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Sigh Coal

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posted on Feb, 28 2008 @ 04:52 AM
If I am 100% capable of dying then I am 100% incapable of living eternally. Death is an absolute opposite of life. Capability of death means that one must ultimately die and by default must ultimately live, if not then what is the purpose of capability? An evertstanding possibility? Then everything is a capability and nothing is capable of being everything and everything is capable of being nothing.

If one is incapable of death then one is incapable of life, for life brings death, thus the eternal must surely have never lived nor died.

When people die why then do you mourn their death? Is it not because deep down you inherently know that they are gone forever? And if that is not the case then why do you mourn as if mortal? If forever you live before you are born and after you die then why do you cry? And if you do know that they are gone forever and this is the fact that life gives you, then why do you react the way that you do after already knowing what's coming?


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