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A very cool story.

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posted on Feb, 28 2008 @ 01:25 AM
I use a website for research called It contains govt documents from the National Archives all about the history of the US. They are adding to this site everyday. Some of this site is free. One (free)part is the Project Bluebook documents from 1947-1969. I decided to do a search for my hometown (Bedford,IN) and it brought up a UFO story from Old Greenwich, Connecticut.

The reference to Bedford,IN is on page 69. It refers to a speech made by Frank Edwards to the Civilian Saucer Intelligence of New York April 28th, 1956.

This man was the foremost authority (project bluebook thought so) at the time on UFOs. In this he recalls in some detail all of the memorable UFO sightings that he has researched. His speech starts on page 62 linked here. You can click on the next page to advance at the bottom of the screen.

It continues through page 75 and includes a question and answer section. After that there are 4 pages that are very hard to read and then starting on page 79 It goes into the complete Hopkinsville, Kentucky story where the term "little green men" originated. This is also one helluva read, it will blow you away. It also has a picture (detailed drawing) of the "little green men" as described by the seven witnesses on page 58. You have to check this picture out!

On January 8th 1956 an estimated 3-400 people witnessed 5 UFOs over Bedford,IN. These were chased by the military and disappeared. Later January 31, 1956 the same incident happened again and the pilot flying a P-51 (friend of Frank Edwards) chased these to a height of 30,000 feet and then contact was lost. His plane crashed near Bedford blowing up at an altitude of 500 feet. Possibly believed to have been shot down?

Enjoy... great story!

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