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Digital DNA and Big Brother

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posted on Feb, 28 2008 @ 05:48 AM
I have a background in CCTV design, and security in London.

They say that throughout the day, you’ll be seen on up to 300 CCTV camera’s in London.

Putting that aside for now. Anyone born after 1990 is probably on a DNA database somewhere, and all criminals and those accused and cleared are too. If you use your credit card or ATM card, they can zero in on your location. If in London you have an Oyster Card (for use on public transport) they not only can get your location, but your routine travel going back months.
Every time you use your mobile phone they can triangulate your position down to 10 meters. Now if that wasn’t bad enough……

DARPA have developed software for use in CCTV systems that can give you a digital DNA profile. This software uses the CCTV image to measure your head sway, hand and arm movement, your stride and the gait of your legs, which are pretty unique to each human being and give them a number. Any other CCTV hooked up to this system, can recognise you from your movement and thus track you. This software used in conjunction with the national database, can recognise your face and put your digital DNA with your real DNA data, and from that point on, they will know exactly where you are at any time, without having to use any kind of sub dermal tracking device. The software designer says that this system is so good, it can also predict your mood from your body movement, so if you seem annoyed or angry, they could dispatch police to monitor or even apprehend you in case you intend harm to others or yourself.

Sorry I heard this at an industry conference, and so have no Source data, Sorry



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