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The Economy is in Dire Straits

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posted on Feb, 24 2008 @ 10:24 PM
The problems that are facing the nation are nothing short of gigantic. I will try to state why i believe they are so and who i think is responsible.

The Federal Reserve System is a large part of this mess as well as the changes the gov't has underwent since they went into "business with eachother" circa 1913.

The game has gone on (and well for many americans) for awhile even with all the inflation the fed created because americans have benefitted by having most of this consumer price inflation EXPORTED overseas in every direction, and other govt's are complicent wether it is 3'rd world gov'ts looking the other way (while they take large pay-offs) as they get indebted up to their eyeballs in Dollar denominated IMF debt or wether it's China surpessing their currency so that U.S consumers (don't feel the increased price raises in relation to the amount of inflation that is being created) in a large part to keep the U.S consumer engine growing (12 trillion dollars) much much larger than any other nation.
and also last and certianly not least (largest imo) we can't forget OPEC making the dollar the world reserve currency back in 1971. China and Opec specifically re-invest a large portion of their trade surplus in dollar denominated assets, including treasury debt which keep intrest rates down and helps the game continue.

Well now the U.S consumer seems very deep in debt combined with a falling sense of Wealth (house values falling) and on top of that the foreign country's who have their currency's pegged to the world reserve currency (the Oil-dollar) may not be able to swallow the monetary inflation that will be offered thru gov't bailout's and very low intrest rates which gets exported. Also around 70 % of dollars are overseas right now being held by soverign wealth funds and reserve banks.

Their is a distinct threat that the belief of a further detiorioration in our banks will call for a large gov't orchestrated bailout (fed can't help with solvency issues) , this belief in the further devaluation of our currency COMBINED with the rising level of confidence that the U.S consumer will 1/ not be extended the credit they need to finance their spending (thanks to the low amount of capital the banks have, as well as equity consumers have in their homes) 2. change in consumer psychology as they endure rising costs of living as well falling home equity and expectations of a slow down (although bubble vision is doing a great job w/ perception management) . 3. rising unemployment as well as under employment and out of work people's this lowers consumer spending and is self-enforcing.

These factors may very well lead to the end of a system which has flourished for about 60 years (post WWII) . Foreigners will probably start buying up our assets with their devaluating dollars because of these factors combined with the fact alot of our asset values will be cheap, thanks to the credit crunch. This would result in American's coming to realize just how much inflation has been created by "the fed" and exported as it all comes "home" and quickly. The result on society would be a steep decline in our standard of living, a large violent shift removing much of the remaining middle class as well as the upper middle class. A gigantic gov't driven jobs program would be needed and so would martial law to deal w/ the chaos. Gov't work camps or detention camps would be likely. This would be the end of the Old world order (which may be beginning now) and it would probably be a two year event. One big question is how much the Military will try to defend against other country's trying to sell off their dollars and one big key to minimizing "Anti-gov't sentiment" would be to divert the blame and anger toward other country's probably framed for terrorist activites abroad (although possibly domestically). Out of the ashes of this economic hardship and military battles would be the "NEW World Order" a much lower standard of living as well as much less freedom's and a fascist gov't probably still under the guise of a democracy. The fact that this will likely be cheered by the population should let you know how bad things will probably get before the "solution" i.e NWO.

SORRY Tto get off track but it really doesn't matter who the next president becomes, the money trust (which has infiltrated fed. govt) has such a large genious system of wealth and are very determined and intelligent and have been focusing their efforts to increase their influence (power) thru and has long saw (along with the bilderberg type's) the vision of the eventual shortcomings of a system (whose effects will be felt largest in the U.S).

For a large part i don't see them as evil as others do, but i could just not be looking (or have access that i trust) deep enough into the rabbit hole.

i believe food shortages will reach crisis levels (in small part to cull the uselss eaters as many economies fall apart, and also to better gain leveage to control people should they have objections to the new "fascist" gov't rules. (in the future)

As far as alternative solutions go i have searched far and wide and the only one that sounds good to me is a sort of "new deal" pushed by Lyndon Larouche. We are fast approaching dangerous times.

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