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Windows FilterKeys

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posted on Feb, 26 2008 @ 10:22 AM
Whoever the idiot retard bastard from the depths of hell invented this feature for windows, should perhaps hang himself. I was just writing out a CV to send for an employer to get a job. So, I was patiently thinking what to write and how, and for some reason my finger pressed right sihft of my keyboard for 8 seconds. That's when all hell broke loose.

That'll turn FilterKeys on in Windows XP, and mind you, it is a feature from hell.

That's because whatever you do, you cannot get that thing turned OFF. It'll work like this: it activates accessibility options, in this case filterkeys, and puts your shift in pressed state even when you are not thouching it in any way. So there I was, unable to write , . small letters or anything else that is available when shift is not pressed.

Help and support centre doesn't say anything about how to turn that frigging feature off, it just tells you how happy you are supposed to be when you can turn it on. Also, MSDN didn't know anything at all about turning it off either, it just told you that it is a good feature. Go figure..

Anyway, after fighting furiously for 30 mins or so, and shouting to everybody unlucky enough to be nearby, i stumbled upon a forum post stating that pressing both shifts at the same time will turn it off. It did.

I'm certain that this subject matter alone requires a wikipedia entry to

1. Actually tell that it is possible to turn this feature off.
2. Tell how to do it
3. Damn microsoft to oblivion
4. If all else fails, how to practise excorcism on this particular feature.

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