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Have we been conditioned to the point of PC religious paralysis?

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posted on Feb, 28 2008 @ 07:28 AM
My kids go to a Wednesday night kids church class every week. They love it and are excited to go each week. Last night, my 8 year old, 2nd grade daughter asked me for one of my bibles. I handed her "The Book" which is fairly easy to read. She read it when she went to bed.

She walks to school and they must have something to read before and after school while waiting to go into class in the morning and while waiting to be dismissed(walkers are dismissed last) She asked if she could take the bible I gave her.

I hesitated. I don't know. How do you tell a kid no you can't read a bible? My son got the ESPN magazine sent home for cuss words (OOPS!! I didn't see those!) and I totally understand that. But the bible? If she is just reading before and after school while waiting in the hall, how is that wrong?

Has the media/government/whomever gotten us to the point of so much control over our religious freedoms, we don't even realize they have been taken away? It seems that in the name of politically correctness, we no longer have the right to freedom of religion.

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