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New Drawing....My Mom as a little girl...

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posted on Feb, 18 2004 @ 08:03 PM
Kind of a teaser I know, as I don't have a pic just yet, but it's almost done.... I'm using an old photo as the base...

It's a surprise birthday we're celebrating this weekend... I'm hoping for the waterworks, hehe....

I'll post a pic likely it should be done then...

posted on Feb, 19 2004 @ 09:03 AM
Finished it is.... Not the best picture of it, but..

posted on Feb, 19 2004 @ 09:28 AM
Great Drawing!!! I really like it.

BTW how is the job hunt coming along?

posted on Feb, 19 2004 @ 09:31 AM
You've got an amazing ability, Gazrok. I'm sure your mother will just love it!

posted on Feb, 19 2004 @ 09:32 AM
I'm signed up with several agencies....professional staffing ones, required testing, interviews, etc. and they're looking... I'm simply not going to take a job that pays the same as my unemployment....

I'm confident though.... Won't be what I was making most likely....but I'm good at working my way up...

Thanks all!

I hope she likes it... I don't have the money to buy her much...I'll be doing good to get a nice frame, hehe....

To compound it, my brother's boyfriend's birthday is also being I'm thinking of doing a quick Reagan drawing for him...(he's into that...)

[Edited on 19-2-2004 by Gazrok]

posted on Feb, 19 2004 @ 09:34 AM
Sounds great! Also it sounds like you are following the most important rule when unemployed---- stay optimistic---

posted on Feb, 19 2004 @ 09:35 AM
Is there any way you can post the original Picture as well?

posted on Feb, 19 2004 @ 09:56 AM
Wonderful artwork! Five stars, three cheers, and two thumbs up. Stand tall and be proud!!!

posted on Feb, 19 2004 @ 11:05 AM
Sure, here's the original photo...I took some liberties on the hair....

And the older drawing I spoke of, a self portrait (from high school days...), but there's reflection on the glass of the frame...the flash on the glasses though, is drawn... I don't have the original photo of this was more than 10 years ago...

[Edited on 19-2-2004 by Gazrok]

posted on Feb, 19 2004 @ 11:47 AM
damn dude, now you make my pictures uber suck

you talented homewrecker!

lol, really though, great skill man!

posted on Feb, 19 2004 @ 12:04 PM

You can draw great! That drawing looks almost exactly like the picture.

posted on Feb, 19 2004 @ 12:11 PM
Except I also took liberties on the dress, as it was hard to make out in the photo...

The funny part is, I snapped a digital pic of the original photo last time I was over her house for the she's going to wonder how I did it, as she has the only copy of the photo, hehe....

posted on Feb, 19 2004 @ 06:01 PM
awesome artwork gazrok, I am sure your mom will love it. Thoughtful creative handmade gifts are way better than something picked up at a store.

btw, I suck at drawing people

posted on Feb, 20 2004 @ 07:45 AM
I do too far as just sketching... I need to use a grid to make the proportions right... If you're drawing a specific person, just a little bit off on one proportion, and it can throw the whole thing's tricky...

I screwed up my Reagan drawing (again for a gift), and I'm just fixing it today...

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