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Chasing Cain

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posted on Feb, 20 2008 @ 07:19 PM
Open to writers, U2U me for details on how I think that this story should progress

Oh sure it started simply enough, even the thought of immortality was appealing at the time it happened. But that only lasted a few centuries. In the beginning of man things were simple. It was all new, everything had to be invented in order for the species to survive. I miss those days.

At first I thought gods little punishment for me wasn’t that bad. That was until my mortal death. See I died after the normal span of human life had run its course. But I didn’t stay dead. Oh no that would have been too easy. I looked into the water and saw nothing in return. Then the hunger started. I didn’t know what to do. I ate the normal fair the animals of the field. But none satisfied the hunger. I started in for the vein and realized what would slate my thirst. It was the blood that made me whole again. Again I looked into the river and saw the missing reflection. It was then I knew what I had become what the true curse of god that was handed down to me for the slaying of my brother Abel.

It was confusing to me at first gods words. That I was to wander the earth. He didn’t mention that it was to be for all eternity. The thirst was something else he forgot to mention. God what a cruel bastard.

So centuries go by and mortal men were prosperous and multiplied. Some were direct descendants of myself, well my mortal self. Others were descended from my other siblings. Mankind was taking hold on the earth. I discovered that unlike the animals of the field that the humans were easier to kill and tasted better.

At first the hunting was easy no one in the little settlements suspected a thing. Soon though some caught on and some came looking. A few came close and some came even closer. Those that were too skilled met my fate. I would have gladly shown them an honorable death instead but they rose up from their graves after my blood mixed with theirs. Poor bastards I felt for them. They in turn created others and they hunted. My curse plagued the earth and some of the men with it. In turn man became increasingly aware of them and how to dispatch them.

In turn my damned children learned to be more sneaky hiding in the shadows hunting at night unfortunately a millennia of this habit changed them into something worse. My children no longer could walk in the day but were regulated to the night. But as their human counterparts did they were fruitful and multiplied. Scattering in small bands across the face of the earth.

But myself I wandered restless through the human cities. I watched as god took his wrath upon Sodom and Gomorra I witnessed as the cities burned to the ground and was thankful on one hand that god was kind enough to let these poor retched fools die instead of burdening them with the same curse as I. But cursed god in the same breath for making me what I am.

I walked my way through time witnessing mankind create some of the worlds greatest civilizations and I watched in awe as they brought forth on the earth great things. I watched and secretly worshiped their mortality. I worshiped them for their fallibility and their ability for noble causes. I of course fed on them secretly in the shadows. I took many some good souls and some evil. Whoever passed alone along my way. Then it was near my parents former home that I met him. I wandered past the spot every hundred years or so. I recognized him immediately from the description that my mother had given me. I spoke to him in the first language of man. Over time I had learned many of mankind’s languages but I never forgot the language of my parents. The language that god had bestowed as a gift to his creation.

“Lucifer, what are you doing here?”

“Looking for you my brother, like you I was cast out of Gods good graces and I feel we have something in common” The prince of lies sat upon a stone and looked through me with his eyes still shining with the light he once bore for God.

“I was human, angel I was one of gods perfect creations”

“Till the time you slaughtered that little whelp of a brother of yours. I know how it is to have another take your place in Gods eyes and to be cast aside” Lucifer had a sweetness in his voice a calming tone that reminded me of a comforting friend or a lover.

“What do you want fallen one?”

Lucifer slid up to my side and whispered into my ear “You and your children are screwing up my plans for this place, you aren’t a part of Gods plans either. Frankly you’re in the way, but I have a deal for you Cain. I can make it better for you and your kind.”

“Ah so an accord is what your seeking and what pray tell do you think you can offer me?”

The fallen angel moved around behind me and embraced me then switched to my other ear “The end to this curse of yours of course, your eternal vigilant watch over these mortals can come to and end and you can greet the rest you have longed for these past two thousand years. What say you to that?”

A tear developed in my eye at the thought of eternal rest for my soul. So weary and worn had it become from my never-ending travels that the thought of its rest was a blessing I longed and lusted for. “What trade do you have in mind foul one?”

“The ones that taste your blood their bodies die and they still live, soulless and wandering like you. They would be host to my minions if you would allow this. Let your children host my image and I will grant you the slumber your soul so richly desires.” His words spoke to my soul and his promise to end my wandering like a blessing from God himself.

“You would take my children and fill them with your vile spirit?”

Lucifer lay on the rock before me legs crossed and the fruit appeared in his left hand, he bit into the forbidden fruit that cost my parents the garden I stood before. It was hollow now, a fragment of it’s former self. The desert had started here into the wilderness the desert crept. Mankind’s days were truly numbered, they were numbered by the sands that from this place swept the land. 120 years were the number of mans life. What god did not tell us was that it was in his time not ours. I was destined to know this knowledge and impotent to stop it. I was cursed to watch as the sands of time and the original sin swept over the lands and inevitably destroy man.

Lucifer spoke “Yes they would be useful to me, for my spirit cannot touch a mortals without causing insanity. Humans call it possession and they have ways of snaking my spirit out of their bodies through God. However your children have no souls they can take my spirit without going mad. Also your children have been named, the humans call them vampire and they have ways of hunting them and destroying them. We could work together my brother and all I need is your blessing”

“And your promise? For my souls eternal rest?”

“In time my brother, your kind is too few in number for my plan to work. I need more, your children can birth others of their kind but they are weak, your direct descendants however” Lucifer licked his lips as if tasting the sweet blood of man for the first time and groaned with nearly orgasmic delight. “They are strong and would be most useful to me.”

My heart cried out in disgust for what I was hearing but my soul screamed louder for its eternal rest robed from me by a vengeful God. “How many? How long?”

Lucifer took pleasure in my torment “Not many a handful compared to the humans that walk the earth, you will find your rest soon.”

My legs shook in fear of the choice before me; I knew what treachery a deal with Lucifer could be. My mother all too well knew the damnation that could be wrought by listening to this deceiver.

“I will think it over. For now begone foul one!” I exclaimed in fear and hatred.

“So be it, meet me here in a century and I shall ask again” with that he sank into the shadows and was gone.

posted on Mar, 29 2008 @ 11:23 PM
As I rise up from that spot shaken with the fallen angels words still ringing in my head I am driven to my curse once more and head out on my lonely and destitute road. Crossing the Euphrates River I see in the horizon a city and decide to rest there and feed for the night.

This city of Zoar was a pit of sin that humanity had sought to personify. There were both angels and demons there. Writhing with the humans in a disgusting display of sin and skin. I am appalled by the lust and avarice that is displayed among them. It was all to easy to feed here though and I had no fear of being caught. No one paid attention as they were to self-absorbed in their own quest for self-fulfillment to notice the community.

There were beggars there and the women of the night practicing the oldest profession. They were all to easy prey. I detested their taste as the years of sin had tainted their blood with an aftertaste that wretched what was left of my soul.

It was near a fortnight I had been there when I met her. Different from the angels in congress with the human women, and different from the demons that tested men’s souls and took those that lost the wagers. No she was far different. Both angelic and demonic, but yet she was human. This woman intrigued me and I asked her name.

“I am known as Lilith, I know you my nephew. You are Cain, son of Adam.” Shock and amazement filled the void in my heart. Who was this woman that claimed relations to me and yet knew me?

“My father, not birthed by woman, but created from dust by God, knows no mother nor has sister. Who are you to claim relation to him?” I demanded from this woman.

“As your father I too was created from dust in order to provide him with assistance in his charge to protect and tend the garden of Eden. Unlike your mother however, I was not brought forth subordinate to your father. I was his equal. As such I refused to bow before him and was cast aside.” A slight frown began in her eyes.

“Fortunately for me I share not the fate of them, as I knew not the taste of the fruit of the forbidden tree. I am not cursed with the original sin. And I still sit in good graces with God.” The fire of god was indeed within her and burned brightly within her.

“You blasphemer, no one escaped god’s wrath and judgment and expulsion from the garden. Is this more trickery from Lucifer?” I shouted at her.

“Silly child of Adam, you know better than most what you and your parents were before they degenerated into these people. Years and generations of inbreeding and incest have spawned these pathetic excuses for humanity. Look now,” She pointed to a female and an angel in a lovers embrace against a wall, “That angel laughs at your kind and takes those he wishes to.”

She of course was right, in this city the angels copulated with the women and the end result was the abomination known as the Nephilim. They were as dangerous as they were awful to behold. The birth of one was the death of it’s own mother. Giants among men these creatures were hired by the governor of this city as soldiers to protect it from invasion. Brutal fighters and nigh invulnerable to attack, they were cursed men. The only way to destroy these abominations was to cut the still beating heart from their chests.

“Nephew, we could reclaim the earth for god, bow to me and be my husband and we will again recreate the garden in Gods image and be forgiven, even you can be forgiven, The love of the lord overcomes all. Be mine and you will understand the joys of immortality once again and be lifted from your endless wandering.” Her words like knives in my chest. Yet the offer was indeed intriguing.

“Nay I will not bow before you, for my father has said of the deceit that woman has plagued upon the Earth. My mother bowed before my father and as such thou shall bow unto me. This is the order of men.” I spoke with confidence and yet inside I feared this woman. The power and purity of her was overwhelming.

“Child of Adam, my nephew, you misunderstand my words, I not request this from you but tell you what is to be.” With these words she lunged forward and kissed my lips blowing the breath of life within my lungs. As this entered my body I lost consciousness and fell into a deep sleep.

I awoke weakened; it had obviously been several days’ sense I had last fed. I searched this room I was in for my clothing. Finding my meager belongings on a chair I searched around the room for this Lilith that had attacked me. I found nothing. I must feed. The thirst was overwhelming.

After a night of feeding on the low wretches that inhabited this city I sought my attacker to rectify justice upon that woman that would have me kneel before her.

“The thought!” I muttered under my breath as I walked the streets. Turning a corner I spotted her near a wine distributor. “You!” I exclaimed.

Lilith replied “Ah there you are my husband, I was expecting you some time ago, do not worry your seed is indeed going to produce a child for you.”

“Vile witch!” I exclaimed “I am not your husband, do not introduce me as so!” The anger raged within me.

She only laughed and replied “As if you have a choice vampire, son of Adam and first murderer of man. Now be a good pet and please get some food for me, being the good gatherer you once were it should not be too hard for you to do.”

Fear filled my belly, as her words were uttered. “No I do not bow to your whims, I am man, born from Adam and Eve, Thou hast no right to order the son of Adam to your bidding.”

Annoyed but unshaken, “Then begone from my side Cain, I need not your company anymore for I have taken from you what I have need for. This world will once again be mine with or without your help vampire.”

I turned away and left the city.


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