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When the Terrorists Were 'Our Guys'

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posted on Mar, 5 2008 @ 01:17 PM

In 1976, when George H.W. Bush was CIA director, the U.S. government tolerated right-wing terrorist cells inside the United States and mostly looked the other way when these killers topped even Palestinian terrorists in spilling blood, including a lethal car bombing in Washington, D.C., according to newly obtained internal government documents.

That car bombing on Sept. 21, 1976, on Washington’s Embassy Row, killed Chile’s former Foreign Minister Orlando Letelier and an American co-worker Ronni Moffitt, while wounding Moffitt’s husband.

It soon became clear to the FBI and other federal investigators that the attack likely was a joint operation of DINA, the fearsome Chilean intelligence agency of military dictator Augusto Pinochet, and U.S.-based right-wing Cuban exiles.

But Bush’s CIA steered attention away from the real assassins toward leftists who supposedly killed Letelier to create a martyr for their cause. Eventually, the CIA’s cover story collapsed and – during the Carter administration – at least some of the lower-level conspirators were prosecuted, though the full story was never told.

Recently obtained internal FBI records and notes of a U.S. prosecutor involved in counter-terrorism cases make clear that the connections among Bush’s CIA, DINA and the Cuban Nationalist Movement (CNM) – which supplied the trigger men for the Letelier bombing – were closer than was understood at the time.


Does this kind of thing run in the blood then?

Why hasn't bush arrested his dad during the war on terror?

I shouldn't be apalled by this, but I am.
I shouldn't be surprised by this either, but I find myself absolutely gobsmacked by the massive hypocrisy involved in this.

Can we believe the US government agencies and the government itself when they say they no longer engage in this?

For me, this has relevance to all sorts of modern day occurrences, not least 911.

This really is an extraordinary story, based on this FBI document

How many of the dots have been wrongly connected, I can't say, but that there is a conspiracy here is IMO beyond doubt.

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