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Jordan Maxwell Exposed

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posted on Feb, 29 2008 @ 08:20 PM

Yes, Im getting tired of the “exposed” thing too, but hear me out.

From Jordan Maxwell:

"There are people on the earth that are divinely ordained in there positions of power"

"I am smart enough to accept that"

They have "extraordinary wisdom, power, and knowledge"

Jordan believes that these hybrid god/men are “ordained to give order” sometime very soon
I.E. world government/religion

Jordan believes that his god communicates only to those that understand symbols, and that when they come back to set up their “order” they are going to reward him and others who have illumination to these mysteries and symbols.

These are just a few of Jordan Maxwells statements and beliefs (watch the video)

please do watch this 30 min video, It details some of the above statements and asks some serious questions about the similarities of Jordan Maxwell’s bottom line, and that of the secret societies he exposes. Sure, I know he told you all about secret societies, and symbolism, and conspiracy, but lets look at some of what else he has taught you.

This will confuse you if you still think that the only goal of the illuminati types is to build a world government/police state and to reduce the population. Those are only necessary steps in that plan. Like it or not. they have a religious agenda as well, you can look at this two ways imo, either that they need the world religion to create “patriotism” for the world government (which they have been setting up with Rockefeller backed alien “space brother” propaganda to unite the world and destroy national soverenty) or that they want us to worship someone or something new for some reason, or both. From what I can tell by watching their money, and what they prop up, and who they kill, they are far more concerned with this religious agenda than they are with the nuts and bolts of the system (although that’s important as well), Its so crucial that they use their own secrets as bait, This is the premise to making sense of this misinformation, and make no mistake, they do provide some of the best info out there, its one of the oldest tools in the toolbox. I know most of you understand this basic stuff so Ill move on to some of the specifics

One of the big ones for me is his blind adherence to HUGE errors in Zechariah Sitchins translations of ancient texts, which can only be made if one were trying very hard manipulate the texts. (I submit that they have a very good reason to do just that)
I will refer you to some specific errors explained by Dr Micheal Heiser at
He also details why Sitchin either knows very little of the languages he says he is an exert on, or he is deliberately lying.

But Sitchin’s translations have become so central to Maxwells lectures that its important to detail the specifics of how exactly they are wrong.

Again watch the video I posted, it makes this quite clear that Maxwell is giddy with excitement about this new order, and for the hybrids that he believes have the “divine right” to rule over us coming back to reward him and anyone else that wants to join in on the illumination (!)

You will find this same Atlantis Theme all throughout The Theosophical society stuff, I.E. Blavatsky, Crowley, Nazi crap. I find it very interesting indeed that Micheal Tsarion who has been closely linked with the theosophical society

is sooo very close to Maxwell, and Tsarion cant seem to shut up about how great Atlantis was and how much a new one would rock, same thing with Freeman seems to have this same aliment.

Anyway, Maxwell was given his start by a group called the Truth Seeker Company which is about a hundred years old, and has been trying to debunk Christianity using anything and everything they can throw at it, regardless of how “true” it actually is, they are big Sitchin cheerleaders too, which may explain Maxwell’s dependence on Zach’s translations.

In any case, I think a very telling moment is when Maxwell early in his career went on the late Bill Coopers radio show during his “Mystery Babylon series” (which I highly recommend )

Cooper, who had spent a lot of time proving without a doubt that the secret societies had forced their sun/luciferian religion into Christianity not the other way around (as zeitgeist and Maxwell constantly insinuate) anyway, he had let Jordan tell his “sun gods are Jesus” thing until he stopped him and got him to admit that that isn’t actually “real word” history, but symbolism forced on Christianity by the elites after failing to kill them off. Here is a short clip I edited. The first part is Cooper saying he only met Maxwell that same day

If you have been around in this conspiracy world for any length of time you probably have a figured out a few people in it that you for sure, or have a hunch, that are cointelpro or disinformers. I bet you that you can find Jordan hugging on one or two of them in his “friends” list on his website

Look at Jordan’s website and his affiliations
Red flags all over the field here

Like Icke, and Tsarion, Maxwell claims to have been guided buy other dimensional spirits to do the things He is doing. They all claim to have had specific paranormal experiences dealing with these entities early on that led them to the “truth” Maby that’s why he is such a lover of occult practice and rituals.. that’s funny though because, I know of a group that’s trying to kill most of the worlds population that loves that stuff too.

I find it interesting that they have zero opposition, and a guy Like Bill Cooper was killed and while people like Fritz Springmeier are locked away for life while the people who say the exact opposite are paraded around on Coast to Coast, and the Discovery Channel, and the Scifi network, and Rense and the rest.

I promise to get off the “exposing” thing soon, but I feel like im in that movie “they live” and I think its high time we started mass producing the specs.

posted on Feb, 29 2008 @ 11:08 PM
I find this as my first time post to be in a very good thread, because it is one that left me quite shocked, i've watched many of Maxwell's videos and never heard any mention of him liking, the ''illuminated''. Although I did have my suspicions at the start of one of his lectures where the man introducing said Maxwell would love to be revered to as the serpent, or something down those lines.

posted on Feb, 29 2008 @ 11:19 PM
Is he right that the world is full of Nazis and INSIDE JOBBERS.

The lowest form of life on earth, just ask Alex Jones.

ETs, space exploration and reverse engineering was mind control
invented by Nazis when they knew how electrical momentum is
used and before they had powerful V2 rockets.

posted on Mar, 1 2008 @ 12:52 AM
not sure if I follow your point.
but imo, to think that the nwo types wouldn't want to be all over the conspiracy world would be nothing less than naive.

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posted on May, 9 2008 @ 04:42 PM
I just did an interview with a guy who is working on a documentary of Jordan Maxwell so he obviously didnt like my point of view on Maxwell.

it was a "cage match" debate, very interesting.

its here
direct link to the mp3

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