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Coping With Divorce

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posted on Feb, 26 2008 @ 09:25 PM
Hi, my parents got divorced when I was very young, probably three. I always thought I was kind of "Lucky" my parents got divorced when I was at such a young age because I didn't really understand what was going on around me.

I do think it would have been harder for me to go through a divorce in the family if i was older, especially anywhere between the ages of like 7-15... I think when kids experience a divorce in this age range they often blame themselves for their parents split.

I'm just wondering, if you don't mind sharing, who else has gone through a divorce or has experienced a divorce in the family, whether it be your parents or someone in your family very close to you.

How did you cope with the divorce? Do you think it's easier on a child when the parents get divorced a very young age, somewhere in their teen years or some time much after that, in their young adult lives?


posted on Mar, 4 2008 @ 09:16 PM
Damn I thought the divorce rate in the US was pretty high.

Theres no body here besides me that has been through a divorce or has a comment to make on them? Please do

posted on Mar, 4 2008 @ 11:51 PM
RD, my folks divorced when I was 11. It was very traumatic at first but went to live with my maternal grandparents who spoiled me rotten and I loved it. After my mother remarried and I went to live with them, I despised my step father but he taught me many things that I now find very valuable as an adult.

I have been divorced twice and split up another relationship of 3 yrs.
But currently all my ex's and I are great friends, we party and are almost like one big happy family, but that's the hippy way; no resentments. Thankfully, no kids.

I make no apologies for my Bohemian lifestyle; just like I don't make judgments on people that follow a more traditional path.

What ever choice you decide to make my friend; I hope it is as happy as mine turned out to be. Not to say there weren't some rocky places, but all things considered; not to many regrets.

posted on Mar, 5 2008 @ 12:58 AM
reply to post by whaaa

whaaa , thanks for sharing!

fortuneatley my mom married a very nice man and they made a little girl and she is my sister i dont see it any other way. i love my step father like my real dad. i think i got lucky

as far as your life style, keep doing you man... sounds like a great way to live, one i could see myself living..

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