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UFOs & Paranormal Phenomena - Message From Another Dimension (video)

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posted on Feb, 25 2008 @ 04:26 PM
UFOs & Paranormal Phenomena - Message From Another Dimension

This video is old but I have never ran across it before or the people mentioned in it.

Google Video - UFOs & Paranormal Phenomena - Message From Another Dimension

Futurialist lecturer and writer Michael Lindemann and Robin Quail is a hypnotherapist and UFOlogist are speakers on the film but I don't find any mention of them here on ATS. Very rare that these types of people fall through the cracks so to speak.

The film introduces ATS to Percy Galloway a contactee who displays his photo of a alien and goes on to discribe his abduction.

Jonathan Klimo Ph. D. writer, researcher, educator. Leah Haley contactee, channeler, author.
Yuri t. Gerasimov, Alexander Kusovkin, Tarja Katiska, Kalevi Riikonen and his wife, Juhan af Grann created this film and Mankind's Last Exodus. He edits himself into the film at odd places, amusing actually.

Most of these people are from Finnland and have never been discussed here on ATS. Their view of what is taking place and how life changes from it is also very interesting.

Enjoy, Rhain

posted on Feb, 25 2008 @ 05:09 PM
I've seen this. They don't offer any proof of anything.

It's all psycho contactees (oops I mean psychic). New Age mumbo jumbo like Billy Meier.

At least Billy had a bitchin' ray gun!

Sorry, I think they're koo koo for cocoa cocoa puffs

edit -> thanks for the heads up though, I do like to check new ufo flicks.

[edit on 2/25/2008 by Bigwhammy]

posted on Feb, 17 2009 @ 01:29 AM
I have yet to see this film and was unaware of it previous to reading this (original) posting.

However, I have known Ms. Robin Quail for over 15 years and have found her credibility and integrity, both personal and professional, to be virtually unmatched.

We have had so many conversations over the years in which the information she related to me was riveting, compelling, alarming, and absolutely strained my level of "believability".

In every case where further investigation, exhaustive research, independent verification, greater information as a result of newer events and the passage of time, etc. she has been proven correct.

READ THIS: Every single case. Every single time. Period.

She is a fine woman, uniquely credible. The information she has shared is always enlightening, and because of her track record, often scary as hell.

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