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FOIA: Cattle Mutilation Investigation - FBI Files

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posted on Feb, 24 2008 @ 05:16 PM
FBI Animal/Cattle Mutilation File
This is a compilation of the FBI investigation of the mysterious Cattle mutilation phenomena of the mid to late 1970's.

Document date: 1111-11-11
Department: FBI
Author: Various
Document type: Investigative File
pages: 130


Archivist's Notes: Most of the information is legible, it contains police reports, lab analysis, newspaper excerpts, opinions from a variety of sources, US Senate correspondence, file is broken down into two sections, much of the report is on the New Mexico Indian reservation mutilations.

posted on Feb, 25 2008 @ 01:59 AM
The following is one of the most bizarre stories about animal/cattle mutilation in the country’s history.

This 130 page document shows cross references between the senate and the FBI.
We also find newspaper articles surrounding this incident in this document.

Newsletter articles were investigated because they displayed the following contents:
PDF page 3 Series of incidents stretching from Oklahoma to Nebraska in which cattle have been of strange Witchcraft cult.

Enclosed is a newspaper article which appeared in the Hastings, Nebraska, Daily Tribune concerning these weird events.

(Archivist note: In this letter, with the reference to the newsletter report, there is no UFO mentioned – PDF page 4 and 5 The attached newsletter article displays the following headline: Are UFO sightings and mutilations related?)

PDF page 6 Letter to the director of FBI (Laboratory) from the SAC (Special Agent in Charge) Minneapolis.
For the information of the Bureau, animals mostly livestock, have been reported as mutilated in the three-state area of this division and parts of their bodies missing.
The parts listed as missing have been the sexual organs, ears, lips and udders, and in some instances the blood from the animals was considered "completely drained." No evidence of value ever located at the scene.

PDF page 7 is a reply to the SAC:
The circumstance set forth in referenced airtel were discussed with Dr. Don Wilson US Fish and Wildlife Service.
He assured that this was a natural phenomena. His explanation was that small mammals such as cattle that have not decayed, predators first feed on soft tissues such as nose, lips, udders and genital areas.
(Archivist note: This was only discussed and not any samples analyzed etc.)

PDF page 8 to 11
Newspaper articles regarding this incident

Pdf pg 19 makes reference to claims that the cattle mutilations are only a forerunner for later mutilations of human beings.

Pdf pg 20 has a newspaper article describing the removal of the cows’ eyes with surgical precision, taking the eyeball and the lid and membranes. Helicopters were without flight plans and believed to come out of Fort Riley.

This article goes on for pages and although difficult to read in parts,
is like a Stephen King novel…
Sons of Satan cult, ex-military men who were in jail and telling the story in the 60s of being in fear of the cult because of their cattle mutilations turning into human sacrifice, which apparently happened according to the prisoners.
Their story was known in the 60’s through the prison system and it wasn’t till the mid 70s that the cattle mutilations became a large scale affair.

One veterinarian reported to the newspaper that he found a type of bacteria in the dead cattle that was normally found in turkeys…Clostridia bacteria. Therefore he concluded experimental projects were involved.


More evidence comes forward in page 26 about the biological warfare connection: apparently Colorado investigators originally suggested research into bacteriological warfare was behind the mutilations – that animals were being injected with bacteria and toxins and the glands and other parts were being removed to test the effects of the agents.

There was deliberate blaming of UFO's and Satanists or Predators by the researchers to cover up what they were doing.

Chemical warfare research had been officially banned since 1970 when the Dugway Proving Grounds accidentally killed thousands of sheep.

President Nixon ordered a halt to the program and the destruction of existing stock piles after this incident.
Apparently not all agencies complied.

Senator Frank Church’s Senate Select Committee on Intelligence had found that the CIA had stored a quantity of cobra venom and enough shellfish toxin to kill hundreds and thousands of people. It was suggested that a rogue gang of researchers were still working on the Clostridia genus….some strands affecting cattle, eg cause blackleg.

By PDF page 27, there is more evidence that bacterial experimenting was behind it. The Colorado investigator, Girodo, enlisted the help of a Dr Susan Colter of the Animal Clinic to conduct tests on a 12 hour dead cow which the rancher had been fit and well.
Dr Colter removed the heart, lungs, kidneys and liver and sent samples away.
She said that a culture of Clostridium sordelii? had been removed from the animal.
The inner organs of the freshly dead animal had already turned to mush – a characteristic of clostridial infection.

Girodo had asked Dr Colter to try to extract the heart from the tiny hole that the mutilators used…she couldn’t.
Girodo wondered then if the mutilators were using razor-sharp extracting devices similar to core samplers used in geologic drilling – to extract whatever they needed without being infected themselves.

Girodo also points out that in relation to the choppers, “one would think, then, that the military intelligence agencies would have gotton on the stick and tried to solve a multi-state case in which helicopters…were creating domestic terror.
Indeed, there were alarming reports that mysterious helicopters were seen hovering above nuclear missile installations.”


to be continued...

posted on Feb, 25 2008 @ 02:23 PM
In the official site of FBI you can find the same document under FOIA.

The material concerning the Animal Mutilation Project contains accounts of animal mutilations which were reported during the late 1970's. The FBI became involved when fifteen mutilations occurred in New Mexico. Various theories concerning the origins of the mutilations were explored by the FBI, including satanic cults, UFOs, pranksters, and natural predators. The investigation failed to identify any individuals responsible for the mutilations.

Animal Mutilation Project

posted on Feb, 26 2008 @ 04:25 AM
Most of the memo/correspondence pages are relating to requests to have FBI investigate the matter and whether of not there is any statutory basis for federal intervention.

Pg 47 Has an article which desribes a mutilated cow in Dulce Area.
In addition to the usual findings ( lip, rectum, udder) markings/fractures to the left front leg and left rear leg consistant with clamps being attached.
It appeared that the carcass had been removed and then replaced.

Apparently the date of this mutilation was exactly 2 years after a previous mutilated carcass found just 500 yards away.

Pgs 55-62 are typed summaries of mutilations.
Pg 63-79 are also summaries of other incidents though they are forms that have been filled in and are largely illegible.

Pg 80 is a letter from a Senator to Attorney General in which it is mentioned that cattle mutilation is not strictly a federal offence and therefore a reason why investigations were terminated. However the Senator is concerned that it is part of an organized criminal activity.

Pg 81 is a letter from Senator John Ryan to SFDOM stating that there have been 69 cattle and 6 horse mutilations occurred in New Mexico since 1975.

Pg 82-86 memo concerning Senator Harrison Schmitt discussing that some mutilations have occurred on Indian Reservations thus a breach of federal law, therefore requesting the FBI conduct an appropriate investigation.

Pg 87 memo from FBI director to SAC. 1979 saying the Justice Department instructs them to conduct an investigation of the mutilations that include the Indian Reservation ones.

Pg 93 begins a rundown of a conference held in 1979 and the documented findings of many specialists in their field. It is a very good read.!!!

Recommendations from the conference included a central collecting of data and examinations done by a qualified veterinary pathologist.

Pg 110-111 is a newspaper article saying that there had been a very recent mutilation and yet when reported, no investigators came even though the conference and its outcome (and the grant of $50,000) had been widely publicized.

Pg 119-120 is a letter from Kenneth Rommel Jr (the FBI agent assigned the case) to the FBI laboratory.
He is asking them to identify flakes of material found on the pickup truck that someone saw with a UFO hovering overhead in the area of a cow mutilation, as told to Mr Rommel.

He explains that he wants to put an end to the theory of UFOs being involved in the mutilations.
Apparently material is sometimes found on the cow that has been mutilated and described as fluorescent. He finishes with the advice that the flakes can be destroyed if need be.

Results from the test on pg 121 is that the flakes were white enamel paint – acrylic latex/emulsion type.
Pg 122 chemical analysis result: flakes of unknown material.
The last few pages of the document are graphs likely relating to the chemical samples.

Archivist’s Notes:
No suitable conclusion was drawn by the FBI amidst large quantities of evidence, if these pages are the only documents available. There seemed to be a prejudice against the connection between UFO involvement in the mutilations.

When I read this information I was reminded of the connection between ritualistic killing, certain types of aliens and the hidden government involvement in alien presence on this planet.

If these killings were for secret research into germ warfare, as the bulk of the professionals’ opinion revealed, I wonder why they needed to do it in such a widespread, public manner.
It could have easily been done via private properties involved in the research with their own cattle.

It appears therefore that the public fear and drama that it caused was also intentional.

posted on Feb, 26 2008 @ 03:28 PM
Pg 12 Document details Sen. Haskell's renewed request to the FBI to open an investigation into the cattle mutilations occurring in New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, Minnesota, North and South Dakota, and Nebraska. The FBI is very reluctant to open an investigation, citing no federal crime committed and no jurisdiction. This appears to be a questionable contention, at best.

Pg 13 Document details Sen. Haskell receiving a call from Dane Edwards, editor of a newspaper in Brush, Colorado, who furnished information of US Army helicopters in vicinity of mutilations. Edwards claims he was threatened, by whom and for what unclear.

Pg 14 Document details FBI Director Clarence M. Kelley again declining to open an investigation into the mutilations, citing no federal crime committed and no jurisdiction.

Pg 37-38 US Attorney General Griffin Bell gets involved at the Justice Dept. and finally initiates investigation.

Pg 65 Document writer New Mexico State Trooper Gabriel L. Valdez states all NM mutilations have the same pattern. One had a high level of Atropine insecticide in the blood system as a tranquilizing drug. Object of NM and surrounding mutilations has been removal of the lymph system. Samples were brought to three private chemists, "as it appears government labs are not reporting complete findings." One sample contained an ion exchange resin and Vitamin B12.

Valdez asserts both the "Satan Worshipper" and local predator angles have been ruled out due to "expertise and preciseness and the cost involved to conduct such a sophisticated and secretive operation." Comparison is made to predation of cattle carcasses from a heavy Spring '74 snowfall finding lack of resemblance to the carcasses of the mutilated cattle.

Pg 72 Mr. Valdez in one of his reports describes an 11 month old bull apparently dropped from an aircraft and "4 inch diameter footprints (which) led to the animal and 100 ft. (away) where they apparently returned to a hovering aircraft." Imprints appeared to be quite heavy as they made a deeper impression on the ground than the tire treads of his vehicle.

Pg 73 Los Alamos Medical Laboratory analyzed the heart, and the liver was taken to three private labs. Los Alamos Lab findings for the heart were significant for a "rod-shaped" bacteria without definitive classification. The liver had significant changes, defying explanation. Most intriguing was the blood, hide, and flesh of the animal, which suggested "a control type of radiation used to kill the animal, according to radiation experts." 7 people who visited the mutilation site complained of nausea and headaches, though Mr. Valdez hadn't experienced any symptoms after visiting 11 such sites in 4 months.

Pg 74 Bull last seen healthy at 8 am 4-23-75. Low flying aircraft heard in vicinity of where bull was found approimately 3 am on 4-24-75. Mr. Valdez states he was fortunate to find this bull shortly after it was mutilated. His theory is animals are marked some time before they are mutilated. All mutilations are native cattle. No cattle imported from TX, AZ, Mexico, etc. mutilated. His theory also is animals are picked up by aircraft, mutilated, and returned and dropped from aircraft as evidenced by sling bruises and broken bones. He additionally speculates that whoever is responsible for mutilations is very well organized, with boundless technology, financing, and secrecy.

Analysis - Many signs here pointing to elements within the federal government having knowledge of and/or involvement in the cattle mutilations. Reluctance of the FBI to become involved in the investigation, when the nature and extent of the case would seem to clearly bring it within their jurisdiction. Reports of US Army helos, and use of intimidation of the press. Government labs not doing complete work or providing comprehensive findings.

Speculation - If there truly is an underground base near Dulce, NM, as has been repeatedly asserted elsewhere on ATS, the proximity of these mutilations to the Dulce area may indicate some involvement from the underground base in the case. The question then is, what purpose were the organs taken used for?

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posted on Mar, 31 2008 @ 11:08 PM
guys how come the document links lead me to nowear

posted on Apr, 1 2008 @ 10:40 AM
I opened the .pdf file in the opening post no problem. It is a relatively big (5.60 MB) file, so you may have to wait a while, depending on your connection speed, for it to download. I'm not sure about the other file linked in the third post, I didn't try to open it.

posted on Jul, 16 2008 @ 02:35 PM
reply to post by

I'm thinking the cattle mutilations are somehow connected the the Verichip and Digital Angel biochip tracking device, in order to track animal migration habits as well as other trending data needed in order to have specific analysis information on one of the lower stages of the soon to be implemented on humans through the REAL ID act, where by 2020 all humans within the United States of America are supposed to "chipped" via this device.

Here are some of the internal ATS websites where there's evidence leading towards this particular conspiracy theory :

TinWiki - 2020 Neural Chip Implant

This entry on ATS's very own TinWiki shows the up close look at the actual device.

Political Collusion of a President and Congress in Collapsing America, The Fall of the New Rome

This is a thread where I explore that it may be political collusion.

Justin Oldham : Conspiracy Master : The Politics of Economic Depression

This is a thread where Justin Oldham, a Conspiracy Master, is talking about the economic depression of the U.S.

The HAARP Myth

A fellow ATS is claiming H.A.A.R.P. has nothing to do with weapons capability, and I basically undo everything he has to say, with two posts, linking H.A.A.R.P. to Verichip/Digital Angel, cell phone towers, with the Department of Defense and D.A.R.P.A.

Aliens, the Boogeyman, and Creatures That Go Bump In the Night

I hypothesize all of what I'm claiming in this thread right now, here in this thread.

The World-Wide Web of Surveillance of Your Online/Offline Activities

I talk about how the Internet, or ARPANET, the original designation name of the World Wide Web, is a part of the largest surveillance project totally spanning the entire globe of Earth.

To Be Chipped, Or Not? Owning Stock In Your Own Verichip, And Politics

This one I talk about buying stock in Verichip, to buy power over the biochip you will eventually have in your body, so you can vote in all the processes that the company does and thereby controlling your own "chip." Verichip is actually closing it's doors, because it was the "security" side, or "Verified Identification" side of the project, Digital Angel is what will be foisted on the public, or another variation, and there's a correlation to this linking back to the Nazi gold they stole from the Jews, since Verichip and Digital Angel have the same exact corporate headquarters in Delray Beach Florida, and one of their South American corporate headquarters is in in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where supposedly the Nazi's escaped after WWII via submarines with heaps of Jewish gold.

Bilderberger's - Plotting High Treason Through Subversion Of Government

This one refers to the Bilderberg Group and their hand in commiting treason against their various nations.

Bilderberger : The Global Agenda, Eugenics, Global Warming, And Biochiping Sheeple

This one refers to the Bilderberg Group and their hand in commiting treason against their various nations as well as the process of eventually linking this to eugenics and global warming as a scam.

Now I can not explain the radiations levels, but the cattle mutilations and even possibly even the sheep who are killed via the mysterious "chupacabra" also have very close relation to what it would take for animal testing, and retrieving of the device after a set time in the field, so that no one find the devices. It would also be a scare tactic, by leaving bloody and mysteriously mutilated corpses of animals, since there's no "logical" conclusion or enough evidence to back up any legitimate claims. Oh yeah, and don't forget the cattle mutilations generally are always paid for by the Government agents sent to pay for because the farmers are generally upset that the animals which are equivalent to money out of their pockets are dead in a field.

The radiation could be from almost anything, from adding radiation to the animals to scare people more, or even to throw off the invesitgations as well. The people who would be connected to actually doing these mutilations would be the same people who would make people disappear for finding out any relevant information.

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posted on Oct, 3 2017 @ 10:05 PM
Notice that nowadays, there are hardly any reports of cattle mutilations throughout the world. One reason, I suspect, is that the Greys had already perfected whatever they were researching which required the use of cattle.

What most ufologists do not understand due to their lack of access to compartmentalized intelligence on this subject is that the Greys were using cattle to develop a self-feeding human incubator for the Grey human alien hybrid fetuses and embryos which they were developing.

Humans and bovine chromosome chains are almost identical and share identical properties with exception of a few pairs. It is for this reason that the bovine cattle was chosen as the perfect candidate to use the womb (larger than human) to incubate a fetus and later embryo until it reached full term and sometimes beyond full term. The larger than human sized womb of the cow was also perfectly suited for this application.

So once again, after the Greys had perfected this method to create human alien hybrids, the cattle mutilations decreased to an almost non-existent level these days.

Today, they walk among us as humans only difference is that they have a different purpose in life, their purpose is to conquer and rule over us. They are here now.

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