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Weird dream (project bluebeam)

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posted on Mar, 3 2008 @ 09:32 AM
So I read about project blue beam a few weeks ago and last night I had this dream.....

We were leaving a work party and hit a yellow truck that was in front of us. the truck turned right and we tryed to follow it to catch up with it
as we were driving we came up to a small bridge over water.
The bridge and area looked familar to me...about 5-6 miles from my house.
The sky had a light fog to it and it looked lit up. I was seeing clouds in perfect shapes
coming down from the sky as animals...Sheep, elephant, bear, fish
also in the sky were big colored,yellow, blue.. we got out of our car walking over the bridge we saw tons of people laying on the street and people standing in the water with their shirts off...I could feel me ready to pass out saying to my husband ...this could be fake

before i passed out I woke up.
This seemed so real and the colors were really vivid and bright.

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