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Time draw what to be made aware of

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posted on Feb, 20 2008 @ 07:20 PM
Understand this first: There is a first and a last. "At" the last day is the first day. The first day is "at" the last day. The first shall be last, the last first. Meaning, where there seems a last there actually is a first. And where there seems a first there actually is a last.

Mabus is a female given name in the first place. That's the whole basis of it. The name stands out also which is another basis of it.

^^Nostradamus had that so the basis of Mabus.

Hillary is a female given name. Hillary stands out presently because that name is the only female one running for the white house. Get it yet?

It's as simple as that. The first case comes back s the last case concerning the name Mabus. In other words, if it seemed as an anagram (like OsamaBush) that because it was intended to decieve.

This quote is configured:

"Mabus then will soon live. There will summer people enforcers a horrible rout. Then suddenly One will perceive vengeance, hundred, hand, thirst, hunger when the comet will run." Century II, Quatrain 62"

^^ppl enforcers a horrible rout? Prolly concerning Hillary's healthcare plan which has to be enforced somehow. Can you see the connection? Also should the question be what is the comet or who is the comet which will run? Well we know someone with a female given name is running for white house. Comets are white and alien to us, usually, right? (Hillary is white. Hillary is alien to us in that it would be representing the first female president.) Or could the comet be the whole missile to hit spy satellite planned to run? Or both? We'll see.

Told you in the other thread in general conspiracies about the program upon us. You'll see later if you dont see now. Wait for it.

About that missile comet connetion--think about the female given name too--it will either hit or miss, correct? Miss also happens to be a title of respect prefixed to a female name. Missile has miss in it aswell.

The missile and the miss which can happen... What could come of these 2 things?

The missile could be something more. The satellite could be something more. Could be useful as a war head of some kind itself set as so to burn up a whole area somewhere as to being a pre-emptive strike.
You never know until it happens.

Better ask yourselves where will the pres and vice pres be during the intended hit on the satellite ??? Trust this, they care nothing for their sheep. Remember, Pac said, "We bomb first when we ride! Please! Reconsider 'fo you die!"

Let me reconfigure it for you all: "We bomb last when we ride! Please! Reconsider 'for all live!"

Key word is "Please!" It means then we wont be last to bomb, we'll be first to bomb. There is another song called first to bomb by 2Pac also. Anyway, before all live, reconsider. Which means in the reconsidering whoever the all is will be destroyed to an extent. :bash:


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