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Was there just a sighting over Western Sydney??

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posted on Feb, 22 2008 @ 05:27 PM
OK, so before i get into this one, i want to say two things:

* I did not see the object*
*The person who did won't come on here, but i can fire questions at him*

So anyone familiar with my posts knows that i won't bother wasting my time or anyone else's posting hoaxy junk. This is based on a phone conversation i just had with my roommate.

I am based in Western Sydney, right near Parramatta to be exact.

At around 10am this morning (Saturday 23 Feb 2008) i got a call from my roommate who had just left the house. He had already called me a minute earlier and i had missed the call (in shower).

Knowing my interest in such subjects, he told me to get outside quick and look behind the house (Northish). I did that but couldn't see much coz of the roof of my apartment.

As i rushed downstairs to look north he told me he had just seen something strange in the sky. Had no idea what it was. His description:

A white object, round like a blimp, but way too high to be a blimp, moving erratically and looked to have had some kind of wings.

If it were lower he would have said blimp but then said he couldn't explain the wings he had seen. He said it could have been a plane, but couldn't explain it's round appearance and erratic movement.

Quite obviously when i ran downstairs to look north i could see nothing and he said he had also lost track of the object. I had my camera in hand and all.

So my question is, did any other Sydney-based ATSers see anything matching this description this morning?

Additionally, can anyone explain what my roommate may have seen? He sounded fairly confused and excited by what he saw - excited mainly though coz he thought i'd spin out if i had seen it.

oh, and my roommate wont come on here coz he doesn't know i've said anything AND told me not to. haha oh well


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