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Global Warming the New World Relgion

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posted on Feb, 23 2008 @ 05:43 AM
Many have stated on these boards that a new World Religion is upon us, the Gobal Warming issue appears to be filling that role. Its being preached all over the place, its on every advert in the news every day, and I think this will be the new World Religion.

Is this a return to Paganism where ancient man worshiped the Earth, the seasons and the heavens. Mind you there is going to be alot of profit made along the way and also plenty of more taxes being levied. But is it now the case that with many of the public turning their backs on mainstream religion have the perps of the various religions now decided to change their strategy, now its we have to save the Planet and change our ways forever.

The environmentalists are pushing this agenda and seek to live in a World like something akin to the middle ages, they have a weird outlook on assuming it was some kind of Utopian World. The way the GW issue is being touted and forced upon us has all the hallmarks of mainstream religion. Will we now see priests screaming from the pulpit that those who pollute, dont recycle, or drive an eco car are sinners and environmental terrorists. Such an idea may seem abit extreme now but I'm sure that is what is on the agenda.

Will those who dont conform to the new religion be seen as the new leppers, will we see people going to jail for environmental crimes?

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