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Reports of ANOTHER very large fireball

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posted on Feb, 27 2008 @ 11:58 AM
This occurred 2 days before the meteor seen over the US last week and covered in this thread. Reports of the meteor being seen in the Arctic and Greenland have surfaced so far, and by the sound of it/look of the photo which a police man took of the trail, this one had to be massive!

EDMONTON -- Murray Balsom was trying to launch a weather balloon when a huge fireball burst across the sky over his small Arctic village of Resolute.

"This was humungous," he said of the gaseous light show he witnessed 10 days ago.

"Had there been a full moon that night, I'm sure it would have covered three quarters of it. I bet you it lasted six to eight seconds before it disappeared behind the hill on the edge of town. There were all kinds of colours bursting out of it. The tail lasted a good two hours."


The photo reminds me of the photos taken of the trail left by the Tagish Lake fireball. See a collection here.


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