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The Seven Sermons to the Dead

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posted on Feb, 29 2008 @ 09:09 PM
To all who love a good mystery, I would like to present this beaut...

CG Jung eventually put this pamphlet,THE SEVEN SERMONS TO THE DEAD, into his memoirs, Memories,Dreams,Reflections which was published very near the end of his life.

Originally written in 1916, the booklet was never published until that book came out shortly before his death.

An interesting read, to be sure, but he was very careful to keep this tract quiet until he knew his time was near.

You can read the entire work easiest in this link;

here are some other comments on it;

The Seven Sermons to the Dead was written by Carl Gustav Jung between December 15, 1916 and February 16, 1917 under the pseudonym "Basilides of Alexandria". Jung chose the name of a gnostic writer who taught in Alexandria around A.D. 125-140. It was a custom for authors of spiritually oriented material to attribute the authorship to someone they felt to be their superior on the subject.
Jung distributed this material to a few of his friends and seemed to publicly reject the label of "gnostic". It can be argued, though, that Jung's model of human psychology is but a 20th century gnosticism. As with everything else, interpret this material symbolically, not literally. Indeed, the very subject of the First Sermon warns us of the same.

Jung creates some unique images, such as "mother heaven" and "father earth" along with his attempt to warn us against giving ourselves over to one archetype. They are there for us to use on our path of individuation, not to be worshipped as THE god / goddess as the non-gnostic Christians have done (the "dead").

Today, humanity’s greatest need is the attainment of wholeness which comes to the soul in the form of Gnosis. Religious fanaticism, moral fervor, political ideologies – none are solutions, rather are they dangers to the world and to the individual. As long as many, if not the majority of us, expect all problems to be solved outside of ourselves, we will be beset by “inhumanity upon inhumanity, holocaust upon holocaust”. The predicament we need to resolve is one of a-gnosis – a lack of intimate, personal, experiential knowledge of our authentic nature.

At the very end is an anagram, written in Germam:


To the members of ATS, in particular those who speak Germam, I would ask them to try various anagram sites in order to solve what this mysterious anagram could possibly hide.

Ive tried, but my weak Dutch is of absolutely no use and you all KNOW how bad translation sites can twist things up.

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posted on Mar, 2 2008 @ 07:27 AM
I'm surprised that no-one would have caught the obvious mistake I inadvertantly made in the OP. I assumed it was in German since Jung is Swiss.


anagramma m. (plural anagrammi)


If the word is Italian, then the anagram likely is to be read in Latin.

Surprising also is the lack of comment on such a mystical tract, seeing as this is the Paranormal forum and that one of the leading fathers of psychoanalysis 'channeled' the information in the tract.


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