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Has anyone else noticed...

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posted on Feb, 17 2004 @ 11:52 PM
I was just writing a U2U about this, and I thought it might make a good subject to spark some discussion...
Has anyone else noticed the similarity of descriptions between the "Gravity-shielding" device that Podkletnov and Modanese claim to have built, using Toroidal, or “doughnut-shaped” super-conductors surrounded by electromagnets (; and the descriptions of the propulsion system in Twining's “Air Accident Report” from the the Majestic Documents collection? ( Look for ”Air Accident Report by Twining to Headquarters, 16 July 1947, about half way down the page)
Here’s a quote from Twining’s document: “(1) A doughnut shaped tube approximately thirty-five feet in diameter, made of what appears to be a plastic material, surrounding a central core. This tube was translucent, approximately one inch thick. the tube appeared to be filled with a clear substance, possibly a heavy water. A large rod center inside the tube, was wrapped in a coil of what appears to be of copper material, ran through the circumference of the tube. This may be the reactor control mechanism or a storage battery. There were no moving parts discernable within the ( of page).”

I had been following the work of Podkletnov with great interest, and then I stumbled upon the MAJIC documents, and when I read the propulsion system description, I nearly fell out of my seat.
What I’m wondering is, does anyone know of any work done before Podkletnov in this direction prior to the release of the “Air Accident Report” into the public domain?
If not, then IF, and this is a mighty big if, Podkletnov proves to be right, then wouldn’t that go a long way towards validating the Majestic documents, or at least the Air Accident Report document? See, if no scientist in the world had ever thought to try using a superconductor surrounded by electromagnets ( I know, this is massive over-simplification ) to alter the effects of gravity (AND it comes to be proven that such a device DOES work), prior to the release of the Air Accident Report, then how is it that a document from the late 1940’s describes exactly such a device as a means to alter gravity? Unless there’s some shred of truth contained in that document.
It couldn’t be a hoaxer’s lucky guess. I really doubt they would even think to describe a device like that.
Now, as far as the description in Twining’s report regarding the outer tube itself: “…This tube was translucent, approximately one inch thick. the tube appeared to be filled with a clear substance, possibly a heavy water.” I think I know what part it plays and it may have to do with bringing the matter inside the tube into the Bose-Einstein Condensate state, but that’s a whole other post….
Any thoughts?

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