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China Nuclear Program

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posted on Dec, 18 2002 @ 10:37 AM
China did 45 nuclear tests.

January 1955 : President Mao start the China Nuke Program. Ph Qian Sanqing would be the chinese A-bomb father.

April 1955 : Russia sign his first of six nuclear agreements with China, and say that she will help China in his nuclear program.

Mars 1956 : Hundreds and hundreds of Chicoms scientists receive a scientific formation in Moscow ( Nuclear Research Facility of Dubna ). In the same time, research on nuclear weapons become a priority in China.

October 1957 : During a President Mao trip in Moscow, USSR agree on a new pact with China. USSR will give 1 Russian A-bomb and her technicals details to China.

June 1959 : Nuclear co-operation between USSR & China stop suddenly. China and USSR are not agree anymore and have differents opposites points of views.

October,16 1964 : China test his first A-bomb in the Lop Nor Desert, N.O of China.

December,28 1966 : China have the H-bomb technology.

June,17 1967 : First Chinese H-bomb test.

December,27 1968 : China test a 3 megatons A-bomb at Lop Nor Facility.

September,29 1969 : China test another 3 megatons A-bomb at Lop Nor Faclity.

October,14 1970 : China test a 3 megatons H-bomb.

1980 : China do her last atmospherical test. Now, all chineses test would be underground tests.

1988 : Washington say that China have the neutrons bombs, and already tested it in an underground test, but Peking do not confirm.

Jully,29 1996 : 45th and last chinese nuke test. A 1 kt test.It suggest that China have the know-how to build a mini-nuke. ( less than 1 Kt )

September,24 1996 : China sign the International Treaty who ban the nuke tests.

December 1998 : China is the fourth nuke power ( Source : Bulletin of Atomic Scientists ) and she have more than 450 nukes warheads & bombs.

January 1999 : China is accused to have stole US nukes secrets in the 80' and 90'.

May,25 1999 : The US representative Christopher Knox accuse Peking. China have spyed the US nukes program since the 70' and have stole many US military secrets ( a-bomb, h-bomb, neutrons bomb ). China deny the allegations.

July,15 1999 : China recognized publicly that she have the neutrons bombs and the mini-nukes technology, but China is still denying the Cox Report

posted on Dec, 18 2002 @ 01:05 PM
They have FOBS technology too so they can bomb anywhere in the world

posted on Dec, 19 2002 @ 07:01 AM

Originally posted by KKing123
They have FOBS technology too so they can bomb anywhere in the world

A good reason to have an ABM shield !

posted on Dec, 19 2002 @ 08:11 AM
Well, we all know this is a result of Clinton's lax technology transfer enforcement.
FOBS technology is some 35 years old now, and would allow plenty of time for an interception. In that regards it's a hollow threat, as well the accuracy is diminished.

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