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US Immigration - now a Fascist state?

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posted on Feb, 25 2008 @ 02:18 PM
Last week I made my first visit to the US for several years, and must admit received something of a shock. I would be interested to read the thoughts/experiences of other ATS members who might have had similar experiences.

My flight from LHR arrived at Philly International, and the dialog at Immigration went something like this:

'Sir, you have a AAAH-RAYN visa in yow passport. Whaa d'yow go to AAAH-RAYN last year sir?' (not a Pennsylvania accent - somewhere south of Virginia I would think)

A reasoned and truthful reply was given - I visit the Middle East often, do a lot of business there.

'Whaa d'yow go to CHAAANA, sir?'

and so on through a list of places I had visited evidenced by visa stamps.


'Follow the officer, sir!'

The immigration card is marked with a big red scrawl, and then with luggage, I am led off into a private room.

Now I don't want to appear paranoid, but in 20 years of traveling to over 60 countries I never, ever experienced anything like what followed.

Every single item of luggage was searched: tooth-paste tubes opened, every document scrutinized. Notebook booted up and my files surfed for FIFTEEN MINUTES. Continuous interrogation about why I was visiting the US, my political and religious views (I am not kidding - I was even asked 'Are you a scientologist?' -!!!)

Nothing incriminating discovered. My questions about why I was selected to undergo this grilling went unanswered.

I have recently visited Iran, Jordan, Israel, Saudi Arabia, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Brazil and numerous other destinations. Nowhere else in the world have I encountered anything like this unnerving and actually terrifying kind of interrogation.

I have a UK passport and look like an ordinary European business traveler. I have no criminal record and have visited the US many times before. I was bewildered by all this.

Eventually I was allowed into the USA. Pity the poor bastards who have to undergo this kind of thing all the time. What are they looking for? Wouldn't tell me.

Is my experience unusual? If so, would anyone have an idea why I was put through this? If not, is this normal procedure now when entering the USA?

Incidentally I had dinner on Sunday night with Richard & Karyn Dolan, and they were not in the least surprised. According to Richard, fascism is insidious when it takes over, and manifests slowly in stages. And they are genuine American patriots, but seem resigned to what is happening as do many others I met on the trip.

Whaddya think? Is this the future for the law-abiding would-be visitor to the USA?

It's enough to turn someone into a conspiracy-theorist.

posted on Feb, 26 2008 @ 07:41 PM
I have always been treated very fair by US border...Homeland Security.
I have been detained twice, searched, and questioned....random checking...and at all times...even when spread eagled and going up the leg I was treated within the bounds of respect.

With that in mind I know that a lot of the younger guys want a bust so they go for the gusto.....

But the border patrol, unlike some of the police forces at large now, have been very polite and outstanding law officers.

My heart still goes out to those who have been mistreated via some police officers.

On the Canadian side of the border I have been detained once..and treated fairly...Mexico, Jamaica, Haiti, Dominican, South America have all been fair.

posted on Feb, 27 2008 @ 03:27 PM
Thanks for your post.

Your experience pretty much mirrors mine worldwide in 20+ years of travel, including all previous visits to the USA, except this one time.

Because it was so exceptional, it was a shock. It's been a few years (pre-9/11) since my last visit to the US.

Maybe it's just a bunch of officers at Philly. Maybe it was a slow day. Maybe post-9/11, some attitudes have changed and this is now common. That's why I asked the question in the OP - to try and find out.

posted on Feb, 29 2008 @ 02:37 AM
Sadly I hear this kind of complaint all the time. They even treat returning americans with this kind of hostility. I have never actually left the country so I can't speak from personal experiance, but friends, family, and even stories on the internet tell of a once free land, that is turning into a police state.
The terrorist won after all.

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