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U.S. can attack Russia in 2012-2015 - Russian military analyst

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posted on Mar, 2 2008 @ 10:51 PM

Originally posted by pepsi78
Where did I say that?

I'm not saying you did say that. What I mean is this struggle continually changes. IEDs continually change as so do other methods of attack. Your examples are from over 4 years ago and yes it did take time to spin up armor, but the economy had nothing to do with it at that time.

The 30k military members in Iraq I was with in 2006 were all well outfitted. Not much more to say on that...

Yes that is why afganistan is still going on, and iraq is still going on, because you are the best of the best of the best .
I'll tell you why it's still going on, lack of resorces, equiptment, low protection level .

Well we can do it the Russian way and just kill everyone...

Fighting a hit and run war with many powers continually restocking the bad guys has little to do with lack of resorces.

There are even voices down in Iraq that say, don't waste the shot save it for later, we have limited stock of amunition.

propaganda at it's finest...

There is a big difrence, food is cheap, medicine is cheap, property is more afortable.
It would be a surprise for you to find out that people pay 2 dolars for a pack of malboro.

Ah yes...but with a standard of living neither you or I would want...

That is not true.
First of all the EURO is almost twice worth, so it is not equal, it's worth
almost double.
The canadian dolar is worth more
1.97153 CAD = 2.00 USD

Dude I'm talking GNP here. The US is 13 trillion and the EU is 14.5 trillion. That is what counts in the end. What you are talking about is short term...I think i explained that already.

Not really, you got food cheaper but with less quality in it.
Of course a hamburger is going to be cheaper compared to a real cooked soop with non frozen vegetables with fresh chiken in it.

Have you lived in the US? I ate fresh salmon tonight and it cost me $5 for a pound, so I'm not sure what you are talking about.

Food is not cheaper in Europe and not near the variety. I'm talking the good stuff and not what you are suggesting.

As I have said I lived in amny different places and I have visited most of the world and in the end I'll take my living here in the states, but that is not the point of the OP's posts.

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posted on Mar, 3 2008 @ 12:05 AM

Originally posted by pepsi78

I think it is. Most of the Humvees in Iraq don't even have armor.There is a limited amount with armor on them, they cut back on the plate due to costs.

No, wrong again, they cut back thanks in large to the fact that this war was horribly planned. They thought it was going to be a quick swift victory, they didn't expect the insurgency to escalate to what it did.

If a squad gets a bradley they are lucky.

You really do not understand how the US military operates, every forward deployed "squad" usually has easy access to Bradley's, Abrams, etc. It is in part what makes the US the most centralized force on the face of the earth.

That will soon go away.What today brings tomorrow will be history.
United States is heading in to recesion,

It is just an ordinary recession, one that happens every 6-9 years no matter what.

even the Canadian dolar is biger than the US dolar

Which has hurt the canadian economy greatly.

I might not be sure about it but I think it's worth more, not to mention the Euro, it's worth almost twice.

Last I saw the dollar was slightly higher, but it has been a few weeks since I last checked.

I high euro is unhealthy for Europa.

A competitive dollar vs. the expensive Euro enables US companies like Boeing to out-compete European competitors like Airbus.

A competitive dollar causes Europe to outsource jobs TO the US. It also benefits tourism to the US, which is a $400B "industry".

And how is that true? .

Ok, the US spends nearly $500B (4-5% GDP) on its military (over $600B when all military related costs are accounted for,) Russia spends roughly $40-60B (12-20% of GDP) if Russia had Americas current military budget, Russia would be spending nearly 60-75% of its GDP on its military. The US could easily, at this point, spend well over what it spends currently on military expenditures.

So if an arms race were to ensue between the US and RF, the results would be identical to what they were before (first cold war).

Almost all the pipe lines with gas across europe do come from Russia.

Which would be Europa's problem. Not Americas.

They make more than you would think, plus Siberia is full of natural resouces, compare it to Alaska, Alaska is small.

I'm pretty sure, in and around Alaska waters, and other US coastal areas, the US has more oil then the middle east, America just need to start drilling.

Always remember, when talking about the US economy, that 80% of the US economy is generated from internal commerce.

Most of the factories are closed down

"Most"? Where'd you get that lil "factoid" from?

and move to china or other places where labor is cheap.

Which is Europe's case, as it is the EU who ships more jobs overseas then the US does.
Again, thanks to your high euro.

Most of the products today on the American market are not even American any more, people need to have 3 jobs to be able to live a decent life and pay taxes.Where do you think money will come from? how would people be able to pay taxes to sustain the war machine since they are broke?

Which isn't very well substantiated.

The US is actually manufacturing more, at this point, then it ever has before.

Another thing responsible for US job losses is robots.

American per capita GDP is $43,444. Europa's is around $35,000 I believe. (?)

A higher currency is bad for business. Europe is starting to see the consequences for a high currency.

The US economy is down and broken, I think you are unrealistic.

Please, lets debate that further, be more specific.

To many people built homes that they could not afford, Europe is facing similar problems..

why people live better in Western Europe because it's behind.

I don't follow your logic... Europeans do enjoy life, however, your assuming europeans live better then Americans? Have you ever been to the US?

By the way not that I like hip hop but puff dady is waving Euros in his video =quote]clip, he used to wave dolars in front of the camera but that is gone.

Yes, that is how we know it "truly" has come to an "end," isn't it?..P diddy waving euros...

Some people in New York that have small bussineses are only accepting Euros

If I am to take your opinion for it.

Where did you hear this from?

You are not being specific enough, be more specific...

Other countries are changing from the US curency to other curencies when they make international deals.

Yes, Iran...and who else?

China alone can dump the US economy at any time.

While kissing their own ass goodbye? Not very smart economics/politics if you ask me.

Just give it an year or two and you will notice if you visit Europe on vacation you will buy jack with your one dolar bill, since it's estimated that the Euro will be worth 4 times more than the one dolar bill.

Which does nothing but assume the euro stays strong, while the dollar continues to fall...That is not certain.

That means that now 500 euros= 1000 dolars.

Even now, the Euro does not equal 2 US dollars...

I can understand you, you are a die hard fan,

Originally from Germany, so I have European pride as well, but lets not misplace the facts.

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posted on Jan, 26 2009 @ 07:35 AM
\U.S. can attack Russia in 2012-2015\

What for?
Russia is already another puppet country.
No need to attack - it has been seized without force

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