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a 'possible' series of events

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posted on Mar, 1 2008 @ 06:59 AM
1940's, 50's, 60's...

"allies" (if you wish to include russia..?) win war

ufo's known and somewhat accepted by the army (and therefore public)

mostly 'goodness' abounds.

the people are seemingly, somewhat 'in charge' of their planet

the 'elite' have now full realised it can make profit from war,
and 'the militry industrial complex' is born. (equals: an 'enemy' is needed)

meanwhile.. a craft is found nearby roswell, and covered up by the military, for the military , (and therefore also the 'elite'.)

the 'public' (general knowledge) are not informed.

(ufo's, aliens,and their technology are now the ultimate toy, and prize sought by the 'elite'.)

fear is now being used to manipulate public opinion.

on an escalating scale bribery (and other methods) are hencemore vigorously utilised,
and the use of politicans in not representing the common good multiplies.

the enemy (happens to now be) "red"

the elites interests are manufacturing warfare.

an outgoing president warns us of exactly that.

war with north korea, which calculatedly results in multiple arms sales,
(but negitive opinion polls and unwanted grief.)

an 'arms' race is created, and put into effect.

a 'silient war' (of sales) begins (against 'us'.)

the 'people' are losing power to the 'military industrial complex', and only the 'last' of the public is to yet to be 'eviceted' from 'power',
that is 'having knowledge, and a say', (,,and who happens to be opposed to the 'complex'.)

jfk is assasinated, (and any civilian with knowledge of such is excecuted)

a pro war 'puppet' is put into place by the elite, (and, now given ownly 'need to know' informastion,
and therefore 'power'.)

we immediately begin war with north-vietnam.
(and the people are against it, and are conscripted, and are sent to slaughter)

anyone opposed to the war are beaten to submission, (by any means suitable.)

sales begin, and continue, till more bombs have been sold and dropped on nth vietnam
than in all the wars put together.



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