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Building Blocks of Life in Danger

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posted on Feb, 20 2008 @ 06:31 PM
I'm in one of those moods where I can't handle what is going on in the world. Does anybody else feel the same? If you break it down humans ultimately need 3 things to survive (there are of course other things but lets break it down to the basics).

1. Water
2. Air
3. Food

It seems obvious that there is an assault on the foundations for life. Let us begin with water. Well we are polluting the water in so many ways. If you do a search on the internet it is easy to find out that our water supplies have traces of hormones, antibiotics, painkillers, tranquillizers, and a whole plethora of chemicals goodies not including what they already throw in there. That is just our drinking water. We also have oil spills in the ocean, pesticides seeping into the water underneath the ground, acid rain etc. So it seems that on the water level we are doing a great job of poisoning ourselves as well as the water that surrounds us.

Lets talk about air now. This one seems fairly obvious as well. Look outside and you see rows of cars spewing out some beautifully clean emissions. Factories and mills spewing out huge clouds of toxic crap minute after minute. Air quality is on the decline. If you do a quick search on the internet it is easy to find that cases of asthma, lung disease, and a bunch of other related health issues are rising especially in cities. Well if the outdoor air is bad I'll just go inside you say... well indoor air quality is also of concern due to our building materials, mould, dust, etc. So when it comes to air we are again doing a great job poisoning ourselves as well as our environment.

Moving on to food. Well we can start with the amount of pesticides that we are ingesting. The fact that the food we eat here in North America does not have to be labeled GM is a concern. Studies have shown that the food does not contain as much nutrients as the real home brewed organic food. Studies show that it alters the DNA in our gut bacteria, do a quick search on the net of the side effects of GM foods there are many concerns that are simply being brushed aside. Not only is it not as healthy but the long term effects are not known. We are the guinea pigs in this massive experiment. I was recently forced to eat only whole foods because of a natural diet to help with my eczema. One thing I noticed was how much # is in everything that we buy at the grocery store. Not to mention the fact that people are eating fast foods at an alarming rate and obesity has reached epidemic proportions.

So to sum it all up it seems like we're ruining the fundamental building blocks of human life. The thing is if we ruin just one of these building blocks beyond repair then the structure will fail.

The governments of the world in my eyes are the main ones to blame. They must know that our water is going to crap, our food is going to crap, and our air is crap. The question then becomes why let it continue? My theory is population control or something along those lines. The rich can afford to eat organic / healthier foods, drink bottled water, and hey if the air causes some health issues they can afford the health care. If the government is responsible for allowing the degeneration of the building blocks to occur then one might also ask then who controls the government? This is where the conspiracies about the Bilderburg Group, Skull & Bones, Free Masons, Illuminati, etc. come into play. If they have such influence on the government then why don't they assist in fixing these issues? If the Free Masons are as powerful as they seem then why aren't they fixing these issues? I must admit that the future looks bleak through my eyes. I almost see us as a cancer to ourselves and this planet.

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