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How to Eliminate the Votes....

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posted on Feb, 17 2004 @ 08:49 PM
By eliminating the voter's of course!

Laws are designed to protect people right?
and also to incriminate people too.

Start with a 100% voting group.
People that meet the criteria to be allowed to vote.

Start by increasing the legal drinking age,
and lowering the legal limit to be allowed to drive.

This should eliminate many 18-20 year old's.
They will drink, and they will drive,
they are not smart enough yet to know better.
Dont bother trying to remove the underlying causes.
Dont bother helping the parents raise a decent child who knows better.

Also, prohibition of natural substances.
And then bundle them in description with the hard chemical substances.
This should get the rest of the drinkers that didnt get cought.
Plus the free flow of these substances keeps it impregnated into the classes that they want to affect.

Big chunk of the younger voters now have felonies, eliminating their chance of ever voting again.

But wait,...terrorism.
Loosly define a terrorist bill, so it can be applied to just about anybody with a toothpick or worse.
This way any loud voices can be identified and removed from the voting pool, not to leave out that they will never see light again.

Confuse the less mentally established.
This helps to create..paralysis by analysis. Give them more than enough dis-info, and they will lock up the brain and help to cause apathy. Why vote, who to vote for, let alone the reasons for your selection.

Waste votes,...two parties arguing semantics about the same issues. Loud finger pointing sweaty politicians convincing you that their stance on the subject is more correct, and point to the other as the lier, draft dodger, pot smoking, womanizer, with unpaid debts, plastic surgury and botox, and make looks the important issue..

This is how it is. Look at all the functions of our society, and the laws and politics applied,..

and it is no wonder 30% of elegable voters turn out for the election.

Popular vote or electoral vote, doesnt matter anymore,..

We are only talking about 10% of the voting public actually may swing the vote.

And 30% actually control who is elected, and makes the laws and rules the country.

So who do they represent?

posted on Feb, 17 2004 @ 09:03 PM
well uve got that all figured out!
personally, i think the best way to get rid of voters is to do whast happening now.
take a country made up mainly of moderates, have an increasingly far right in power, and an increasingly loud far left angry. let them bicker for four years, after, oh, i dunno, a very highly disputed election. this way, the vast majority will become highly disinterested at the fact that both candidates are exactly what they dont want in a president.


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