A is probably more likely, but it would be naïve to rule out B.

We believe that none of our technology is in the least bit effective against aliens due to their technological superiority.

Emphasis on Believe.

It's pretty easy to believe that a bow and arrow would be useless against a modern soldier, but if you hit them in the neck they still bleed to death, any human does, it's just that the casualty ratio is too high to consider that with any chance of success, but it never stopped any other group of humans from self defence when confronted by technologically superior aggressors.

It also generally led to the extermination of the people with the bows and arrows.

If humanity declares war on aliens, perhaps humanity will be destroyed.
Why would they let us live, they know what we are like when it comes to the treatment of other species (case in point: cannabis sativa/indica, possums, any thing that gets in our way or is percieved to cause problems, some among us will happily eliminate with no guilt or remorse).
Obviously I only support the killing of aliens if those aliens perform unconsenting research on other sentient life forms, manipulate, lie, kill innocents and act like right a--holes.
If they do that then they deserve to be exterminated.
We probably do too, but if they were going to destroy us, either they would have now, or they have a slow burning method, or they plan on enslaving us, or they plan on using us until there is no further
purpose to using us.
Perhaps they are training us to conquer the univere as the most dangerous slave race in existance, but this is improbable.
In the very long term, if we can defeat their methods of control, what is to stop us from conquering them?
Can we poison the resources they steal?
Are they poisoning the resources we use?

If peace is achievable, we should go for Peace until such a time as we are in the position of superiority, and if aliens have behaved in what we view as extremely immoral ways and are likely to continue to do so, that is when we should exterminate them.

Ofcourse, if we encounter aliens once we are a spacefaring race and they appear to be a benign species which is capable of cooperation, then to destroy them would be genocide and we'd be very evil.
The idea of aliens acting in such a method once we are in a position of superiority can be easily engineered through overt usage of mass media mind control.
Until then, we're best off pretending that we're lovely little sheep that wouldn't harm anyone, benign and harmless.

If I was an alien and I read this, I'd seriously consider frying the guy who wrote it, except that then I'd think to myself that that would only prove our existance and besides, it's fiction, isn't it?

And then I'd think about frying humanity, except if we haven't been fried yet, why not?

posted on Mar, 6 2008 @ 06:14 AM
This is probably a little bit right wing and racist towards aliens, but lets face it, if it gets to an us or them situation, it better be us, there is no compromise, and if we don't start brain storming thousands of years in advance how to defeat them, how do we know we will?

I guess this is the only advantage to an enormous defence budget, except that could be misinterpreted as proving that humanity deserves death due to its obsession with war and violence, disregarding the other attributes humans have, many many people love peace and will put themselves on the line if they think it'll help result in a peaceful world, or the long term survival of humanity.

Why do they need to control humans?
What is the gain?
Perhaps if they cannot control humans, humans will not cooperate and will have no trouble with exterminating the [SNIP].

Recommend research into anti-mind control techniques, superbunkerbuster bombs, space superiority fighters, reverse engineering their weaponry, colonising the solar system, learning how to make ufo's crash, replicate what occured at Roswell with one of the ones they gave us, if they indeed did, then ask for another one because we accidentally blew it up.

Make it look like all of this research is occuring due to fear of other members of our own species and that while it may have applications against aliens, that is not the reason for its development.

They will consistently underestimate us until it is too late and then they will overestimate us.

With the next one, see if it is possible to prevent the prevous scenario that resulted in a crash, ask for their help like it was an unfortunate accident, and think of a new way to shoot them down.
Try and create multiple effective methods to destroy them, both biological and physical and if possible, metaphysical.

I always thought that remote viewing and precognition would be helpful in the propaganda war against aliens, humanities secret public weapons that don't have to exist.

By the way, we win

I don't believe in precognition and yet I'm allegedly pretty good at it according to the Emode esp test (not a very credible reference, but it's as good as it gets, better than 99% of humans, great weaponry is the old precog and rv'ing, if it works... Waste of defence money though).

But we started it and we didn't stop even when we knew they wanted peace, instead we eradicated them from the universe just as we do to all true threats against humanity, and maintained our slot as the dominant species.

Really it's kind of sad, but it hasn't happened yet and if we don't have good thinks about the potential reality once in a while, when it happens, we'll get exterminated.

Recommend performing biological research on aliens to figure out most effective ways to kill them. Probably what they are doing to us anyways, learn their physiology under the guise of providing medical aid in order that humans can be the most use to them.

If they have previously died in our care, what did we do wrong, what caused those deaths? We don't want to be viewed as responsible for the deaths of aliens, obviously, so we'll have to understand why and how they died in order to be able to prevent further deaths, won't we?

In order to win we require the ability to detect UFO's and any other methods of transport/weaponry systems the aliens use, effective defences against alien weaponry, eggs in many baskets, and effective offensive capabilities, along with engineering resistance to any and all alien methods of mind control in humanity.

Humans are uncontrollable if knowledge of the control is given, as once aware of the control, we will do everything in our power to resist it, unless we are in the position of applying the control, in which case we will obviously ignore any and all attempts to raise the issue of control to appropriate parties and will obviously attempt to eliminate/discredit those who speak out against it.

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posted on Apr, 9 2009 @ 04:52 AM
Actually, thought it over. Who needs war? We don't.

posted on Jun, 2 2019 @ 07:15 AM
a reply to: pandorashope

We are stronger with friends, that's for sure.
Let's not let it become an us vs them situation, until we're dealing with Lt. Ripley's facehuggers anyhow.


posted on Jun, 22 2019 @ 09:19 PM
a reply to: pandorashope

I don't know... you cant discount that alien may be alien. We may not even comprehend why they wipe us out, or why they let us survive.

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