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the stephenville transmission

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posted on Feb, 28 2008 @ 09:13 AM
those in control of world gov'ts are holding a gun to our heads.

Contact has been made. The communication barrier has been overcome. The ETs would liberate us with their technology & wisdom. Families, even individuals, would've become self sufficient; capable of interGALACTIC travel.

The effect would've been the dissolution of current power hierarchies that most of us don't even know exist. They would lose all their advantage & control. This didn't go over well with the powers-that-be.

The powers-that-be said they must first sample their said technology & wisdom before they can decide to gradually start disseminating them to the rest of the world because they were our leaders.

Millenia of greed got the better of them. They reacted by threatening to nuke the planet if ETs insisted on upsetting the way things are on earth. The PTB said the ET ways are not for this world.

The PTB not only decided to hold us back but after ensuring their own survival threatened to nuke the planet if ETs did not give them more technology & wisdon to enhance their advantage over the rest of humanity. They said our species required strong leadership & control to advance as a civilization.

The PTB actually convince themselves they were not acting on greed but their hereditary right to lead. They think some biological lines were meant to be leaders. They villified the peaceful aliens in their own minds as not trying to elevate the condition of every human individual but to DIVIDE & CONQUER the species; just like they do except it was their right to do so & meant to be that way.

The PTB are holding us & the aliens hostage. To make good on their threat they manipulated world events to escalate the arms race; making sure nukes proliferated several hundredfold.

They also conditioned the collective mind to think of ETs as evil & as the enemy through media.

It is not the ETs way to be aggressive & violent. They will not force their ways on any species. Instead they tried to clue the rest of the world to what the PTB were up to by demonstrating their peaceful nature by "turning off" nukes and humiliating "conventional" earth technology from time to time.

The ETs know the PTB will blow up the planet if they insist on meddling directly. They are not giving up though they are forced to collaborate with them. They are holding out hope our leaders will eventually come to their senses. When they do then the ETs will be more certain we are ready for what they want to share.

However, the PTB are not showing any signs of coming around to ETs way of thinking. They are still pounding their chests at ETs. Besides giving chase to overly curious & leisurely ET craft: keeping the nuclear threat alive, China & US both recently shooting down satellites (also the deliberate crashing of satellites into asteroids & the moon). This is a message to ETs (who have been letting themselves be seen more) from the PTB: they mean business.

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