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Hyperdimensional coincidences with the United States Navy shooting down a US spy satellite

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posted on Feb, 22 2008 @ 04:43 AM
Listened to C2C the other night ( Feb-20-2008 ) and heard Richard C. Hoagland talking about the Hyperdimensional coincidences with the United States Navy shooting down the US spy satellite. saying something along the lines of it was a demonstration to the other countries that if they carry out manned missions to the moon to bring back Hyperdimensional technology-artifacts from there that we will shoot them down..
well this got me wondering about the dark side of the moon. and wtf is really back there since it would be a good place to hide some top secret stuff or a base or Stargate or what have you, since the moon is always locked in the same position orbiting the earth no telescopes or what have you would ever see it.. unless a satellite goes back there to observe that got me wondering about the Chinese or Japaneses or who ever just recently just sent up that Lunar satellite to orbit the moon. I thought I heard somewhere they were faking images or something from the moon.. but who knows.
whats your guys take on all of this..
what infos-revelations-conspiracies have you guys come up with so far about all of this..??

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