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Formula 1 2008 Championship

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posted on Feb, 25 2008 @ 06:01 AM
Vic, have a star for you last amazing submissions: that's great.

Force India debut the VJM01 in Barcelona

Force India’s 2008 car, the VJM01, made its first on-track appearance at
Barcelona’s Circuit de Catalunya on Monday, as the final pre-season Formula One test got underway at the Spanish track.
The VJM01, named in tribute to the team's owners, Dr Vijay Mallya and Jan and Michiel Mol, is an evolution of the B-spec F8-VII that Force India's predecessor, Spyker, launched at the 2007 Italian Grand Prix.
Developed throughout the year at the team’s UK base and wind tunnels in Brackley, UK, and Aerolab, Italy, the B-spec represented a significant step forward for the small Silverstone-based squad, with optimised mechanical and aerodynamic packages.

I wonder what Colin Kolles has been able to do:
the team's sponsors list is long and convincing: but his experience in F1 is too short, imho:
pheraps a new team would need some more experienced people

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posted on Feb, 25 2008 @ 06:13 AM
Maranello "news" today... Schu' - on track now. Workin' some dudes in Palermo... on some DoD crap for a few... Sauber site has some wicked flash... Sir Frank's old site was better. Sir Frank at one time was a gifted distance runner... still is.


posted on Feb, 25 2008 @ 04:41 PM
Still workin'... gonna cost me my GV snowmobile pic collection... one vid 2008 3.8GB... workin' it. Got some great stuff of the Schu' in a sedan... and a taxi driver who laps quicker... Nordschlieffe - a few little bits today tho'. Kimi & Schu' Catalunya

Let's see... a pic of the organically inspired F2008...

Some vid action courtesy of Mary at Shell Canada... more coming throughout the season.

Fuel by Lisa...



Making of Circuit...


TDI blonde's home... time to tear off a strip...


posted on Feb, 26 2008 @ 05:03 PM
Nifty Mclaren Flash steering wheel... I'd love to get some of their old Can-Am footage... 494 back motor aluminum big block chevy, eight injectors Hewland trans-axle with staggered tuned length velocity stacks open pipes. Deafening, fast and cheap... the fuels smelled of para-dicloro-benzene... others like bubble gum, make your nose itchy.

080221 - Circuit de Catalunya - Pre-Season Testing


posted on Feb, 27 2008 @ 01:22 AM
ive been watching F1 for about 30 years now and have seen some amazing things.

does anyone remember the Fan car? "oh its for cooling" the team claimed yet it was all about one thing, sucking the car down to the road for more grip.

F1's current problem is they rely far too heavily on aero grip and very little on tyre (mechanical) grip. they cant run near each other or they get in dirty air and understeer off the track.
they should slash aerodynamics especially at the wings and go back to big fat slick tyres so drivers can go back to the old school ways of slugging it out lap after lap, wheelnut to wheelnut while relying mostly on mechanical grip (tyres /susp)

nowadays they just follow the leader and make the occasional pass but rarely in a season is there any real daring or balls to the wall passing moves like the old school days.

schuey is not the best driver there ever was, far from it. he is just another fangio. a good driver who got a cushy drive and made it all look easy.
He (schu) got a drive in a team with a virtually unlimited budget and car #2 barrichello was all too happy playing second fiddle year after year, while there was no drivers of championship quality and that caused other teams R&D to suffer severely.
schuey had it easy, far too easy.

now, slightly OT but heres what i mean: compare that to Valentino Rossi in MotoGP. that guy could drive a turd to victory (actually he did when he changed to yamaha). Rossi could have stuck with a cushy ride with honda and whooped everyones arse but he chose a below par team with an average budget and fought tooth and nail to bring it up to standards. thats the sort of person i call a TRUE champion because he didnt take the easy way out like schuey did by sticking with a cushy ride, just to rack up some stats + records.

the 70's 80's and early 90's was when it was a drivers slugfest, and winning a race was as difficult as being a one armed man in a pub brawl. you had to slug it out for the full 70 laps, none of this pull out a cushy 30sec lead while your teamie blocks up the track in 2nd to give you a break.

big slicks, less aero, big HP, Mclaren Tag Turbo VS Williams Renault Vs Bennetton, V the *true* scarlet ferrari's, one of which always ran #28 in honor of Giles Villeneuve.
drivers had a much harder time winning because there were far more world champ drivers in the field and cars didnt rely on aero so much.

Senna Vs Prost Vs Mansell Vs Rosberg Vs Lauda Vs Piquet all in the one race, all world champions (some several times world champs)..
the ego's in the field were big and none of them gave an inch to the other but at the end of the day they'd all sit down to a few beers together or give each other a ride back to the pits on their sidepod.

Rosberg used to chain smoke right up until he donned his race helmet.
Lauda was rescued by another driver and despite loosing his nose, ears, hair, and much of the skin from his face + arms he STILL put on his race helmet 6 wk later and was back kicking arse trackside again with a 4th place while under pain medication.

THAT, my fellow F1 lovers was big, brassy, ballsy stuff that heroes are made from.

Hamilton is like many other young guns (button + a few others). they can drive good but are a bit soft, or not as matured and determined as others. but time will tell how lewis shapes up but lets hope he doesnt become another Alesi/Barrichello. (top blokes but no real passion for the win)
you need a big ego if your going to go far in F1. sensetive new age guys get chewed up and spat out by teams, cars and fans alike.

The first time i seen Senna i knew he was going places. It was the same with Alonso, i just knew he was the next big thing and with him in a Renault it was a sure thing.
He took his two crowns, but as soon as he changed teams i thought NOOO DONT LEAVE RENAULT! it'll cost you a triple champ. and sure enough it did.

im so glad he's going back to Renault, while i think renault are boxy, fugly street cars they have always made kick arse F1 engines going right back to the 80's with the Williams Renault "Canon" cars of Mansell and co.

i cant understand a word of it, but this is why i like Alonso. he reminds me of the drivers of the old school driving style..

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posted on Feb, 27 2008 @ 01:32 AM
brabham BT46B
aka the "fan car"

100% undefeated record. although its easy to claim that when it only raced once, which it won, and then got banned from F1.

438 seconds per title - williams renault 1994

i want this dudes job, ill even do it for free. if anyones interested in the full 17minute video i'd be happy to put it on youtube for all, its basically the making of a 1994 williams F1 car (the blue yellow labbatts / canon / elf car)

also, anyone notice who the test driver was at the end of the video?

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posted on Feb, 27 2008 @ 05:08 AM
Vic, amazing stuff once again from you: thanks!!

Shumy's commercials are so funny :-)
Did you manage to get some pic of Kimi in Barcelona the day he drove with Shumi?
I know that Shumi was driving the standard F2008 while Kimi was trying some new solutions, but i've been unable to find neither more details nor pics: so pheraps we may spot something by some pics.

Obliv_au, thank you for joining the discussion and for making so many excellent points.

Originally posted by Obliv_au
F1's current problem is they rely far too heavily on aero grip and very little on tyre (mechanical) grip. they cant run near each other or they get in dirty air and understeer off the track.
they should slash aerodynamics especially at the wings and go back to big fat slick tyres so drivers can go back to the old school ways of slugging it out lap after lap, wheelnut to wheelnut while relying mostly on mechanical grip (tyres /susp) nowadays they just follow the leader and make the occasional pass but rarely in a season is there any real daring or balls to the wall passing moves like the old school days.

That's soooo true. We're often missing the most exciting part of the show, because of this issue.
As the more aero is getting complicated, as the more we can forgive overtakings between the race leaders. Some cars produce more turbolences than some others (so as some ones are more sensitive than some others), but basically all the top teams have cars to which you can't get too close, in order to avoid to loose the control. Many times it has been discussed this issue, but the regulation doesn't put serious limits to aero. Just the article 3.15 put a limit to the degrees of freedom:

Art. 3.15 Aerodynamic influence:[...]any specific part of the car influencing its aerodynamic performance [..] - must be rigidly secured to the entirely sprung part of the car (rigidly secured means not having any degree of freedom) - must remain immobile in relation to the sprung part of the car

it's the one which caused the ban of Renault Mass Damper, despite the article's original purpose was to stop the trend of leaving degrees of freedom in the wings, both front/rear. If we look at the whole article 3, (BODYWORK AND DIMENSIONS) from 3.1 to 3.17, there's not a word about the influence of the aero on the other cars;
they covered very well just the facets related to degrees of freedom and
to the flexibility and to the dimensions, but not a word about it unless i'm missing something here.
A possible solution would be to find a way to make some measurements of the turbolences, and put a limit to the "level of emission of the turbolences", but i don't think this could be feasibible, especially because the continuous change that are being made on each car. And the result is like a cat chasing endlessly his tail: in order to keep the grip as much as possible, a team is forced to enhance the aero, with the consequences mentioned before.
Now let's wait and see what will happen the first time that someone attempts an overtaking, without TC.
In general, i also believe that the technical regulations give to the teams too much freedom of interpretation, but that's a story too long...
I'm not quoting your whole message but i keep on commenting it:
about Shumi... IMHO, he played a lead role not only as driver, but even as
tester, pheraps this facet of his role has been the most important for Ferrari, of course it has bin for the car's development.
To win driving the fastest car would never give the true idea of what's the
actual driver's value, especially in the elctronic/aero era.
IMHO, his main ability is to get the best performance from the car:
for example, if we look a Shumi's on-board camera, we would notice how frequently he touches the command of the electronic brakeforce distribution: in this way, he has been the best. But at the same time, this says much about the distribution of values between car and driver in the last era.
You mentioned some drivers who couldn't use traction control, electronic
brakeforce distribution: they also always needed to leave the wheel in order to change gear (in Montecarlo, after changing gear 3.600 times in the old manner, the hand bleeded), and each crash could always have been the fatal one.
Those were heroes.
Was pheraps the test driver Damon Hill?
Thanks again for your your posts

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posted on Feb, 27 2008 @ 06:00 AM
yep damon hill, you got it.

its not just about reducing dirty air, but if i may use a few examples from Indy/champ cars.

1) smaller wings. this is the critical part. reduce wing sizes and you reduce dirty air with it. but the wing size itself being reduces will cause more reliance back on tyres.

2) F1 TV coverage needs to evolve. Indy/Champ cars have used dozens of onboard cameras for many years. Lipstick cam in drivers helmets so you see exactly what they see, they got ones inside the car so you can see them work the wheel/gears/pedals, they have cameras on the front and rear of every car and show you a split screen view from "driver A" rear end looking at driver B. and a front view from driver B looking at the rear of driver A.
they use more of the live data feeds from cars showing throttle/brake input levels. they got cameras everywhere and they arent afraid to use them either.

most of the time F1 is just the same pan shots as they zip by. i want to feel like im part of the action, more onboard!!!

tracks: there was a time when i could tell what track/turn it was just by looking at a photo.
They used to blast through misty german forests at 300kph until they hacked Hokenheim down into the dinky little kart track it is now.

Italy (monza) used to be all about speed, now theres a chicane in every damn straight.

Monaco, well i do love it but at the same time its a joke of a circuit by todays standards due to little room for overtaking combined with less passing opportunities due to turbulence from other cars.
If some other country offered that layout today and said "hey, we want an F1 race in our city, heres the track" the FIA would laugh at them. but i guess it was one of the very first F1 race venues and one of only a couple of tracks to have always been on the calendar since F1's beginnings so it is a historic race i guess.

instead we have bahrain and a bunch of other unexciting tracks with nothin real unique about the setting, just a lot of sand around the track.

then again maybe ive started to become a whinging old coot in his mid 30's, and my opinion needs to evolve to stay in touch with todays F1.

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posted on Feb, 27 2008 @ 09:58 AM
Rowing club skid lid... Hill or Miles Baldwin. LOL. I kid (AMA Formula One MC). No doubt there are pics of the new spec F2008... pretty rare at hi-res I'd imagineer... 'cept for the teams. Wink. Here's a link to some pics from today over at Barcelona.
Cheers and ,

Flavio says Renault will podium... Flavio, Flavio, Flavio. Maybe at Monaco. Anything can happen at Monaco.

I can'r say any "pilot" is greatest... my fav? Tazio or the senior Stuck... GV right up there, Keke too. There's some pics from a year or so ago of Rossi's hands after after a GP on the 990's... tough person. Stoner reminds me of Hailwood.


posted on Feb, 27 2008 @ 02:41 PM
Thanks for the link Vic: i've found just a low res pic: and besides the angle doesn't help at all. All i can spot here is a different configuration in the rear wing (and it's not due to track/weather condition since they drove more or less contemporaneously); the one used by Kimi is the third different one that i've seen during this pre-season, but i'm sure that there are many other differences that we can't spot at all from such a pics (not to mention what's inside).
What makes me wonder is that they chosen to make try the new solutions to Kimi instead of Shumi: shouldn't work on the contrary?
Pheraps i'm missin' something ...

Flavio says Renault will podium...

Heck, Flavio is forced to look confident, but i guess that he's aware of the
limits of the car: besides, Fernando stated that he's 30% chances to win!!
Fernando is trying to enhance the car, but it seems that the issues are very difficult to manage; the car showed now to have new issues with the tyres, and they're trying many different types of brakes but getting zero enhancements.
I like Fernando, as Obliv_au pointed out before, there's something of the old school in him, and i guess that he will manage at least to reduce the gap, and pheraps even to fight for the podium in more than one race, who knows... and yes, Nuvolari is a deathless legend ...

Obliv_au, i agree: F1 TV coverage really sucks, there's nothing else i can say. One of the many reasons that are keeping it so away from the spectaculr options that you've mentioned, are the teams managers, specially the top teams ones;
Ron Dennis got angry many times on 2007: for example, one time he whinged that a particular on board camera which was pointing toward the rear wing, showed in world vision that the rear-left tyre was consuming in an anomalous way; another time he protested against a live feed that showed that McLaren was racing with the limiter set to 18.500 RPM.
These are just two example i made in order to make the point: Ecclestone often deliberately accepts to take the wrong decision in order to keep the Circus peaceful. And the consequences are the ones that you mentioned: we feel far from the action.
I'm always amazed when i look at Champ car TV coverage.
There are at least 3/4 tracks that i would to add, and at least 3/4 tracks that i would like to remove from the calendar: (your description of the german track recalls me Nürburgring), but since money talks, i fear that we'll keep on looking at this rise of meaningless circuits. I don't know way, even in front of so many issues, and in front of what happened last year, i keep on loving F1, but at the same time i really wish to see some actual changes. I hope that it will be a matter of time...

posted on Feb, 28 2008 @ 02:21 AM
my apologies, you are correct.
It was the old nurburgring circuit which had quite a long lap time back in them days and a good section of it blasting through the misty forest. it was quite a spectacle to see how dense the forest + mist was.

ya know although im an alonso + mclaren fan i was so happy to see Kimi steal the champ from under Mclarens nose last year. Mclaren just did not deserve it imo, with all the in house bickering and scandals.

posted on Feb, 28 2008 @ 05:42 AM
reply to post by Obliv_au

I agree.
2007 season has been a continuous distress for me:
i was hoping, until the last moment, that the whole spy-story would turn out to be simply a gigantic misundersanding, because i prefer to loose on the track rather of to win in front of a court: frankly, my purpose is to forget that story as soon as possible, and to watch some fair exciting races, as all the F1 lovers.
I think that McLaren has been wrong with Alonso, and more than one time:
if you hire the present world champion, and he gives you all the hints in order to develope the car, then the whole team should work for him, as priority:
imho, once they realized that Hamilton had chances to get the championship, they decided to bet on him, forgiving Alonso, his history, and the efforts he putted in order to make the car to evolve (i think that he played a lead role in the car's improvement): a british driver on a british car ... a strong temptation, this is quite understandable: but Lewis is young, and pheraps common sense would suggest to wait just a bit, even in order to allow him to get used to the many facets of F1: but they have been in a hurry, and they've payed for that:
experience needs time and efforts, as we all may have estabilished in the last two races.

posted on Feb, 28 2008 @ 09:37 AM
The McLaren engine cowl air intake is something of a work of art... looks like the "Cedes crew" or someone has decided to tacke airbox overpress stall/harmonic "dead spots" with flapper venting.

To create such shapes in lay up is art. Digital art. RP and 5 axis mills (for the hardpoint inserts)... there appears to be at least two variants. Take away my ECU? Fine. Wink. The "hands forward" wheel spats have disappeared... (Monza) and the hubs on the front appear to have a new generation wheel nut. The radiator intakes vary a bunch too... the high downforce version seems to make use of every trick in the book and wrote a few new appendices.

I think the Honda has it's front "spring" as a part of the upper arms in some sort of a quasi tubular CF deal. Not where I'd put the spring. Wink. I could be wrong.

Force India has finished testing and by all accounts "look ready for the Melbourne grid".

Ferdie, is more pragmatic than Flavio and has tipped the silver and the red for the title fight with LH top spot at year end. I tend to agree. It's racing "stuff" happens.

Slicks test in early April. Fingers-crossed. In optimal weather conditions it could (in the right hands) make more overtaking possible in the return of the era of the driver (I hope) sans TC.

There is supposed to be an update coming from the PTB about the 2010 and 2011 packages... please give the manufacturer's back their ECU's and let Honda run their differential braking front end.

SpeedTV interrupted an SBK 600 SS race to announce the merger. Looks like IRL won. Single tire, single engine, single chassis... "how NASCAR-without-fenders". DP cars last run's to be Long Beach. Tony George just wore them out. All intellect and property rights are now "George".

Hey I was going back through my old "Diamond-P" videos from the eighties... those lip-stick cams are an Aussie invention as best I can fathom.
I think developed for Aussie-rules winged Outlaws. I could be wrong. Supercar in-car from Bathurst is... really, really, really good.

The Honda barge-boards I saw on the EarthDream were... the dirtiest bit of aero-kit I've ever seen. Wink. Guess who needs more downforce because of lack of mechanical grip? I cannot fathom why Honda and Toyota have not broken through as Honda would have in the past...

I want Jarno to win one... there's a guy who LOVES his work and actually ENJOYS it. LH is a consumate spokesperson... give him a few years and we might actually find out more about LH's unique perspective. The pressure must be pretty heavy-duty. Electron scanning tunnelling microscopes and every telephoto in range trained on him. Sure he's been media groomed by RD forever... but that's just "it". LH at McLaren is a difficult challenge for all other teams this year. Let's hope for no "sophomore jinx"... and less rather than more drama outside of being "up on the wheel".

Kimi could be "just right" this year. Having Schu' around can't hurt. I was giving some thought as to why Kimi would have the higher spec chassis stuff... could be lots, but MS's "test capabilities" at that circuit may not have anything to do with "that" circuit. It very difficult to say with any surety but there are advantages I can think of... SF isn't likely to leave an opportunity missed.

Once the new rules hit with E-recovery and other "greenery" I postulate that the big H and the family Toyoda will find some "traction".

All F1 needs? Not much, some slicks would be a start.


posted on Mar, 5 2008 @ 12:46 PM
Flavio has unilaterally declared "F1 is too predictable", nominated for Nobel Prize in Economics of Truth.

Nasty pit accident with the Renault feeder team today... the glass pit-enclosure collapsed on the transporters, no injuries reported. Testing was interrupted.

Brabby-vac and hex-wheeler footage? Comped up from some stuff... some Valencia Feb slides. Team orders would seem simple this year. Wink.

Auto Union 1930's... 5L V16 All-wheeler two stage gear driven roots blower. Stuck Sr. Almost as slow as today's F1's. Wink.

Schumi' "I'm Too Sexy"... (not compared to Flavio or Jean Todt) LOL.

Rumour has it RD is going away... 'hope not.

Techs will be doing the thousand yard stare for the next week... bout time for final Aus bodywork pics to start showing up... the Bimmer is so sculptued.



EDIT: The Schu' vid... click on the YouTube direct link...

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posted on Mar, 8 2008 @ 09:07 AM
The FIA has released an official statement regarding the dispostion (as they perceive it) to Nigel Stepney and his future potential relationship to Teams and Suppliers who wish to be involved in ANY FIA sanctioned events or promotions.

I don't wish to have an opinion on this as I am thoroughly disgusted by actions of ALL parties at every step within what has become known as "Stepney-gate".

In the 1980's and early 1990's a team Hendrick crew chief... "had some difficulties of a similar nature" (not digital data - NASCAR tech written on a hotdog wrapper in betwen the mustard and beer stains - LOL - uni-digit salute to Gary Nelson and convicted racketeer Hendrick) and guess who NASCAR hired the next season as head "finder of creative rules interpretation"? I'll give you two guesses.... but you are already five-wide by yourselves; only gonna need one. is last name begins with an N. and his position is analog to that of Stepney. Bob Osborn, Roush, Edwards - BUSTED.

My humble recommendation? Make Nigel Stepney chief "ethics" and tech steward to the F1 world championships. "FIA tells F1 teams not to hire Stepney"

Look for Step to walk up to Brawny at the big H 2nd July 2009. Wink. Nah, he wouldn't already be at work????????????? Wink. F1 is social engineering/chess at the highest of levels. Look at Brawn and Stepney. Need one more... not Fry, he's the problem. Who? Who is the best aero person? To-Toe-toe... the "Coin" could land on end standing.

Huge laugh, Massa thinks he's "equal" to kimi at SF. He needs to spend more time with Luca Badoer. But he's so tiny he's worth 20HP and some extra G and tires for free.

Schumi "could" do it. I'd really like that. Rumour has it he flat smoked in the old-spec car at Valencia without the "good" chassis attunator. I'd love to get a look at that bit of kit.... maybe some sort of tensioner within the tub lay-up or something.

2009-2011 Honda's coming... I heard the trigger click but haven't seen the bullet leave the barrel yet - it's a big barrel... beyond? With E-Recovery? Toyota and Honda... rumour has it Mazda has "some stuff" on a shelf. Hydrazine fuel cells can be done "green". Add Audi? BMW H-wagons? We have a great future where production and Formula vehicles "help" each other technologically.

Massa... what colour is the sky from behind his sunglasses. Equal with Kimi? Maybe publicly.


posted on Mar, 9 2008 @ 07:23 AM
I wasn't expecting to see a F1 thread, and one with so many posts!

I have been following F1 since 1976 (I think), and I never missed a race. Unfortunately, my memory is not that good to keep track of all the fantastic races I have seen.

Last year, here in Portugal, the transmission rights were bought by a cable channel that has coded transmissions, so only by paying can someone see the races on TV, while the state payed TV station, who is supposed to do public interest transmissions dismissed their right and let SportTV buy it.

Fortunately, there are ways of seeing live transmissions on the Internet, and that was the only way I could see last year's races.

This season could be a good one, with some new drivers and the new regulations, specially the ban on traction control. We could see on some races the difference in the way the cars applied the power to the wheels on the exit from sharper turns, the smaller teams' cars struggling to apply the power while the richer teams' pilots only had to put the foot down and the computer would do the job.

Off-topic starts here.

As an off-topic answer, Rossi may have done a wrong choice this year (we have to wait to see how the season shapes up with the Bridgestone tyres), but he did it once again: when he thinks that he has a possibility of wining he goes for it, regardless of manufacturer, he changes manufacturer; when he thinks he must change manufacturer to win he changes.

PS: if you follow MotoGP don't forget tonight's race, with two rookies on the first two places of the grid it looks to be an interesting race

Off-topic ends here.

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posted on Mar, 13 2008 @ 08:15 PM
reply to post by ArMaP

ArMaP: i'm glad to have you on this one.
It's sad what's happening to the transmission rights in Portugal, and i fear that it will happen the same in Italy and in many other countries, sooner or later. Since some years, they aren't transmitting the free practices, and every now and then there are the interruptions for the commercials: as always, money talks.

Anyway, the most important thing is that you're somehow able to watch the races .



Fastest lap of day, Raikkonen 1m 26.461s, morning

Fastest lap of day, Hamilton 1m 26.559s, afternoon

Red Bull
Fastest lap of day, Webber, 1m 27.473s, afternoon

Fastest lap of day, Trulli, 1m 28.292s, afternoon

Fastest lap of day, Rosberg, 1m 28.352s, afternoon

Fastest lap of day, Alonso, 1m 28.360s, morning

Force India
Fastest lap of day, Fisichella, 1m 28.469s, afternoon

BMW Sauber
Fastest lap of day, Kubica, 1m 28.579s, morning

Fastest lap of day, Button, 1m 28.632s, afternoon

Toro Rosso
Fastest lap of day, Vettel, 1m 28.957s, morning

Super Aguri
Fastest lap of day, Sato, 1m 30.663s, afternoon

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posted on Mar, 14 2008 @ 08:34 PM
Here's the last update:

looking forward to the qualifying ...

posted on Mar, 14 2008 @ 08:58 PM
alonso 3rd, wooo! go renault.

webber 6th!?!
they should make every GP the aussie GP, then he might actually do well in a championship

posted on Mar, 14 2008 @ 10:32 PM
Raikkonen was not allowed to continue to Q2 after an engine problem that saw his Ferrari pushed by the team mechanics from the entrance to the pit lane.

In any case, even if he was allowed the car was not able to continue.

Drivers that did not make it to Q2:
G. Fisichella
S. Bourdais
A. Sutil
T. Sato
N. Piquet
A. Davidson

Drivers that did not make it to Q1:
R. Barrichello
F. Alonso
J. Button
K. Nakajima
M. Webber
K. Raikkonen

Final results from qualifying:

It was an interesting qualifying, we could see the effects of the lack of traction control on many occasions, and the rise in performance from some of the teams is a good indication of what could be a very interesting race.

Offtopic PS: when will the "Edit Post" bug be ironed out? It's very frustrating loosing all the edits when we preview our posts.

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