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Americas mid-life crisis??

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posted on Mar, 5 2008 @ 06:56 PM
Ok, my first attempt at starting a thread,might be bad...

I was just posting a reply on a thread about small town's voting to arrest Bush and Chaney.

The responders up to that point were very anti-bush,up to and including wishing someone would take him out.

Somehow my mind went to,how this sounds like children with no life experiences,arguing in a play ground with no real clue about the world and the country they live in.I fully recall

how people were saying that Ragan would do something to stay in office and become a dictator,same for bush 41 also remember in 98 the same rumors starting about Clinton taking over the country.

I wonder if this is somekind of mid-life crisis for the U.S.A?

think of the country as a person, they are born they grow thru childhood to the teens thru there 20's and 30's into middle age and than on to old age and death.

The country was born kicking and screaming out of the womb(think the British empire),

we struggled just to stay alive in the early years, we would have not made it if not for the help of other older (adult) country's.we grow into childhood struggled to find our place in the world our identity.

We hit the rebellious teens and fought against yourselves(civil war),we made it to our 20's,we hit our stride and started to become a very strong,hard working member of the world. We showed the world that the USA was a country to be reckoned with(our part in WW1),we became among the most productive nations around we had a high standard of living for your people and stood against those that would try to take that away from us and our friends(WW2).

We took the lead among worlds country both in might and in economies.we held firm against those that would change the country we had built(cold war).Towards the end of that period we hit middle age we were fat dumb and happy,it looked like we were set to go into our golden years well set for retirement.

Than middle age crisis set on us, i think the 60's were the start of that time,we questioned everything we were doing.We lost trust in the people and government that got us there.we started acting different(viet.)The youth had lost faith that we were in the right and what we did was for the good.

We started looking at getting that hot red sport car (the greed of power elite)at the expense of our family(the middle and lower classes of the country).we no longer worked with others as friends and allies but as there bosses and told them what to do instead of asking.Is the military industrial complex the real alter-ego of this great country?

are we now to be only the tools to be used to control all that we survey?

Is this a mid-life crisis for America if so what or when do we wake up out of it and start being the good family man and friend that we had been? Will we survive this crisis or will we drive the red hot sport car into a tree and either die a painful death or be crippled till the end?


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