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Did Kerry pressure intern's family?

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posted on Feb, 18 2004 @ 08:52 AM
U-Turn in Kerry sex row

THE father of the woman said to have had an affair with US Presidential hopeful John Kerry has made a dramatic U-turn.

Friday: Terry Polier branded Kerry, 60, a “sleazeball” and said he and wife Donna would NEVER support him. He said: “I know my wife will not be voting for Mr Kerry, let’s put it that way. Two years ago he was all for gay marriage, now he’s against it. Not that I care one way or the other, it’s just there have been so many things where I have seen him reverse. Whatever audience he is talking to, he will tell them what they want to hear.”

Monday: Terry pledged to vote for the super-rich Democrat after daughter Alex, 27, publicly insisted she had not had a fling with him. Who's reversing now? Coincidence?

Alex Polier, 24, is alleged to have had an affair with John Kerry. Both Kerry and Alex have denied any affair.

The Poliers’ about-turn sparked fears that they had been put under pressure by leading Democrats, who have hailed Kerry as the new JFK.

Kerry has added incentive. His wealthy wife told Elle magazine that she warned her first husband on the subject of adultery: "If you ever get something, I'll maim you. I won't kill you. I'll maim you."

Sunday: "This is not going to go away," one American friend of Miss Polier said yesterday. "What actually happened is much nastier than is being reported."

Monday: The Kerry campaign confirmed that longtime Kerry Finance Director Peter Maroney dated Alex. 'Scapegoat'? Has anyone followed up to confirm this potential cover?

Friends: She would joke that she was dating the next president of the United States. Polier's ... flirtatious manner fueled the intrigue.

Source: Drudgereport archives

posted on Feb, 18 2004 @ 11:18 PM
I think so but hey I'm not too popular for my insights so lets just say 'somebody took a hit for the boss.'


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